God Can Not Be Appeased

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  1. Thank you for your comment. As Christians we have no alter, other than Christ, point being made in Op.
    God absolutely uses many things in this world to bring an individual to Christ. I myself as you and I imagine most in here answered an alter call.
    Thank God for it but it has no weight in scripture. So that being the point, you brought up a point that really is used of God but there are so many different types of Rites, Sacaments and so forth that are so far from truth a child can know the difference, but they continue in their folly.
  2. Yes, I agree with you and I am very pleased that you have done this. However, there have been many more times when it has not been the case. The truth is somewhere in the middle I think.

    Calling people to the front of an arena or church is certainly acknowledging before men that a decision has been made, but that practice is a recent practice and not one with a lot of history. The question is whether that decision is genuinely motivated by a sincere repentance and faith or whether it is an emotional response to external stimuli such as swelling music, heartfelt pleas from the pulpit, or a desire to “go along with the crowd, or a need to pacify ones parents.

    I would say to you that just like the sinner’s prayer, altar calls can be an outward expression of genuine repentance and faith in Christ. The danger is in looking to the prayer or the response as evidence of salvation. True salvation results in a life of continual sanctification as the Holy Spirit within the true believer produces more and more of His fruit as evidence of the reality of saving faith.
  3. You are correct of course Jim. My advice to all pastors is that when a child comes forward as a response to an alter call, is that he speak to that child's parents ASAP.
    In the past, many churches have accepted children for the purpose of adding numbers to their congregation through baptism's without the parents of children being advised or even being spoken.

    We must always make sure that the parents are on board or there will be problems later on down the road. We have in our church always given the child a "Christian Workbook" which we insist the parents work through with their child. Then when they have, they come back the 2nd time and we present their child to the church and baptize them with their parents approval. That has worked now for a long time and we have not had one single confrontation or problem.

    Someone baptized as a child without sincere acceptance of Christ will hang their hat on that act of baptism instead of a heart felt conviction for Christ as is explained in Romans 19:9............"because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."
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  4. Amen!
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  5. Hi Major
    I would agree with you on this and add that this also happens with some adults as I am thinking from past experience as well, where a spouse pushes the other to the point that they just do it to get the other off their back.

    Now I would agree that this is not good policy or ethics or even heart filled genuine but this is no fault to the one giving the alter call nor can any of us in truth say that it was real or not. For only God knows their heart and knows what He is doing.

    Oh and I think many adults could prosper and benifit with the children's work books as well.
    Blessing and love my brother
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  6. I think authenticity will be shown by the life they live, when they move out on their own( those whose parents forced into church) how they live will tell what they believe..imo. But I do understand what youre saying
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  7. Not only that there seems to be a main factor left out of this topic.
    No one has factored in what the parents do with the child over the remaining years.

    I mean in a Godly environment the child can grow. So in truth, at best we simply need to pray and encourage and leave the judgment of who is genuine to the Lord.

    Awesome reply to this @autumn oddity
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  8. I think you bring out a good point.....that followup and dicipleship needs.to happen, so that the devil does not get in there to steal the Word. It's a good reason why local churches should be involved somehow with the evangelist so that they can pick up and nuture the new believers. The evangelist's ministry is to get people to the alter, and many times they don't have the resources to follow up or keep track, and in my opinion the next step falls upon the church (or should be considered their responsibility) anyway. It's what their part of God's plan is.

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  9. Thanks ⌒.⌒ and I totally agree.. In all honesty , we cant judge at first glance who is for the lord.. Just because someone is a preacher doesn't mean 2 years down the line ..that preacher wont get caught up and forsake god altogether...and just BC a child is an atheist in their teens and early adult life..doesnt mean god wont meant them when they hit 30...

    So we cant judge at all, no one has that crystal ball. We should all focus on our own faith, meaning judging our own faith ..making sure we ourselves dont slip away.
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  10. I like the way you put that!!
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  11. Thanks :)
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  12. Thank You! :)
  13. For the sinner, they need to believe. I do understand that most of us came to the Lord through repenting of our sins. That's good but what needs to happen is the sinner needs to believe their a sinner, in need of a savior.
    They need to "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ."
    Believers are the only ones that can repent in the scriptures. Relook at it, I know it's no big deal but point being we assume alot of things that just aren't so. As far as salvation I personally don't really think it's a big issue but there are other areas that will keep the believer from growing just because we have always assumed it to be so.
  14. Absolutely correct. Time and their works will validate there actions.
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  15. Absolutely agreed!!!

    We do what is called a "New Believers Class" for all adults who come to Christ. It is a 8 week course taught by a teacher that focuses on only one thing......"Jesus Christ as the center of reality."
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  16. That's really nice and it would be really beneficial to new believers in Christ...to really solidify their faith and know exactly what they put their faith into... I think this should be mandatory lol
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  17. -
    Jesus was judged for your sin......past, present, future.......He Bled out and Died for your sin.
    Your bible says that Jesus "became sin who KNEW NO SIN".
    He took the "cup of wrath", <>JUDGEMENT<><> .. it was poured out on him, for us.
    So, in eternity where God lives, and where we are heading, there is no Revelations 20 judgement waiting for a born again believer, as God is not going to Judge Jesus and YOU, for the same thing.
    Here on earth, there is a spiritual law ...."sowing and reaping"....so, when you behave badly as a Son of God, when you sustain a "Works of the flesh" lifestyle, willingly, then you are going to reap what you have sown..........But not in Heaven, as THERE all your sins have been Atoned for already by Christ on a Cross.
  18. Do you read from another Bible?
  19. Yes, it really is. We have seen it proven over and over now for 25 years. We have seen that when someone is saved, we as the church must provide them with the reasons behind their choice for Christ which are above and beyond emotionalism and excitement. When we have done this, the result has been that these people stay in the church and become effective servants instead of just fading away after a short time because the emotions wore off.
  20. Good question! I saw that as well.
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