God Can Not Be Appeased

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  1. Pagans, jews, and Christians have all tried and are still trying to reconcile God by their rites and sacraments, by prayers and services, by moral behavior and works of charity.
    This is essentially what man – made religion is up to.
    It is an attempt to create the appearance of God validating their programs and to twist the Scriptures to prove that He has done this.
    However, every believer coming into revelation knowledge knows that there is nothing we can give to God, nothing we can add to Him, absolutely nothing will appease Him.
    This is where most teachers in religion have utterly failed and have caused God – seeking, God – fearing believers to turn to other methods of serving God.
    We can never do enough within ourselves, we can never satisfy Him within ourselves.
    When we attempt to please God, even by standing on some law or promise which ignores the birthing, we utterly fail.

    You are reconciled – stop working at it.

    The hope within God's plan was to have a brand new creature, brought about by Himself .
    To be reconciled to God, we must simultaneously be reconciled to others. Try to reconcile God, you will fail.
    This then is the message. A new reality has appeared in which you are reconciled.
    To enter into the new creation race, we must only be open to be grasped by it, although we have nothing to show.
    Being reconciled to God is the first mark of the new creation race reality. Then, being reunited is its second mark. Reconciliation is the seed of God beginning to operate as the life in the human being. Therefore, reconciliation is what makes reunion possible.
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    Yes, indeed! that is why when 'well' meaning evangelists invite people to make Jesus Lord or King of their lives, they miss the mark by the proverbial country mile.
    We can do nothing other than repent of our rebellion against His Lordship.
    But would you agree that Jesus' sacrifice on the cross appeased the Father's wrath toward us?
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  3. There is a place for repentance, but a full-blown sinner, an unregenerate individual needs to believe.
    Yes the cross is the appeasing (nothing else matters to God) of the father, Christ in you is the pleasing of the father.
  4. Not sure I follow what you are saying when you play down repentance and build up believe.

    Repnt is to turn in another direction.
    To admit your wrong and turn to God and His way of doing things.

    A sinner as you say or let's say the lost, comes to the place where they can no longer live as they are and wants God in their life.

    Well let's see they admit they can't do this any longer their way and admit they have sinned and turn to God and ask Him to forgive them of these sins and cleanse them of all their unrighteousness.

    That is repenting plain as day.
    They believe God will save them.
    You can not push the word believe as some big rock strong thing. At best how much belief can one have who has not walked with God or been born again and had God's spirit placed in them?

    Better yet by what power or authority can anyone use to judge the heart of anyone coming to the Lord. Only God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit can do such a thing and believe me, they judge less then man.

    It seems that the Love of God here is being replaced with some kind of gospel doctrine law.

    One question for @calvin
    What is this you say when you say evangelist miss it a country mile?

    Please if I totally missed the point of this then I ask forgiveness and a different explanation of what you are saying. :)
    Blessing my brothers
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  5. Agreed! I would also agree with you that Jesus in fact did please the Father'w wrath toward us.
  6. Ahh G'day Major,
    you have been sorely missed my friend.
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  7. Brother @calvin
    Hey would you kindly explain to me what it is you mean by the evangelist miss it by a country mile.

    Thanks Calvin
  8. What is it you do not understand?
    Is it my use of idiom, ie "a country mile"?
    or is it the idea that the message used by some evangelists who encourage people to usurp the Father's authority by thinking to make Jesus Lord when the Father has already long ago installed Jesus as both Lord and Christ? see
    Act 2:36 Let all the house of Israel therefore know for certain that God has made him both Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom you crucified."
    Jesus is Lord regardless of if you, I or the bloke down the road recognize Him as such or not......that is what being Lord is all about.
    When a person repents and turns to Christ for forgiveness and submitting to His rule in their life, they do not elevate His status, they simply recognize a fact that has previously eluded them.

    Or to put it another way the US president is, the Queen of England is, the Premier of Russia is, regardless of if I want to acknowledge their rule or not.

    As for "a country mile" that in the context I used would simply mean being wide of the mark, or way off track, or a long way from the actual truth.
    I do not have any more I want to say on this topic, but it should be clear that Jesus' Lordship governs both the believer and the non believer alike.
    I'm done with it.
  9. Hmm really all I wanted to know was why you think evangelist miss it with their alter calls.

    Was not getting huffy my friend. I liked what you were saying but just did not understand that one part.
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  10. OK
  11. Lol OK so could I trouble you to answer the one question for me?
    (that is why when 'well' meaning evangelists invite people to make Jesus Lord or King of their lives, they miss the mark by the proverbial country mile.)

    Thank You Sir
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  12. Thank you calvin. You are the best!!
  13. I have no clue to what calvin intended Jim. He can answer for himself. I would say however, from my experience has been that in many times, especially in the recent past, an "alter call" consisted of momma dragging her child to the alter during the invitation and keeping him there until he "PRAYED THROUGH".

