Economic Downturn Warning

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  1. I still believe the bulk of the crisis is yet to come. Still, 2000 in just three sessions, is something. I'm thinking it'll go back up before it really dumps hard. The whole this is a deck of empty iou's... Time will tell.
  2. I hear you and agree with you. BUT hasn't the stock market been nothing but a "shell" game since it began???
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  3. It is a good day to buy our grandchildren ONE share of Apple stock.
  4. It's idea is sound, it's the brokers that are bank tellers without oversight... Since it's so complicated they can play the shell game until they get caught. Then the next batch learns how to circumvent those new rules until they're caught and more rules are made until it becomes impossible to regulate. What we, the USA did in 2008, was the brokers took mandated cheap but highly risky loans (mandated by the Clinton administration) and did them as secure low risk loans. Congress is as much to blame as any broker. Since the government made the banks take on debt they didn't want, they had to become inventive with the debt. They made a lie a false truth...unknowingly to the investors. Don't think the rules changed in 2009 because of this, they just piled on more rules making the banks find more ways to hide the loans. So the corporations saw what was going on and they sold their debt as equity. Then governments stated doing what we did lower their currency value by printing more money thereby lowering their debt - unless you're another county holding that debt, then it made it bigger to them. So they'd take that debt and sell it off as equity, and round and round she goes, until the Chinese fruit vender and hair dressers and farmers got in on the game and tried to make a quick buck and stated the collapse of a three hundred storey worldwide house of cards. The love of money is the root of all evil. This whole process could make everyone Greece and then everyone starts over. If it were only that easy. A lot of pain and suffering is coming even if this isn't the end.
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  5. I agree with you my brother.
  6. :D but the only two stocks I owed are up 2.25% and 3.52% :) Don't ask I won't tell.
  7. I think this is earliered than expected but maybe that will be a good thing in the end? It's hovered around -500 give or take 30 once things calmed down. The thing is that everyone's interest is somehow connected to this one way or the other. And while not everyone profits when stocks are up, everyone suffers when they are down.
  8. The bell closed at -588. Coulda been worse.
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  9. And an hour and 1/2 before the bell, they are already calling it "turn around Tuesday". So collapse does not seem to be yet.
  10. I think they are doing strange things with the numbers - within minutes the dow went down over 1000 points and next time you looked it was like 600. Then as low as less than 200. A lot of algorithmn changing going on?
  11. Exactly!! Computers kicking in and brokers trying to beat the system.
  12. Closing Bell -205. Not so turn around as predicted.
  13. The DOW has lost 1800+ points in the last 5 sessions. They are still blaming the Chinese. May 19th it reached it's highest ever - 18,351.36. Today it closed, down 204.91, at 15666 (evil grin). edit* 1+8=9, 3+5+1=9.3+6=9/18,351.35 1+5=6+6+6+6=24 (2+4=6)
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  14. Right on time...

    Greed made a comeback on Wall Street. The Dow raced 619 points higher on Wednesday, its most emphatic point gain since the 2008 financial crisis.
  15. Speaking of computer glitches...I got this in an email today:

    A New Computer Glitch is Rocking the Mutual Fund Industry
    Outage is preventing dozens of mutual funds, ETFs from promptly pricing their securities

    Updated Aug. 26, 2015 10:24 p.m. ET

    A computer glitch is preventing hundreds of mutual and exchange-traded funds from providing investors with the values of their holdings, complicating trading in some of the most widely held investments.

    The problem, stemming from a breakdown early this week at Bank of New York Mellon Corp., the largest fund custodian in the world by assets, prompted emergency meetings Wednesday across the industry, people familiar with the situation said. Directors and executives at some fund sponsors scrambled to manually sort out...

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  16. It is certainly a scam because the house of cards is falling down. Never has such a huge crash recovered in days which should take years. I still believe it'll fully collapse at the end off the shmita. (I'm now in Spain and I'm not sure how much time I have for online research and response. )
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  17. I thought you were coming home? Well, they were silent on $$ on CNN so I assumed it went back to green arrow/spend....I thought this was all happening too early, myself but the + was like 1.50 or something like it. I think it was a warning that no one will pay attention to. Like you said, Ab.
  18. 16 days in Spain visiting family, Florida for a month then D.C. for two years.
  19. Just a note - the DOW is plunging again (400+ down). I have been talking recently (once per month) about September and all of that with a friend - who told me today that she was startled and seemed more convinced when the stock market started going down. I have used this point persistently thru the months (financial) and it is as she said today -- "It's clearer now that these things are really going to happen." Because you retain doubt until it happens, I guess.

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