1 Corinthians 12:10 Disernment of Spirits

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  1. 1 Corinthians 12:10 Disernment of Spirits

    Hello everyone,

    On another thread one of my siblings in the Lord questioned if my comment on seeing darkness in or around a person is in scripture? Sometimes I do know the Spirits name other times I don't...

    I asked my Pastor and he said yes... It's under the gift of disernment of Spirits...

    1 Corinthians 12:10

    What do yall have to say and are there any among you who also have this gift?
  2. I knew a lady who did, Beloved.
    Her name was Dorcas.
    She passed away a few years back~

  3. I have to be very, very careful about this type of thing. "Seeing" auras, or spirits, or whatever is one thing...know what you are seeing is another.

    The problem is, knowing what you are seeing. Are you "seeing a person's spirit" or "seeing a spirit interacting with a person" or "seeing a person's energy field" or "seeing hallucinations". To be honest, I'm a bit afraid of looking more into this because of the direction it could take me. I gave up all of my active abilities when I came back to Christ, but things I've studied and learned to do passively...they are all still there. It's not something I can easily unlearn. This would be a good example of one of those things...

    I do know this, while God can use anyone, and any ability, they aren't necessary, and the ability to see spirits will not bring you any closer to God.
  4. Yea I had it, and knew it to be a false gift, and rejected it.
    How can we be "dispitfuly used," and "taken advantage
    of," and all other things that can happen to us, if we have
    Spiritual X-Ray vision.

    It is Bogus!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How could Dr. James Dobson, minister to Ted Bundy,
    when He claimed He repented, and was saved, if we could
    all just know it it were true.

    So Doctor Dobson, ministered to Him, in His ongoing fight
    against pornography as well, and was ridiculed for doing
    so, by Playboy!!!!!!!!!!

    And as such, Dr. Dobson, had to wheather the storm thru
    Humility, saying if Bundy was lying, but Dobson showed a
    forgiving and humble Spirit, then God could accept that
    Humility to advert even further disastor by other Bundies,
    since God, would heap Burning coals upon Bundy, or His
    successors, if God so chose, because some Believers
    were showing Humility,

    Rather than the lost world, cheering about Bundy, to Burn,
    Burn, Burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where Our Humility, allows God to let Him burn, without
    Us being found guilty of Pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Because if Bundy burns in Hell or not, Dobson was correct,
    in heading Bundy asking for help,

    So I would not mind knowing that Pastor, because I would
    tell Him He were wrong to His face!!!

    And Dr. Dobson, a Christian Clinical Psychologist, did the
    only thing He could do, when He ministered to Bundy's needs,
    Irregardless, of whether Bundy is headed to Hell or not!!!

    And of cource, My rebuking that Pastor, who if saved can
    handle the Criticism, because it is the Buisness they are
    in. But to the lost We have to be more carefull. This is why
    We can tend to fight amongst ourselves more easily,
    since we seem to take for granted We knoew we are all
    the same, but are more carefull in how We deal with the
    Lost ----and inspite of My disapointments, I need to learn
    to be more humble towards the saved, even though I am
    more cautious with the lost.

    May Christ Richly Bless Those Who Truly Love Him, Amen.
  5. There was such a rare gift given to the disciples, but in
    these quite dangerours times, for the lost Church of
    Laodicea, otherwise the end of the world would not be
    here, then such a gift should filter out, and straighten up
    the Body Of Christ, shouldn't it??????????????????

    So in fact today, I see the gift as functioning in a more
    restricted role, related to One-Worldism, the Spirit of the
    Anti-Christ in the World, Discernment OF Church
    Movements, etc..,

    But not picking individuals out one at a time, like I had
    happen to Me, when I was First Saved, and walked into a
    Jesus Book And Gift Book Store, for the first time, to
    purchase My first Bible, and I could tell who was good, and
    who was evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pure Unadulterated Rubbish, and I rejected this false Gift,
    without looking back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God Bless.
  6. Mark 16:17

    And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils....

    There are some who can know which evil spirits are in a person.
  7. Then again I have a difficult time arguing with Violet,
    because She is allways so "Cheery," that it makes Me not
    want to argue with Her Cheerful Wisdom,

    But prior to Her post, I still had to post how I felt about it.
    And if one were to cast out demons, and needed to
    discern that,

    does that not constitute a special case, in which the signs
    of possession were manifest?????

