Economic Downturn Warning

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Abdicate, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. How interesting do you find the latest news about Russian troops, tanks and planes being is Syria?????
  2. It's all coming together, how is the interesting part...Isaiah 17 still hasn't happened...
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  3. Looking for it!
  4. What about Psalms 83?
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  5. Sounds like their war for independence. The very words of verse four were used to tell the Arabs to leave.
  6. For awhile now I believed this prophecy would be fulfilled in my lifetime, and it would be possibly a nuclear bomb.
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  7. Well it's an extention of the shemitah (sabbath) year - it's a jubilee - the first since Israel re-acquired Jerusalem. Ever since August, when the dow jones lost a thousand points, the stock exchange has been shaky to say the least. Friday the NYSE was down again and has been hovering between low 16000 and high 15000. My thinking is that it will totally collapse after Purim Ketan (Feb 22-23).
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  8. Amen!
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  9. I agree with that.

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