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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to talk about a major issue that is in the society today, and that issue is adultery. For whatever reason, no one seems to care about this issue! I think the government should step in and not allow people to divorce unless fornication is proven, and even after that there should be no one remarried. If someone you know is thinking about divorcing their partner because they are unhappy, tell them to suck it up and deal with it or deal with the consequences of the sin of divorce.

    Many people, even in the church, see people remarry after divorcing someone they were unhappy with. Unfortunately, this is never pointed out to them.

    We have to point out the sin or they will never know what they are doing wrong. Who's with me?!
  2. There is a major church in my area, that is confused on this issue. I remember hearing this lady wasn't being treated right by her husband because he was "verbally abusive." The church's advice was for her to get a divorce. I was not surprised to hear that advice since they are seeker friendly, and the few times I had been to that church, never did they talk about sin and repentance. Too scared they might offend someone. Instead they choose to offend God by going against His word.
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  3. Yep. Churches ignore this issue because they are afraid those tithers will stop coming. It's too bad we don't treat all sins and sinners in the same way.

    It's amazing the amount of people that get divorces over small things and then remarry say they are Christians all the while. Some even say God told them to leave their partner, which we all know is false.
  4. Does this not enter into the separation of church and state?

  5. See, that's my opinion too, but I figured since we deny homosexuals marriage because it's sinful then most Christians would agree that it should be equal for people remarrying. :p
  6. I think the bible should be the law of the land.. Our country would be blessed.
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  7. The framers of the Constitution disagree with you.

    And whose version would we use? As an example, look at how sharia law has worked out.

    Don't get me wrong, a country run according to God's Word would be blessed.
  8. Some people just do not belong together.

    A couple who is fighting can be an incredibly ugly thing.
  9. I agree that it can be an ugly thing. Honestly, if I had a choice in the matter then I would have no problem with people divorcing over stupid stuff. But, I'm a Christian and I have to follow what my Bible says.

    I'm of the belief that anyone compatible can make it work. The reason most people get divorces is because they are selfish and refuse to make it work.
  10. One reason I don't attend church is that I never want to hear nor would it be scriptural for a clergyman to tell me to divorce my wife because she is a non-believer or judge me for not constantly witnessing to her. This is something stupid that I just have to get over, but still a concern nonetheless.
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  11. Everyone should at least try to make it work.

    I'm not sure what you mean by selfish?

  12. Until proven? What if the person admitted it but wasn't physically caught? They could later say they never admitted it.

    Also, remarriage is allowed if there was adultery or abandonment. The Bible is clear on this. You can't make up biblical rules because you got upset about a different thread.
  13. I don't know of any pastor who would tell you to divorce her or stop witnessing to her. If a pastor did tell you that, RUN!
  14. Have we got a group trying to approve adultery? Do we have so-called "Christians" promoting this sin?
  15. People who tell others to divorce, don't know the true God! They DONT know how HE SEES this issue!
  16. Anyone that thinks its okay to divorce should study the bible a little more.
  17. I get a little frustrated with this issue, let me explain that I know how much God wants us to honor marriage, I know He wants us to take every effort to make it work! I KNOW THAT, because I KNOW HIM! This telling folks to get a divorce as if its no big not from God and proves to me those who would promote this are not really walking close to the Lord.
  18. It looks like we are all in agreement here, so let me argue the other side even though I don't agree.

    But but but… What if the husband is abusive? God wouldn't want someone to be in an abusive relationship. Or what if they had been praying about it and God revealed someone better for them… Like there soul mate.. God would want them to be with their soul mate right?
  19. The abusive thing could mean a lot of things to a lot of folks...but the soul-mate thing is just silly.
  20. It looks like the only grounds for divorce is sexual immorality according to Matthew 19:9
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