Can Faith Alone Save?

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  1. Bottom line is what the Bible states folks. Faith alone cannot save period. As Matthew 5:16 (KJV) states "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven" These words are from Jesus/God/The Holy Ghost himself and are specific commands on how we are to behave!
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  2. The greatest loss to the Lord is those that claim His Name but not His Character.
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  4. The thief on the cross would not agree with you. At first he cursed at Jesus, along with the other thief. But as he watched Jesus, and what he said, a change took place in him. He said "Lord, remember me when you come into your Kingdom". Jesus replied "Today you will be with me in paradise". This was salvation by faith alone. What could the thief possibly DO hanging on a cross? Ephesians 2:8,9 and Titus 3:5-7 both teach us salvation is a gift of Grace through faith-----and not of our own good works.
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  5. Suppose, just suppose that you talk with a man tomarrow about Jesus and he tells you that he would like to be saved. He understand what you tell him about the gospel and he accepts Jesus as the Christ.

    He turns from you to walk across the street and is struck dead by a car. He has not KEEP the law, he has done nothing whatsoever for the cause of Christ.

    Does he go to heaven? visit a woman in the hospital. She has cancer and you witness to her and she accepts Christ. She can do nothing from her bed. She lies and waits and prays and loves the Lord for the next 3 weeks but she does absolutely nothing in order to be saved.

    Does she go to heaven??????

    Any comments?

    Suppose, just suppose you are about to be attacked in war. The enemy is at the gates. You have a conversation with one of your men and he tells you that he is not saved but he now wants to be saved. You explain the gospel and he accepts. Two hours later he is killed in combat. He never had an ooportunity to obey God. He never had an ooportunity to let his light shine. He no opportunity to glorify the Father by doing something good. He did not have a chance to do anything but lie in a hole and then die.

    Does he go to heaven??
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  6. Absolutely correct.
  7. Major I think you are raising something that would qualify as an extenuating circumstance. Of course in those cases there are exceptions, but as for people who live their lives daily as Christians you need "take up your cross daily" Luke 9:23. I pray that you do not believe that faith alone can save you. May God have mercy on you and shine his grace unto you.
  8. I guess I am a bit confused here...

    We are saved through FAITH by GRACE correct? Any arguments here? The product of FAITH [being OBEDIENT FOLLOWERS of Christ/ DOERS of the Word] produces DEEDS/ WORKS. It is not the "works" themselves that "save".

    In our walk with the Lord; our FAITH should be apparent by the DEEDS/ WORKS that we do; the things we leave in our wake. But these things do not cause us to lose or gain salvation. Salvation is given by the the Grace of the Lord-it is a gift. Once we accept it-The Lord does not take it away again. We can push it away and try to ignore it-but the Lord would not rob us of the gift given.

    The real question is are we truly "saved"? well if the "fruits" (Works/Deeds) don't produce....

    If we spend all our time bantering about our works-what work are we getting done?

    Trick question(s) of the day:

    Can an unsaved person give the Gospel and see someone saved; can God use the unsaved?

    What qualifies as a deed/ work/ fruit?

    If we don't at first accept Christ's sacrifice by faith-then there is no salvation-this acceptance of Christ's sacrifice; acceptance of His grace is a product of HIS Work and our Faith. Once grafted onto the root...we should start to produce fruit in some manner. Keep in mind-not all gifts are given to all people....
  9. Umm....where do you see the underlined in the Scriptures?

    Perhaps you missed my post:

  10. I am guessing here: Matthew 27:44, Mark 15:32, Luke 23:39-43*
  11. "In the same way the rebels who were crucified with him also heaped insults on him". (Matt.27:44)

    BOTH thieves hurled insults at Jesus AT FIRST. But one of the thieves had a change of heart and began to watch and listen to Jesus. He then rebuked the other thief for what he was saying, and asked Jesus to save him.
  12. I see...the Luke version is different.

