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    Hi, I just want to share on a sign that God gave me with my work.

    I have been wanting to quit my job for a while now. It has been hell. Working late evenings and almost every weekend for no pay. It was coming up to the end of the month and I was praying for a sign or something from God. I need to serve two calender months and waiting beyond the 31th July would result in another painful month at this place.

    I was getting no sign or comfort with alternative work. So I was preparing to just stick it out. Until the morning of Friday the 29th :).

    My immediate boss has made life there painful. She has been jealous of the client praising my work and bypassing her to deal only with me. She has also given me the worst work load compared to others. Ensuring I would have to work insane hours and miss deadlines. So Friday morning I get a mail announcing to all the senior bosses that she is upset with me missing my deadline and blah blah blah. I reply with a ROFL and try explain that the fault cannot lie with a competent employee who is putting in insane overtime. Next thing I am in a disciplinary. For: 1. missing deadlines (bawawahahaha), 2. 3 days of coming in 15 minutes late and leaving 15 minutes early and blah blah blah. Many lies added in that I won't bore you with.

    This insane disciplinary on the last day of the month was the sign from God. I resigned immediately after it and felt so good. I discovered on the Monday that two other Christian staff members in the team also resigned. The one lady has quite an impressive testimony. So many at her church came to her with visions and confirmations in that last week.

    Since then I have received good news from my father. He has caught up with an old contact that wants to see me for a potential job. I feel so good. Thanks Lord!
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  2. Amen, God is a God of reality, "our reality," and waiting allows God to bring about one event so another can happen. Our problems are no problem for God, so don’t go and pass up His opportunity to work in your waiting.
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  3. Wipe the dust off your feet as testimony against them.

    It's sad that in today's world - nobody recognizes hanging in there and working hard in your day job against the kicks for as long as you did was done as a ministry to God.... Not because you were a "company man" or whatever.... That you were making a conscious decision to serve God by putting up with the place and trying to work towards their gain.

    But when they won't receive you and the ministry you are serving - it's time to cut out. Wipe off the dust and head someplace else.

    The typical call towards God's people is to escape from ungodly places. And sometimes - that is just what you have to do.

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  4. That can't be KingJ, the spirit tells me something different.
  5. I am listening.
  6. God can give us signs. We may not understand. But He does!
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  7. That's amazing kingj :))))
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  8. Funny how all the replies are pointing to respect for a believer. Such as how dare they treat me a believer this way.

    True fact that if God puts you some place and it is not all peachy then we must stick it out strive for excellence and be the example.

    This goes the same for a church. If God plants you then you stay planted.

    We as Christians are held to a higher standard in God's eyes and in man's and we must work as working for God no matter how ugly it gets.

    Christians like to run from things that are difficult or challenges them to walk in love and forgiveness.

    Now at @KingJ
    I am in No Way my friend aiming this at you or your situation. I can not judge this for I am not even there to know anything.

    I just wanted to make a reply directed at the replies already replied.
    Again I am Not speaking on your situation.
    Blessings my brother
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  9. Jim said "Christians like to run from things that are difficult or challenges them to walk in love and forgiveness."

    Well Western Church, we better get ready because when real persecution comes, and it's coming, it is going to be both difficult and challenging.
  10. I fully agree with you....however if one is not being persecuted in daily life now...one better check how closely their walking with the Lord and following Him and His ways.
    Blessings :)
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    As I can agree that God can use some outward signs...we should be very cautious and diligent to be spirit led....we should not be led by outward signs, because the devil can counterfeit those and set us up for going in the wrong direction, which causes us to miss out on God.

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  12. Exactly. We are to be lead by the Holy Spirit and if you need signs and wonders to lead you then you set your self up for some bad choices.

    If you need a sign then you are not or can not hear the Holy Spirit so if you are not lead by the Holy Spirit what proof do you have the sign is from God? Because satan can come as an angel of light and believe me he will be happy to provide you a sign.

