Why Hate America?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by joshhuntnm, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. why do so many seem to hate America? I don't hate them? why not live and let live?
  2. I don't know if there will be an America to hate...or love for that matter, if things keep going the way they are. The leaders on the Left keep taking positions that are further and further from the constitution. The leaders on the Right are doing the very same thing, just in the opposite direction. People feel much pressure to choose a side and demonize the other side. America is being ripped apart. The very thin veil of civility and humanity is being stretched to the breaking point. Where are the Sons of God ??(peacemakers)
    We are collapsing from within. We are so desperate to rid ourselves of one president, we vote for anyone they present us with. Even one with the spirit of the anti-christ because he is "less evil" than the previous one.
    We had one who claimed to be right-wing then passed homeland security laws that mock and trounce our constitution.
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  3. I think dan's responce is very good in comment #2.

    We have a leader who has approved the killing of babies. He has approved the union of homosexuals in marriage.
    There are things going that if we knew we would be scared to death.

    For an example......there are negociations going on right now between Egypt and our State department to release the "Blind Muslim Sheck" who masterminded the 1st Twin Towers bombing to Egypt.

    With those things on-going and the economy on the brink of disaster and the best man we can come up with is a member of an anti-christ cult!!!

    I hope someone hlps us because I am pretty sure God is disgusted with the USA, I know I am.
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  4. Without going into the specifics of presidents, just generalising the US as a whole and its past, my opinion is:

    Propaganda + stupidity + poverty = hatred.

    America has made itself a target by attacking many nations. However people fail to acknowledge that the US = UN. I would love a well organised democratic country to attack me as opposed to China or Russia. Where would S Korea be if the US never got involved? They love the US! Sadam would still be killing Kurds. If there was no US aggression, Russia would be attacking weaker nations and expanding its borders like it did last century. Japan and China would have nuked each other by now. We should all be grateful that the US has been an active world 'watch dog' and grateful that it is at least democratic! Best odds of unbiased aggression!

    I always remind people of how the Germans ran to the British and Americans at the end of WW2 and how every US tank in the gulf war had the extra expense of a live video camera that could monitor any wrong doing.

    A long while back I was watching a local news report with an Iraqi cabinet minister. Our presenter said to him, ''what do you and the people think of this illegal war the US and UK are waging on your country''. He said, ''Are you stupid? the US and UK are helping us, the majority are heavily opposed by the minority. I would have thought that SA with apartheid would have understood better then others''. She hanged up and said, ''obviously he does not know all the facts''....LOL, he is only in the cabinet IN Iraq during the war.....

    I also laughed when I saw how people were protesting against Tony Blair visiting our country. That poor guy endured 1000's of intense debate sessions on live television, cross questioned by the most intelligent and ferocious, having to give account of every thought and motivation...and he did it!!! He did not get someone to do it for him.... I would vote for him in a heartbeat! I would love it if our leader had just ONE session in the firing line. He has only been accused of rape, extreme stupidity (shower cures aids) and fraud.

    Educated people don't hate the US, they laugh / cry at the 'stupid' arabs, communists and naive co-citizens.

    Just thinking....Perhaps instead of sending only troops to the east to fight terrorism, the US should be more focused on building schools and killing propaganda.
  5. I understand what all of you are saying and I agree. Just thought I would say that if you have ever lived in another country long enough to form an opinion I suppose that your first choice, regardless, would the America.
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  6. The western world is the easiest place to make a physical living, and the hardest place to find spiritual peace. I will not judge just incase I fall into the same pit. But early Americans were poor, which humbled them. Poverty mixed with faith as well as a system that reduces strife by promoting tolerance, caused un-matchable prosperity. Prosperity caused arrogance, and arrogance is causing our fall. If secularism and a lack of faith prevail during the future poverty, we will stay fallen, if the faithful prevail, then the humility will cause more un-matchable prosperity.

    More likely than not (although not guaranteed) if America is ripped apart, the faithful will gather in a paticular region of the continent and form their own society. (probably several different faiths will do this same thing)