    Because I still can not believe we can walk down the
    street saying, yes, no, yes, yes, maybee......

    And I had to speak up again, saying if the usage is more
    limmited and discrete I could believe it could be the
    genuine article is all I am saying

    And what scares Me the most, is Violet's lack of correcting
    Me, that's some pretty scary silence:(

    God Bless.
  8. It can be very scary, to be sure. But, once you've opened your eyes to certain things, they simply can never be closed again. That can be good, and it can be bad.

    Beyond that, it doesn't really work the way you are describing it either. Even more importantly, is to not let false discernment cloud your judgment.

    There is a danger in these things, and I'd honestly tell anyone that has the ability to NOT see it, to do exactly that.
  9. I agree Ban and I think some in Christ have been gifted to do this.

    Mike, if you felt it wasn't a good thing then maybe it wasn't! :)
  10. Thank You for saying Hi Violet. It is much scarier when
    You get all silent on Me.:(
    Just Kidding, but not about the Hi part,:D

    Well anyway ---it made Me remember:
    To the best of My abilities, aswell as I can
    remember, I allege, remembering, something
    like the following:

    Dr. James Dobson is a Christian Clinical
    Psycologist, who I had heard on His Christian radio show,
    "Focus on the family." And He had ministered to the
    needs of Ted Bundy, when I think He was involved in
    Bundy's claim that pornography had been an evil
    influence in His life, and that it was the evil Spirit from
    that relationship, which led Him deeper, and deeper into
    trouble, to where He allowed Himself to go, and to which
    He would not take responsibility for His actions, and life.

    And then Bundy claimed to be saved, while in prision, if I
    remember, so Dr. Dobson ministered unto Him, saying it
    was not His place to know, but be there for Him, incase it
    were real,

    But Playboy had gone after Dr. Dobson, labeling Him a
    Christian Theologian, which He is not, and by extention,
    labeling Christian Theologians as serial Killer Lovers and
    all, as I allege remembering hearing Dr. Dobson recount
    the attacks They were under by Playboy, which I had
    heard on Dr. Dobson's radio broadcast,

    And therefore we often suffer, as Christians, and get
    labeled, and attacked, because there is not enough
    Spiritual X-Ray Vision going around.
    And of cource since Dobson took on Playboy, they realy
    went after Him.

    God Bless.
  11. OH! I agree, I don't think most of the Gifts brings you closer, it is written that those who appear with such gifts but don't know the Lord, He will not recieve them...

    Thank YOu so much for your input... God Bless You
  12. We need the nine gifts more than ever. We need the nine fruits more than ever. We need the fivefold ministry more than ever. I do not and cannot limit God.
  13. I/m a little slow so bare with me, is your opinion that this gift is false... Could you submit Bible verses that substantiate this?
  14. No! there is no walking down the street saying yes, and no!

    I have never cast out a demon...I don't believe the Lord has given me that ability or gift ... There was an instance where a severly mentally ill person who was also on drugs fell on the floor, I prayed as I heard her screaming...I knew she had demons but the Lord said to me Just love her and didn't give the OK for casting out... I was so glad...
  15. What is the danger? If the Lord has given this gift and you use it according to His instructions???
  16. I love you Violet, and when you see fit you can always correct me... I'm here to fellowship and learn and hopefully help another in their Christian walk.
  17. YES! Larry we do need all these things... You are so wise to understand this and not place God in a box...

    Maybe the Lord gives me the ability, because I am not frightened to see them, but the thought scares me to cast them out because of the warning that 7 more evil that the first enters that person, if the house is empty and sweeped clean...
  18. i don,t know,sometimes i can feel evil.
  19. I am sorry, I thought we were talking about that fake one

    I was given. Sorry:eek:

    If it is limmited, and not that stupid Spiritual X-Ray Vision

    fake I was given, then it's ok.

    Because we all have ups and downs and strugles, and

    there should be times when it works, and others which

    require more Prayers and strugles,

    As none of us are perfect,

    And we all face tests and trials,

    And some things we face are stronger

    trials than others,

    like My posts???????????:(

    Sorry, I thought it was the one I had:confused:

    Can I hide now, :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish::fish:

    God Bless,

    And just try and pick out which one is Me,

    because I'm hidding:D
  20. This happens, Mike, I know! :groupray:

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