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  1. Just wondered what your thoughts on America's first ladies are. Since there's lots of americans on this site.
    I don't really have any opinion either way. I don't know if they are christian or too much about them.

    Michelle Obama
    Laura Bush
    Hilary Clinton
    Nancy Reagan

    ...I can't remember any of the others except Jackie Kennedy and Barbara Roosevelt.
    Are they good role models as wives to the presidents?
  2. Do you mean Eleanor Roosevelt? or Barbara Bush?

    The only one I thought anything about was Lady Bird Johnson because she convinced the lawmakers to enact beautification laws - seeding wild flowers along our highways and junk yards had to be fenced in to protect kids and hide the junk yards from being eye sores. That's what I've heard. I do know that Dolly Madison saved many paintings from the White House when the British were coming in the War of 1812 and burned it down in 1814.
  3. Oh sorry! Any of them. I get the names mixed up. The one i know the most about is Jackie Kennedy. After her husband got killed she remarried the rich greek tycoon Onassis and also became an editor for a book publishers in NYC. She edited famous ppls bios, including michael jackson. I think she ghost wrote or helped edit JFKs book profiles in courage.
    She was very into her french heritage, and bought a touch of europe to the White House. Also, a whole style trend, shift dresses, pill box hats, gloves, pearls and jackie o sunglasses.
  4. It's interesting you brought this up. A disturbing picture of Michelle Obama is making the rounds implying she is a male. While I may not like what Obama has done in office, I find these sort of tactics deplorable.
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  5. Indeed...people do have some hateful thoughts; it's so saddening.
  6. ?? Why would michelle obama be a male?
    I mean ?? Years ago, when Helen Clark was PM in my country, before the current PM it was implied she was too. Well, she did act like a man, very mannish. She wasnt the most feminine of leaders. People said that her husband was gay they implied all sorts of things.

    I dont know what to think about that...but I think she was gay friendly. I mean she approved some qurstionable laws and made it really hard for young mothers, almost punishing them for choosing motherhood over career. She wanted everyone to be in the workforce whether they had children to look after or not.
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  7. Ms clark wasnt the first female prime minister. It was Jenny Shipley. But I heard she was very ambitious to be the leader of the country. She was kinda like Margaret Thatcher in a way.

    I dont suppose america will ever have a female President?
  8. Well if you google the issue you will get people having been questioning the Obama family for some time. And as in your country, I think there are many claiming Obama was and is a gay man. There are no photos of Michelle pregnant or any younger pics of the kids. They are saying Michelle has male hands, a slight adam's apple and male shoulders and muscles. They can't find any birth records on the girls or their mother. Whatever the truth of the matter - it just seems wrong and hurtful (particularly if not true) to speculate.
  9. I personally believe it.
  10. Ok juk. Why do you believe so. Apart from the evidence people seem to be presenting.

    I mean all youd need to do is ask Michelles parents and they could tell you. Why would they lie.
  11. Well, the government lies ALL the time. And I do believe so because of the evidence that people present. I watched a lot of videos on it and they have convinced me. Obama once called Michelle Michael by accident. And the first lady(?)'s arms look a lot like mine (that's kinda embarrassing); they are just shiny. Compare her(?) arms with any woman's arms, and you will see the difference. Not to mention a lot of other evidence.
  12. The talk about Michelle Obama is disgusting and juvenile. Why give the devil a foothold? The devil will be found in idle speech, and God says He will judge it.

    Matthew 12:36
    And I tell you this, you must give an account on judgment day for every idle word you speak.
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  13. Ok i dont really know.
    What do you mean by her arms? If you moiturise them sure they'd be shiny. I thought most men had hairy arms. Some women do to..depend what colour their hair is if it stands out.
    I mean many women do have squarish shoulders if thats what you mean. Mine are sorta. If they work out, they can get muscley.
  14. Can we talk about the good qualities of these ladies? I mean are any genuine christians and what good works did they do?
  15. Of the First Ladies mentioned, the Reagan's showed many fruits in their administration. The bush's identify themselves as Christians, and I have no reason to doubt their faith.

    From Clinton's administration, as well as Obamas, I do not see any identity of Christianity. I can say without a doubt that the current president is not a saved man.
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  16. I know Jimmy Carter said he was a born-again christian.
    I don't know much about his wife though.

    What kinds of fruits did Nancy show?
  17. The name "Nancy" means grace and she loved/loves her husband.
  18. Nancy Reagan was an occultist who made sure that all her husbands important speeches and activities were considered auspicious by her astrologers.
    Hillary Clinton is a criminal and serial murderer, if it wasn't for that fact hat she is part of the elite she would have been in prison decades ago.
    Michelle Obama is a token wife. She was told that if she married Barry she would never have to worry about money again. It is a marriage of political convenience.
    George Bush senior has open admitted that "if the common man knew what we have done, they would lynch us in the streets". She was a party to that.

    What the media sells you and what reality is are not even close.
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  19. You forgot that as secretary of state, she gave $700 million tax payer dollars for mosques as a show of "good faith". Not sure what serial murderer is about tho.
  20. The Clintons have left quite the trail of corpses. Google is your friend.
    i.e. Vince Foster did not shoot himself in the back of the head with his off hand.

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