Disasters that Befall on this World

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  1. On a physical aspect of things, yes, it is by "nature" that these natural disasters occur such as the earth's plate structure shifting, or a underwater earthquake, and etc.
    However, we must see all things, even the events and natural disasters that occur in this world, on a physical aspect AND what is written in the Word of God.
    The reason for these natural disasters and chaos that are happening around the world is not solely because of the "stupidity" of mankind, but that it is God's judgement TO mankind.
    Even though Jesus Christ had died for all our sins, we are still entitled to recieve the retribution for our sins for it is written in Hebrews 10:26-28, we will receieve judgement if we continue to sin even after receive the knowledge of the truth.
    So I agree with your point when you says that at times we are quick to blame God or Satan for these results, because most of of the time, it is man himself that cause these disasters to befall.
  2. Very nice response. Thanks for your input and welcome to the forum.

    I think I need to clarify my comment a little. IMHO the events that take place, say a volcano erupting is from God because God control all things either by direct force or indirect non-action. So when a volcano erupts and kills thousands of people living at its base, it was the stupid actions of people who chose to live where they should not have lived.

    Does that make better sense????
  3. But I am not 'Q' ;)
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  4. The flip side to all this is the Lord's miraculous intervention to save lives from what should/could have been certain death.
    I'm remembering the Apollo 13 mission that almost cost the entire crew their lives. True there have been some horrible accidents, but that was one that had an amazing ending.
    I'm sure there were millions of people world wide praying that the Lord would provide a miracle and He did.
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  5. I just noticed! It was 'Startrek the next generation', not starwars.
    not that it matters.

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