End times asteroid (march 5)

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  1. We know that at least two will hit the earth, Rev 8:8; 8:10, which will alter the earth's orbit and our rotation, shortening the length of a day by a third from 24 hours to 18 hours, Rev 8:12; Isa 24:20. Terrible times, unlike anything in history. And this is just the first 4 trumpets! So don't believe those people who claim we're in the 6th trumpet. The Two Witnesses' arrival and the true Church's departure will signal the beginning of the end.
  2. My life is not my own, it belongs to God. And I believe His will be done. He will not take anyone until our time is come. I believe God is able to destroy an enemy of the cross right before my eyes. But I must stand in faith, believing God is bigger than anything I see before me. Yes, I believe.
    REPENT, the kingdom of heaven is at hand. He comes forth with all His angels by His side. God is able, His arm is not shortened. I am so little bitty, however God has not forgotten me. Yes I believe.
    The radiation that is penetrating our stratosphere will reach earth with fervent heat. It shall not effect those that are sealed in Him, the Holy Ghost.
    We can not fear these things that are coming. God has got this too, but has He got self. He is in us; will we be found in Him?

    John the Baptist said it best; who has warned you vipers of the wrath to come. So bring forth gifts with a repentant heart CRYING OUT Abba Father.
    I know the gifts I brought forth crying out Abba Father consisted of all the sin and misery I had brought upon myself. And something supernatural happen; God happened, He met me on my knees holding a gun to my head.
    I had been willing to die in vain, for people who wouldn't do it for me. Why would I not see dying for the Lord as a blessing to honor the God of all creation.
    All praise glory and honor be unto God. Amen
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  3. According to the article I quoted, astronomers are baffled by the number of asteroids that have come close to earth in recent times.

    Who knows, maybe God is trying to warn mankind before it's too late.

    Another disturbing sign is the number of sea animals that are dying for no apparent cause:

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  4. The creatures are dying and the apparent cause is man. How much oil or nuclear waste can the ocean contain before the effects show up?

    We need the eco system; it doesn't need us.
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  5. According to the harbingers and the shemitah, God is warning us so that we will turn around and truly follow Him in every way.

    God Bless
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  6. The better our asteroid detection abilities become it is reasonable that a greater number of previously unknown asteroids will be discovered.
    Moreover many of the these newly discovered asteroids could possibly have orbits that come close (in astronomical terms) to the Earth.
    That doesn't mean or imply in any way that these asteroids are 'new kids on the block'.........just new to us and our ever increasing knowledge.

    Look to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, not celestial objects.
    Deut 4:19 And beware lest you raise your eyes to heaven, and when you see the sun and the moon and the stars, all the host of heaven, you be drawn away and bow down to them and serve them, things that the LORD your God has allotted to all the peoples under the whole heaven.
  7. No one worships the sun any more... unless you're on the beach... they worship nintendo and smartphones :D
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  8. This is all quite scary.
  9. I'm glad we won't be here... hence the promise of Paul:

    1Thess 4:18 (KJV)
    Wherefore comfort one another with these words. ​
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  10. What do you think about a 7 year peace treaty being put into place with Israel?

    Have you any thoughts about the Church's departure being associated with a 7 year peace treaty?
  11. "Look up.....Your redemption draweth neigh"!
  12. Agreed!
  13. I hear you and do not disagree.

    However, many Bible commentators, Hal Lindsey being one of them, believes these will be nuclear explosions. He states that perhaps the most terrifying revelation is that mankind and his own inventions cause most of the global holocaust.

    Something to take note of............Chernobyl means wormwood.
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  14. From ..............http://www.nasa.gov/jpl/nasa-there-is-no-asteroid-threatening-earth

    "There is no scientific basis -- not one shred of evidence -- that an asteroid or any other celestial object will impact Earth on those dates," said Paul Chodas, manager of NASA's Near-Earth Object office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

    In fact, NASA's Near-Earth Object Observations Program says there have been no asteroids or comets observed that would impact Earth anytime in the foreseeable future. All known Potentially Hazardous Asteroids have less than a 0.01% chance of impacting Earth in the next 100 years.

    The Near-Earth Object office at JPL is a key group involved with the international collaboration of astronomers and scientists who keep watch on the sky with their telescopes, looking for asteroids that could do harm to our planet and predicting their paths through space for the foreseeable future. If there were any observations on anything headed our way, Chodas and his colleagues would know about it.
  15. Yes, but NASA isn't God; and everything could change in the blink of an eye. Amen
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  16. March 5th asteroid came a lot closer then they thought it would.
  17. Yes that is true.

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