Am I Hacked?

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  1. Who is she?
  2. A girl who got famous by getting bullied by 4chan trolls.
  3. Famous? I looked it up. That is not fame.
  4. Well, it's not fame, but everybody knows her because of the 4chan trolls
  5. Memorize the verse.
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    Doesn't help...

    I need to know if I got hacked and if the Omegle people have seen me.

    What can I do?

    Unless I really become a famous singer and bookwriter in the future, I am feeling bad...
  7. It seems you have made your choice to worry. God can't help you in that case.
  8. I'm certainly a far cry from God, but I can give you this tip.
    If....................................If these people have hacked your computer and stolen a few revealing snap shots or video clip of you, they would have certainly gone viral and everybody including you would be able to view them.

    Have you seen any such videos or snap shots or yourself all over the social media web sites??
    No? well looks like you're safe..... so either put something over the lens of your web cam when you are not using it or put your computer in some other room and get on with your life and stop worrying about something that has not happened.
  9. But not all of those snapshots or video clips go so viral...

    But at least they haven't talked about me in troll websites. Only some people in deviantART and Omegle know me, but I doubt they know what do I look like...
  10. Well there ya go.:)
  11. Or what if I didn't search for snapshots or video clips about me in the camera with the right keywords? :/
  12. My guess would be that you are savvy enough to use the right key words.
  13. Yes, I googled all possible keywords about me, and also relating Omegle and webcam hacking, but I still didn't find anything about me. And what if the video and snapshots about me are named with just numbers and text mess like "jlfmkx94094"?
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  15. deleted. Same post accidentally triple times.
  16. You can't GET God to do anything. He is God and will do as He pleases.

    He doesn't want you to be insecure. You need to grow up.
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