    Instead of really coming to Christ, the child would simply say he had accepted Christ so that he could go on home. The "alter call" never meant a thing to that child therefore the evangelist missed the mark because the person never was saved to begin with.
  14. Hi Major,
    That is true on a outsider looking in kind of way. I mean if we really knew what was in the kids heart and what God saw and used or did with that.

    I mean it's easy to blame a pastor for this or that but in all truth, do any of us really know the heart of either at the alter or down the road.

    The one giving the alter call does his part and God does His. We plant and water but it is God who makes it grow.

    From what I see these days sir is pastors and such get attacked far to much by I guess well meaning folks who just don't get it.
    Blessings and welcome back.
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  15. Thank you Calvin for so graciously sharing your thoughts and taking your previous comment to a deeper level. For I truly was interested in your meaning as well. Surely appreciate it my friend.

    This is just my opinion, but to me when an evangelist encourages someone to make Jesus Lord they are encouraging someone to do as you stated, by acknowledging Jesus as Lord with their mouth, and thus submitting to His Lordship and authority.

    As you are correct that Jesus has already been made Lord by the Father, unbelievers have not submitted their flesh to Him, and thus have not submitted or agreed publicly with The Father.

    So in all reality, until someone gets their life and words to agree and line up with the Father's, Jesus has no authority to function or operate in their lives.
    Even so, if a believer goes about doing his own thing his own way, God cannot override them. He will graciously wait until that believer invites Him and asks His opinion and decides to make Him a part of what they are doing. God does not just do as He pleases, for He has given man authority in this earth and will not override it or change things until asked. It's why He had to use prophets in the old testament (and even now in our time) to speak things He wants released in this earth. And when our words line up with His Word, then our lives will be governed by Him.

    I apologize if I misunderstood what you said. Please correct me if I was wrong.

    God bless
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  16. Thank you so much for the warm tones of your reply.
    What follows is not meant to be in a spirit of "I'm right and you are wrong", simply an expression of where we seem to disagree.
    Though in a way it is a disagreement based somewhat on semantics.
    Let's draw an analogy based on the office of the President of the USA.
    A person, can choose to be a 'good' citizen of the USA, or they can choose to live as a renegade, avoiding tax, maybe forging federal currency and so on. Does the office of the president cease from being?..no in fact if such a one gets caught out, then the authority of the president will deal with the offender
    In like manner, Jesus is Lord, but not everyone wants to live under His rule, though they do anyway.. Even Christians from time to time rebel against His authority (as you correctly pointed out). Consider the wider ramifications of
    Luk 12:25 And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?
    Luk 12:26 If then you are not able to do as small a thing as that, why are you anxious about the rest?

    If a person is not able to control such a small thing as that then who is?
    The obvious answer would be Jesus can, because He is Lord, He alone has authority over one's life, believer and non believer alike.
    But you are also correct in saying that a person needs to accept Jesus' rule and quit a life of rebellion, thereby making Him Lord of their life,
    I would rather be sure that a person understands that they are living under His authority even if they are printing 'spiritual' forged bank notes:), than talk in terms of making Him Lord. But that is me.
    Again, thank you for your reply.
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  17. I fully agree with most of what you said.

    Suppose it would have helped if I would have said, that God's blessings and such could not be present in our lives if we are not lining ourselves up with His Word. I forgot about the fact that those whom choose to disobey God's commands still are subject to His authority, only it falls under the negative side instead of the blessing side.

    Thanks for taking the time to share more of your thoughts.

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  18. I was also thinking more along the lines that a non believer or a carnal, wordy believer is more submitted to the enemy and his ways, and thus governed by him and not by God.
  19. Hi @calvin
    Romans 20:9 If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

    There is Coming a day when Every knee will bow and every tongue confess Jesus is Lord and Give Praise and Glory to God.

    Yes Jesus is Lord of Lords and king of kings.

    However unless you ask Jesus to be Lord over your life now.....He can't do much at all for you now and nothing for you at the great judgment day standing alone before The Father.

    So even though Jesus is already Lord He is Not been given authority to be Lord in a person's life in the here and now and won't be able to help such a person in the end.

    Thus evangelist Lead them To The Lord.
    They lead a person to Ask Jesus to Become their Lord and Savior even though Jesus is already Lord.

    So please @calvin all I have done is to ask you to show me how an evangelist miss anything by doing this?

    Thank you sir.
    God Bless
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  20. True..but altercalls are still beneficial..
    When I accepted an alter call at 17/18 ... I went down alone ( my parents werent even with me..my aunt took me) and of my own free will..to this day my parents dont go to church..

    I think its beneficial for those that god draws to himself.
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