    Seeking signs to make choices is a dangerous way to live.

    Note to Reader..... I did Not nor Will I ever claim God will not give some one a sign.
    Just sayen.....signs and wonders are to follow the believer and not a believer following after signs.

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  13. :) I have given this kind of advice to so many in the past. I agree with it. But as a more mature Christian I know when to shake the dust from feet.
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  14. I needed a sign. I told God I needed a sign. He gave me a sign. It is a perfectly fine way to live for a believer. In fact I feel it is safer then trusting the voices in my head. I am just being blatantly honest here Jim. I don't fully trust all the voices in my head these days.

    Now if we look at scripture we see that God speaks to us in various ways. The same way you know it is the Holy Spirit speaking to you VS a random voice in your head is the same way I know a sign is from God. Virtually every prophet OT and NT received them.

    Look back at your life and think hard about all the times God interacted quite literally with you. I can recall quite a few. All these times count as signs. I think you are misunderstanding the ''signs follow us''. Signs are part and parcel of true believers lives because they do not need the signs to believe. So they follow us, they lead us, we see them when nobody else does.
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  15. This discussion would make a good thread. Do we as Christians just sit down and take persecution. Accepting all that happens to us as God's will. Or do we defend ourselves / move away.

    Christians back in the day fled Europe. I don't believe Christians are to just lay down and accept being the victim. Getting persecuted is worlds apart from accepting the persecution. Being a martyr VS making yourself a martyr.
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  16. Hi KJ,
    I am not arguing if you heard God or not. I mean that would be foolish on my part.

    As a believer grows in Christ we are to learn the masters voice and be lead by it. We should become so in tune with the Holy Spirit speaking that we can be lead in a split second. It has saved many a lives for sure.

    When we constantly seek signs to move us then we open our selves up to making poor choices.

    Example you pray and ask God for a sign and the devil throws one in there.
    It may make the best of sense to follow it and in the end you missed God and further more how would one know this?

    If you need signs then what determines if the sign is from God or not? Because it makes one feel good? Sounds right, makes good sense, agrees with what one really wanted to do in the first place?

    As NT believers
    We are to have ears to hear
    We are to Know His Voice
    And Follow no other.

    It takes effort to train your self to hear and know His voice.

    As NT believers we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us. He is to guide us and teach us and correct us. He is not there to point out signs.

    Now then signs and wonders .
    They should follow us as to the unbelievers. They should be as a manifestation of God's Power working through us. In these days and times you will see more and more of them as believers begin to line up with His word.

    Now KJ I do agree that God speaks to us in different ways. Again it would be foolish on my part to say anything different then that. However that is No Excuse to not Learn to Hear and Follow His Voice.

    Have a great week my brother and I will talk with you tomorrow. 4:15 am and the bed is looking pretty good about now. :)
    God Bless KJ
    FCJ....the word "You" is used as meaning any one and is in no way to single any one out.
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  17. We stand our Ground fighting the good fight of faith.

    James 1:2-4
    2 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;

    3 Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

    4 But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

    The word temptations comes from the word tribulations which includes Persecution.

    John 16:33
    33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

    We overcome them as well as standing true unto God. The idea is to trust God and stand strong and be found lacking nothing.

    It's kind of tough to run if you remember to put on the armor of God now is it not ! :)
    Blessings and good night
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    1. It depends. No sane person would be looking for signs from God on menial matters. On the bigger matters it seems unreasonable to not expect some.
    2. It could be the same for voices in our head though.
    3. We can't put Him in a box. We have both heard of much more amazing testimonies.
    4. Agreed.
    5. I would argue the different ways in this order. 1. Brains, 2. Scripture, 3. Voices in our head and 4. Signs.
  19. I think we need to talk about practical examples. This would derail my thread though ;).
  20. Practical Examples? Since when has the devil been practical?

    Obtw you can start another and I will check to see if the OP goes in another direction if that is still derailing. ;)

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