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  1. I have been searching the internet for work at home jobs and anyone should be careful for there are super tons of scams out there.
    What I did was register in a certain website (legitimate) which many businesses or companies that requires virtual assistance. It's an advantage for them because the cost of the overhead is lesser, rather hiring employees to their offices also it is an advantage for candidates for they can work at home writing articles, blogging or website building. My cousin got a large sum of money after she had done building website on one of her client. Sadly, I haven't had got one job yet but still waiting to take the chance.
  2. Guys, try odesk. Some of my friends are working there...
  3. Building a web site with google ads and affiliate programs is a good way to go and there are some marvelous training kits you can purchase to learn how to do that.

    Cash gifting is another unique way to make money which comes in the form of gifts and not income. My sponsor in the program I am in is going to reach the $500,000 level of cash gifts delivered to his door this year.

    I have a friend who makes $50,000 per month cash flow with a network marketing opportunity. So there are many ways to earn money on the internet and at home since a home based cash flow system is the best.

  4. Hello Shaun, I see your post is a little older but I figured I would reply anyways. 13 months ago I was in the hospital with my wife for 7 weeks due to complications with her pregnancy. I had lost my job 3 days prior do to lack of work. I start FoiDesigns in the hospital room. Foi is french for faith. I due graphic design fulltime every since. I spend countless hours online studying and was a little slow at first. But if you do something you love, spend the extra time to learn and study, and than the extra time to work till 3 am in the morning sometimes there is a lot you can do from home :)

    Ryan T
  5. Since you have a computer, there are usually lots of online jobs
  6. Hey ChristianCashFlow,

    I work extremely hard to make what I make online. I have always heard if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Your cashflow sounds extremely to good to be true. Doesn't mean its not though, I'd be honest and say $500,000 level of cash gifts sounds pretty amazing. Can you describe a little more about this business? Is it mlm? Blessings, Ryan T
  7. Below is a link to my web site for a home business I have been doing for the past five years. It is not an over night million dollar story, but what you put into it you get back from it. This can be done on-line only if one chooses, but I get income four different ways. When I started all this company carried was only candles they are now offering cosmentics and today they are introdcing a new product for the aging process. This may not be anything you may be looking for, but I thought I would put it out there because it is simple and very inexpensive to get started. Also, this is something very good for a husband and wife team. You can go and visit the site and take a look around, even if you do not care to take advantage of the business or any products take a shot a the FREE candle give-away. Clicl Link Below!
    God Bless!
    Scent-Sations, Inc. - Mia Bella Gourmet Candles, Candle of the Month Program
  8. Nice site Redeem07
  9. Well, never mind... Want to help people to find a home based job but i think our companies name seem a suspicious one to some so I better remove it
  10. Whats this about?
  11. Hello there! what's that link?
  12. I have no idea, I don't just click on any link. Maybe she will come on and tells us about it
  13. I maybe losing the job... sigh... :(
  14. Want to join a legit and a high paid PTC(pay to click) for me to earn online... Guys, have idea on this? Want a PTC that would be giving me a 1 $ per click. Please share if you know some... :)
  15. Again, this is a good opportunity. , Please join...This is a paid to chat... 5 minimum words, no capital letters, english is a MUST, one line is .02 cent... the more referral, the more income. They need to chat to increase your earnings. Join guys, you'll be paid through paypal.

    Why waste time to YM and skype while you are not earning even just a cent there? Now, this is your chance to meet people around the globe.
  16. Sounds like ya gotta chat a lot and fast to make money. I can't type fast so I would starve heheheheheheheh
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