    Well that makes my point that the repenting thief certainly did "deeds"..
  13. I may be wrong here but, in my view, the word "Faith" has a number of meanings. When someone says, "Take it on Faith" it is meant that, altho, not all the facts are in, you should trust whatever the statement is. The same thing can be said for the word "Grace" and what people mean by it. If your Faith is; that you believe God exists, that Christ is your savior - then I gotta say that alone will save you. We are all sinners and any moment, we could die, before we had a chance to say forgive me God for that particular sin. I believe that in that case, sin or no, you are still "saved". Because Christ's crucifixtion covers that. God's grace and Christ redemption are extended to all, not just the righteous few. I dunno about the rest of you, but I don't always "see" that I am sinning. That could be for alot of reasons, including rationalization. But when I see it for what it is - sin, I go and try to sin no more (in that way). I don't know how many here have had "personal proof" of their beliefs - does that make it knowedge? - but faith can also mean that you trust what your parents and pastor taught you. Faith, Grace, Belief are powerful words and can push alot of buttons when it appears that someone uses them wrong.
  14. There is, according to James, a living faith and a dead faith. Actually, I would say there are many dead faiths. It all depends on the object of your faith. If it is truly faith in Jesus Christ, that is all you need to be saved, because His work on the Cross was entirely sufficient to save. He transforms you from death to life. The mark of the living is activity. The mark of the dead is inactivity. If your post-confession life is marked by disinterest and inertia, then a serious examination of your faith is in order.

    If by "faith alone" you mean a faith which produces no works, I would say that that kind of faith is a dead faith, unable to save.

    If by "faith alone" you mean the faith which transforms you, that is a living faith which, by its very nature, results in works.
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  15. Rumely Posts in Part: If by "faith alone" you mean a faith which produces no works, I would say that that kind of faith is a dead faith, unable to save.

    If by "faith alone" you mean the faith which transforms you, that is a living faith which, by its very nature, results in works.

    Isn't that what I was saying? That people have different definitions of faith? I certainly think it's a good question to ask yourself - but so often it seems to be applied as a judgement against others. I agree with the example of the two men crucified with Christ. It was enough that the man said he believed Christ. I suppose that's an action of sorts - but he didn't have enough time to develop a faith/works thing, did he? And yet he was still saved.
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  16. I partially posted: I certainly think it's a good question to ask yourself
    By yourself (it was rhetorical) or ask oneself. Before any misunderstandings
  17. Extreme Circumstances!!! Raising something that would qualify????

    Mike, what I posted is not speculation but what I have personally seen and been involved in.

    Thank you for your blessing but to be blunt, YES I believe the faith ALONE which is the Grace of God's gift is all that is needed to be saved. I believe that because that is what the Word of God says.

    God has indeed showered me with His grace and mercy and I ask the same for you.

    After we are saved we will be moved by the Holy Spirit to do good deeds but we do not do them to be saved or to stay saved.


    I have "personally" led more men to Christ on the battle field than I can remember and and not a single one of them did a good work before being killed on the battlefield. To say extreme says to me that you have not been where a lot of us have.

    I have personally held the hand of people who through accidents and cancer and other illnesses have accepted Christ in the hospital bed only to die later with doing nothing in good works. Are you trying to tell us that there is no such thing as death bed confessions?????

    I am not trying to be rude here my brother, but any speculation that we must do something to be saved or to stay saved does nothing but show Biblical ignorance.
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  18. Which is exactly what i said.

    Saveing faith produces a heart which has a desire to do good deeds.

    But that does not apply in every single case.
  19. Major we all sin and commit evil acts. Men on the battlefield as you referenced have sinned and you and I have sinned also. The Bible tells us that " For the wages of sin is death" Romans 6:23 KJV. A sin is a sin in the eyes of the Lord. An I am not sure where you are getting "Extreme Circumstances" from. I never said that.
  20. And Jesus most decidedly, several different times in the gospels, has given us specific instructions on how to live our lives and treat others. I don't think any one of our brother/sister Christian on this site would dispute that. Luke 18:22 KJV "Sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me".

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