Am I Hacked?

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Polly, May 27, 2014.

  1. For many weeks now, when I shut down my computer, I get this thing that when it's shutting down, it gives me a message where it says that "This program is blocking the shutdown" and it doesn't tell the name of the program, but then it shuts down or I have to click the "shut down anyway" button.

    And in Omegle, people told me things that seem like they have seen me even though I never went to the webcam section. I only use the question mode there to say funny things there. I did tell my deviantART account name there, and once a person said "I like your hairstyle" there, and it seemed like they have seen my pictures or camera.

    Am I hacked? Can anyone ask God if they have been hacked? Does God tell you that have I been hacked?

    And what do I do to find out what is this program that stops the shut down sometimes?
  2. On my laptop I put a piece of duct tape over the camera because hackers can turn it on without you knowing it. The system shuts down files in their proper order and sometimes they can be slow if your systems hasn't been cleaned or defragmented for a while adding to the slow shutdown. As such it exceeds the time allotted by the system to shutdown and gives you that warning. It doesn't mean you've been hacked, only that your system needs a little TLC.
  3. You are more technical than you actually sound!! (please take this comment in a friendly sportive way :) )

    The way you explain all the other things so nicely, you never sounded like a technical guy!!
  4. Haha at the duct tape
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  5. And they also can open the cam without putting any malware on the computer?
  6. I would say that if you visit places that are not good, don't be surprised if bad things folks who look at porno are much more likely to get a virus etc... The ole saying goes, if you lay down with the dogs.... I don't know what Omegle is? but deviantART sounds like trouble to me?
  7. DeviantART is awful. I have had a short and tumultuous online "friendship" with a woman who is associated with that site. Bad news, to say the very least. A Christian should avoid that site like the plague. It is rife with witchcraft and Wiccan members.
  8. I've never used deviant art but I believe it is like flickr, which I use. I know flickr is for photography, and has Christian groups. I know a lot of photography sites always mention deviant art and flickr whenever they talk about places to showcase photography. So if deviant art is the same as flickr, then I would say it is no more "rife with witchcraft" than Facebook.

    I googled "flickr vs deviant art" and got this:
  9. Thanks :)
  10. Indeed if you don't enable your firewall or configure your internet provider's router to block such information.
  11. Well Polly, you can ask God anything...........but..if for example you ask Him if you have two arms and legs or not...don't expect an answer anytime soon.
    Has your computer been hacked?? Are you running Windoze? are you practicing unsafe surfing? If yes, the the probability is that your computer might have been hacked. Being hacked does not necessarily mean that you have been infected with any form of malicious software, though most likely you will have. A good hacker would not leave evidence that you can detect.
    I am of course assuming that you are using windoze in which case you might be able to look at the task manager to tell you what programs and processes are running. Report any that are showing up to people that still use that sad OS. here and someone might be able to help you if you still have your shutdown problem.
    You could also download 'ccleaner' it is free and might do things like repair a damaged registry, remove a lot of redundant files, repair broken links and so on.
  12. Well, deviantART is not sinful, stop being so strict about such websites. What is wrong with posting art in websites?

    By the way, I am now doubting if I even got hacked at all... I found reasons that why I am not maybe hacked. Can people hack into others' webcams without any remote hacking? And can RATs be installed in computers without me opening any files or links anywhere? RAT is the Remote Access Trojan program. And how are Denial-of-Service attacks done?
  13. Just make sure you have good antivirus/spyware such as Avast, AVG, Viper, ect. I use Avast and also "Super anti spy ware" also i use PC Matic from PC pit stop.

    Very good stuff Polly for your protection :) Just pik 1
  14. I have Malwarebytes and also ZoneAlarm Antivirus+Firewall.
  15. Those are also very good

    Just don't use Norton!! everything that comes up is a virus...that is bogus lol. Norton suks hehe
  16. Answer these questions here please, I need to know so I stop being insecure. I hate being insecure.
  17. Yes, Norton is too strict... -.- I could say "Horton" like Horton the elephant. XD
  18. I think you are in good shape Polly since you have those. ..........if ur afraid of ur cam hehe just put a piece of tape on the lense
  19. You're way too sensitive about this.
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  20. Not the deviantART questions, the questions about how the hackers do things.

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