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  1. LOL... I've been there for 7 days I think and I already have 2000 lines.. Not really fast in typing. Chatting there is fun.. Life is boring alone so just taking some of my time to talk with the people there and learn businesses and some more paid sites. Cent counts for me as I don't know when I will be staying in my current company.
  2. <------------ have my blogsite... Preparing this one for ad sense... Have infolinks right now but earn only few cents... Just focused with this one last April and now, the site is fully developed. You can make your own too.
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  3. I made a lot of money working from home designing basic games for facebook, but it took up a lot of time and it wasn't a job I was interested in. When I stopped updating the game a lot, the money stopped coming, so it's definitely something you have to work at. I've stopped doing it now completely, preferring my outside of the home job much more, but when I was doing it, it made enough for the down payment of my house, so that's something to think about.
  4. I didn't know you could do that! :) I think I'd enjoy making games for Facebook.
  5. just spoke to

    and baby on Skype. they got to watch the match on TV in the hospital, got to thank the Ausopen for moving us :)
  6. Do work from home is really good thing. It is very good for the person who do his studies and with that he wants to do work. They will able to earn money as they want.
  7. Hi everyone..
    I noticed a lot of posts about work from home jobs and the validity of them. It's very difficult to sift through all of them. I would recommend going into your own business. Something that will put earnings into your pocket at a reasonable pace (refer to proverb 13:11) and the business model makes sense. Always remember, what you put into something is what you get out of it. Take a look at this webinar and see if it helps you:
  8. I have heard of some people actually making a living of blogging. If your good at writing that might work.
  10. I am looking for work too, maybe from home. Email me at for suggestions, thanks

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