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  1. Revelation 13:17-18New King James Version (NKJV)
    17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

    What number do you need to open a bank account or start other transactions? Here in the U.S.S.A it's the social security number. Kind of an unusual term; does it give security or is it social? Have we found the 'beast' and it is us?
  2. Actually there is some debate about whether the number is 666 or 616. @Abdicates explanation of Bizmallah has my vote :) Social Security numbers have been suspect since they came up with it in the 1930's. It has lost out because I don't think they issue 3 sixes in a row on SS#'s.
  3. 2 “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. (Exodus ch 20)

    What's your house of bondage?
  4. I'm searching for 'Bizmallah'.
  5. Aw c'mon @Abdicate - you have all the graphics. I know it's on your web site - is it page 87?
  6. Hey Dumpster - Happy and Blessed New Year. The muslims wear and have a sign in arabic that looks identical (almost) to the characters that have been translated as 666. Abdicate can tell it better because I forgot what the arabic is suppose to say.
  7. Yeah, I couldn't find it here. I'll see if I can find a link to Abdicates' site/page.
  8. Aww, thank you, and Happy New Year right back atcha.
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  9. Where is the Messiah, dUmPsTeR and Silk says Amen and like this.
  10. Since being trained in the UPC "Bar Code" system extensively in the last 80's, I am convinced that it will be the key to the A/C numbering process.

    It does in fact incorporate 3 Sixes in a process which bracket the item number of the product being scanned. It is easy to see. If you look at a bar code you will see ONE line at the start, ONE in the middle and ONE at the end. They are called "Bracket" numbers and in the system each one of those lines represent the number 6. Therefore the item is known from the 666 which tells the scanner what the price and information is of what is scanned.

    Today.......95% of all retail uses this system and the goal is to be at 99% by 2020.

    ALL that is need today is for that bar code to be applied to the individual or a readable computer chip inserted under the skin . Could that be why it is called the UNIVERSAL Bar Code????
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  11. I went to it and book marked it so I can get to it, but I'm kind of involved in something right now. Thank you.
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  12. It's now called RFID.
    I worked in public libraries and they all tag the books with info so that readers can automatically pick up book anywhere without even seeing a librarian. They can track and trace anything anywhere. We will all be walking banks with a price on our heads if we buy into this system.

    Best get out before it is too late. The love of money is the root of all evil.
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  13. I'm starting to think property has something to do with it also. I think it has to do with who decides a dispute over property....the courts. When in actuality, everything belongs to God.....even us.
  14. I sometimes feel if we over analyze this particular scripture! I think all of us are guilty of this. Especially around mark of the beast. Some feel 666 and mark of the beast or 2 different things. But I don't think we are talking about 2 different things here. The mark of the beast will probably be indicative of 666, the number of antichrist as well.

    Certainly we might be seeing the groundwork for the technology being laid now itself. But at the same time, believers need not be worried about accidentally taking the mark. I know some people who would not use credit cards at all!! And staying away from technology completely to avoid getting the mark accidentally. Well, they can very well live in caves instead. Scripture is very clear on this. It will be a choice for every person. A choice a person has to take if he or she would serve antichrist or not. The implications of taking the sign will be obvious and it will be an informed decision at that point. So I don't see any problems in embracing the technology now. Even though this might be the groundwork for the antichrist.

    Long time ago I read this somewhere. It was a very good interpretation and I think that is all we need to know or think about 666. Anything beyond that would only be speculation. We all know 7 represents completion. In a way, God himself. Because He is complete. So 6 would indicate something short of God. So it would represent the antichrist who would try to mimic Lord, but will fall short. 666 would represent the devil trying to mimic trinity and falling short in every aspect. That is the sign of antichrist. He will fall short. A believer would see that clearly whereas an unbeliever will not.
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  15. I agree with Ravindran that it will be a choice but I am not so sure it will be clear to people who take it until after they have done so what it truly means. These people will be blinded and deceived but will have bought into the reasoning of the world. But if you look at the characters of the Islam phrase - it looks strikingly like the characters in scripture/manuscript like the graphic/characters for 666/616. It implies that Islam is of demonic origin.
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  16. The only deception is that they will think antichrist is Messiah. And that too because they rejected the true Messiah. But they will take the mark accepting antichrist as lord (small l). That is my humble understanding :)
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  17. I have read that it's the hexagram as its 666, and the name is David.
    I'm thinking the Jewish people are looking for a Messiah like King David was in his heyday. They certainly won't be accepting of Jesus who won't appear until after those who will be deceived are.
    It definitely has to do with buying and selling. Those that control the banks can make it seem like a really good idea to get the mark. With the number of people now thinking it's cool to get piercings and tattoos etc it's going to be very easy.
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    its generally accepted that 666 is more commonly quoted as the number of the beast than 616.
    although it is likely that the mark of the beast was put into scripture before Islam existed, 600 years before in fact.
    (so Islam obviously didn't worry about being of demonic origin, or maybe didn't read the bible)
  19. Mohamud was taught by a Coptic priest and then started his own religion.

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