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  1. A church in my local area is having a 10 hour singathon.
    The last hour or so is everyone favorite hymn.
    What's your favorite hymn? :whistle:
  2. It is well.. with my soul.. Amazing amazing song.. Another one would be - Create in me a clean heart O Lord..
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  3. I wonder if they will sing these...hopefully.
  4. I don't think so :) But anyways, these are my favorites!
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  5. How Great Thou Art!
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  6. Lords Day Hymn

    If you don't recognize it by name (I wouldn't if I hadn't really come to love the words) then it is the hymn that starts out "Before the Throne of God above, I have a strong and perfect plea."
  7. Majesty, Shine Jesus shine, Be thou my vision,...the list goes on and on.
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  8. Rock of Ages
    Augustus M. Toplady, 1740-1778

    "Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
    let me hide myself in thee;
    let the water and the blood,
    from thy wounded side which flowed,
    be of sin the double cure;
    save from wrath and make me pure.

    "Not the labors of my hands
    can fulfill thy law's commands;
    could my zeal no respite know,
    could my tears forever flow,
    all for sin could not atone;
    thou must save, and thou alone.

    "Nothing in my hand I bring,
    simply to the cross I cling;
    naked, come to thee for dress;
    helpless, look to thee for grace;
    foul, I to the fountain fly;
    wash me, Savior, or I die.

    "While I draw this fleeting breath,
    when mine eyes shall close in death,
    when I soar to worlds unknown,
    see thee on thy judgment throne,
    Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
    let me hide myself in thee."
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  9. Here is a favorite Rock of Ages on You Tube. It's the way it was sung in the little church I used to attend. Sure brings back fond memories of that small church with about 12 people on Sunday mornings and 2.5 hour services.
  10. Hymn 322 nothing between
  11. I'll have a look at this, I think a small congregation is more personal.
  12. Here's one of my favorites:

    But Amazing Grace is always big.

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    Oh and this one:

    With the words:

  14. Amazing Grace...truly a classic and never gets old. I'll have a look at the others when I get home where I have sound. We don't have sound at work. :(
  15. Silk, I listened to all of the songs. Very nice. I liked the The Celtic Women best. Thanks for posting all of these great songs of the faith.
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  16. Huh ...I just realized the 2nd In Christ There is No East or West doesn't play...first time that ever happened. Well, as a child my favorite was:

  17. I couldn't find a choral version I liked on "In Christ there is no east or west" but here's a version I hadn't heard before:

    I was tuned on to Celtic Women on youtube by Moderator at Christmas.
  18. Battle Hymn of the Republic!
  19. All are excellent...Jerusalem is a particular favorite of mine.
    Celtic women is very good from the list above.
    The singathon starts tomorrow - anyone got any more?
    Be interesting to see what the people's choice is as the church. Hopefully its some from the above list.
  20. what a great idea I must suggest this for my church!

    Jesus Loves Me
    Come all ye faithful - any carols are always good
    some more

    Celtic women also do rousing one of the First Noel
    All glory - women of faith sing this too. This is more a praise song than a hymn
    When I survey the wondrous Cross
    Be thou my vision

    everyone knows Shout to the Lord
    Mighty to Save
    This is the day the Lord has made
    The Spirit of the Lord

    I think you can sing the whole psalms..
    When the saints go marching in

    The seekers do a lot of gospel songs
    Walk with me
    Come the Day
    Open up them pearly gates
    We shall not be moved
    This little light of mine

    Get Happy
    People Get Ready

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