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  1. I am starting to wonder if we live the alternate world. LOL

    The good people who work hard never get ahead, while the ones that don't know anything, do nothing but watch videos on there work computer, and can do what they please and away with it get exalted. It's a shame I feel like I have to watch my back at work when I do my job correctly and efficiently, and make sure I have proof I do my work by taken pictures with my cell phone.

    Does anyone else have this same issue? I have a military mindset, that when you get paid to work; you work and follow the schedules and policies and procedures.
  2. Depends somewhat on the corporate environment you may find yourself in.
    Where I work you are judged by your productivity and accuracy.
    I have seen some projects though where office politics and backstabbing ruled the day.
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  3. I agree Glomung- BEEN THERE DONE THAT!

    I am extremely blessed in my current job-unfortunately that is about to end in November. But what I am learning is this: if we concern ourselves with the 'work environment' rather than pleasing God-we end up taking God out of the equation. So when we think we are 'doing right' are we really doing right? It's hard, but if we refocus (turn, repent) from the concerns of the work environment back to 'am I pleasing God in this?'; perhaps things would be different.

    I know I find myself consumed with worry for the future (especially with our contract deadline approaching) and it totally distracts me from God. I have a BA-Bad Attitude...

    I need repentance.
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  4. Sounds like a bad work invireoment for sure.

    My advice is what I followed for a long time. Make your self indespensable!

    Be the very best at what you do and set the example for others to live up to no matter what they do themselves.

    Phillipians 3:20
    "For our citizenship is in heaven from whence also we look for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ".
  5. I think as Christians we must not be mindful of what even our bosses think. We give account to God for our work ethic. Ignore what others do! Forget your boss sitting on your back, God is. Whether you are high up the corporate ladder or not, you are paid to do a job. Do it honestly and to the best of your ability as unto God. God promotes. God fires. God relocates.

    When I am sick, I find myself justifying myself to God for taking the day off before I even call my boss :LOL:.
  6. Where I work, its mostly politics, and people not understanding what goes on in the field. I work in the oil field, and one day Ill go out with another guy to move equipment, it will take me 4 hours to accomplish the task, and it will take the other guy 4 hours to accomplish his, then the next day well go out, it will take him 5 hours to move a piece of equipment, but because say my piece wont start or something goes wrong it will take me 6, and then their mad at me because im not making production-when it was beyond my control. Just the way it works. Ive long since come to the conclusion, that if you compare yourself to others at work, you will never be happy-the rule of thumb is to go to work, and do your best-and ignore everyone else. If your best isn't liked by your boss, for whatever reason, well at least you did your best, and leave it at that. Ignore everyone else-it makes no difference what they do or do not do.
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  7. I think we were all born with a specific purpose in life, and the best match is when we can make a living doing that purpose, or find some entrepreneurial twist on that purpose that we can make a living out of. An entomologist might raise bees or something like that.

    If our work situation is bad, we should take some time to find out what talents God incarnated us with and pursue those. One day it could mean making some serious money doing what we love.

  8. My mom always said, "If you complain about it, fix it. Otherwise, drop it." Sounds like tough love, doesn't it? Well it is, but at the same time she is entirely correct. I would complain about friends, boyfriends, bosses, my car, MYSELF! All the while doing nothing about it. So if you dislike your job, or are having issues at work, do your best to find a solution. If you do nothing and sit back, harboring resentment, you will just be taken down a deep, dark path. Trust me, I left my last job that way and it did nothing for the relationships I thought I fostered while there for 4 years.

    I believe your OP is quite standard. The rich kids are wealthy because they came from money. You do more work than your boss. The guy who sits next to you and slacks off gets a promotion because he's buddy buddy with the higher ups. Unfortunately, that is life and we can't avoid it. No one said it would be easy. The best thing is to pray, ask for forgiveness, and keep plugging away while you look for another job or find ways to feel better in your current environment.
  9. Thank you everybody for the input. I thought about going to HR and wrote a letter, but I feel I shouldn't say a thing inside and work harder. I want to be noticed by my work, not by my complaining and finger pointed.
  10. If something is being done that goes against statutory law, by all means, say something. Just realize that HR has more your managers back more than yours. I learned that the hard way when I whistleblew on my ex boss.

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