Am I Hacked?

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Polly, May 27, 2014.

  1. Polly hackers are not really interested in us little people but the people that have lots of money, a business, expensive home, big bank accounts ect.
  2. Well but some hackers tend to be bullies and trolls and in Omegle I was all the time talking about Snape especially dirty things about Snape doing something to me and I told them my first name and then one day they said things that sound like they've seen me...
  3. Sometimes that's the price that is paid for unwise online behaviour.
  4. what? I am not a hacker..
  5. I know Polly hehehe ur not. it's a self defense for your puter
  6. Oh, I see. XD
  7. and political stuff too. :)
  8. Someone recently hacked into '' That is non political, no speak of.
    They hit it with a D.O.S. thing.
    Seems these low lifers will hack anything they can get their grubby little hands on.
    If I wanted to start hacking into other people's computers, I guess I would learn the ropes by hacking the small guys with simple or no protection, and then when more proficient, try hacking the big stuff. So I doubt anybody using windoze is immune from being targeted.
    Probably a good idea to install a powerful 'firewall' to augment and 'prop up' windoze firewall. After all if malware and a few other nasties can get into your computer to be detected, or create havoc they have had to get through your firewall first....prevention is always better than cure.
    Another thing to do if your browser is sophisticated enough to allow.........set it to reject '3rd party cookies' Firefox will do this, no idea if IE will though or google chrome?
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  9. firewalls won't help against the d.o.s. It's all about who has the most power. :coffee:
  10. As far as I understand it, I think it depends on the nature of the attack.

    Firewalls may be able to detect certain types of DOS attack. Also, we may be able for example observe that a lot of bad traffic is coming from a particular IP address range and set up a filtering rule. In these cases, we can drop the bad packages and doing so may be sufficient.

    A sophisticated DDOS attack will use spoofed IP addresses and send legitimate looking requests making it virtually impossible to distinguish the good stuff from the bad though.
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  11. Oh my goodness, I don't even remember if I had my firewall disabled, but I can remember that the router was not configured to block such information... *facepalm*

    Now, how do I know if they ever recorded me on the webcam and perhaps spread a video where I am recorded in the webcam secretly...? :/ I googled all possible keywords, but I found nothing, but what if in that video there are no keywords or titles or the keywords I searched don't match the recorded webcam video of me? :/
  12. *Shoulder Shrug* I don't think it's possible to know...
  13. >_>"""" Forever insecure...
  14. Yup. Most folks can't stop a good ddos attack.
    Pretty much anything can be hacked. I was at Starbucks with my uncle and I bet him a drink he couldn't hack my iPhone in a certain period of time. I was surprised how quickly he was able to do it, and ended up having to buy him a drink.
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  15. Okay, what can I do then? I am scared now... I fear that the Omegle people have seen me and maybe even recorded me and spread the video of me... :( What can I do? The police cannot help me then because the video will be spread everywhere and then they cannot delete all copies of that video... NSA on the other hand is watching the whole Internet and they can probably delete those videos... But I doubt they want to...
  16. Personally,I think your best plan is to assume that nothing like that has happened and just to try to keep yourself more secure from now on.
  17. I can't... :(
  18. Yes you can. "Don't go to Omegle" You don't need it Polly.
  19. But Omegle is so entertaining...

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