    ANYWAY, I always get off on these tangents. :confused: What was the question again? LOL
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  7. If you are curious about the religions of different countries this web site will give you a pretty good idea about the percentages of which religion as of 2007. Of course, when it lists Christians it includes Catholics (most everyone knows that except for the ones who don't, don't ya know ?)
  8. AMEN!
  9. A couple of young people stopped by the house sometime back. They asked if we would contribute towards the floods in Pakistan. I said probably not. My hose only reaches the end of the driveway.
  10. I really feel that as the time grows late that christians simply must grow past their worldly loyalties to political affiliation, denominations, money, social status, non-christian relationships, economic systems, worldly possessions and anything they find is distracting them from their walk along this most narrow of paths.
    Nationalism, party affiliation and money simply cannot be equated with God. These things will surely collapse and those using these things as pillars in theirs lives will find themselves devastated by their loss or ,worse yet, find themselves outside the true Body of Christ and find themselves following a church/state run by the anti-christ. Let go of the world now. It may seem right to you to hang on because for decades it seemed stable. It may seem right to try and maintain that which is left, but it will prove futile in the end. All that we have known is ending. Jump ship spiritually and emotionally. All that seemed impervious to decay is decaying before our eyes at an ever increasing rate. Do not be OF this world but of the Kingdom to come.
    There will be no party affiliation there. No economic system to have loyalties to. No denominations.
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  11. Envy. Everybody hates us, because we're better than they are.
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  12. I love that. one with the spirit of the anti-christ. this claim, has been made on every president, probably since before nixon. This is part of why no one can agree, were to busy throwing the label anti-christ around. My thought is, no one knows how the anti-christ is because he has not shown himself yet. Obamas not the anti-christ. neither is Romney. There are certain things that have to come to pass, before the anti-christ shows himself, and I don't believe they have yet. So stop throwing the title around.

    As far as why everyone hates us? because, at least in the past, were better then most everyone else. I dont mean that the people are better, I mean we offer freedom, we offer jobs, we offer a safe economy. People dont like that, jealousy does a number on everyone, and they all want to take that away, just because they cant have it. It was, at least until recently, considered a "christian" nation, so anyone who is against the christian religion, will also hate us. Weve also been allies of Israel, so naturally, anyone who hates israel, will hate us.
  13. My ancestors came to America mainly for freedom of religion. My grandfather died young. He was a pastor with three kids. That's not what killed him though. It was bad water. One of his sons went all through life blaming God for his death and died that way. My Mother led me to Jesus. I think it is time that America starts coming back home and minding their own business. And I mean their own business, not mine. If they would do that, it would be sort of like becoming a Christian. They would see and hear things they have never seen or heard before, have thoughts never thought before. Start finding things to be thankful for and an interest in others.
    It seems pretty clear to me anyway, why the President Hates America. It's just too bad that he is leading others to feel the same and mocking God.
  14. They hated us for leading the actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. They saw a burning building and did nothing. We shamed them by doing the right thing.
  15. Have you ever lived in another country, not vacationed, not stationed in the military...actually lived for more than a year in another country? Did you speak the language?
  16. Hi Rusty, welcome aboard. You got me to thinking with your question. My goodness, that was over 50 years ago when I lived in Germany and Holland. Anyway, I lived in Germany 18 months then moved to Holland for
    18 months. At both locations I lived in towns close to the Air Force Base I was stationed at. Had a part time business finding off base quarters for other military and families. Doing this I had to learn their language. My bride and I traveled all over Europe every chance we had. We enjoyed our visits but still was glad to get back home. Growing up in America I learned to love it so much that I joined the service in 1954. We were treated like I sort of expected, like we had tee-teed in their mess kits. One silly thing I used to joke about to my wife was my missing Dairy Queen ice cream. She missed Cokes. Didn't like pushing and shoving standing in lines.
  17. Europe in 1954 was barely recovering from the War, so your perspective as a military man would be colored by the reconstructive Germany and Netherlands. Life would have been rough, lines aggressive in stores and buses; American junk food would have been last on their lists of "needfuls". ;)

    I asked ("not stationed") simply because being military one is not actually very immersed in the culture: all your creature needs are provided (housing, food, job, society, utilities and eventually reassignment back home). Military is a partial, though interesting, exposure to other countries.

    Glad your learned the languages. That was an advantage.

    My point is: Being homesick for your countries foods or scenery is hard for me to equate with one's country being superior, more blessed, or "better" than other nations. Homesickness and nationalism are odd bedfellows for a Christian, IMO.

    God loves every race and nation on earth and does not recognize flags or races....only recreated hearts.
  18. BTW....you look mighty young to have joined in 1954....what's the secret?
  19. seems to me he said he spent a lot of time looking for housing for soldiers, which means he was likely out in the communities, and probably saw a lot of culture. On top of that, youd be surprised how many soldiers do see the culture-they dont spend all their time on base. My brother who served a tour in Iraq, even got to see a bit of culture, and he did stay on base most of the time, but he occasionally did go to town. Youd be surprised how much you learn of a countries culture, just from the base.
  20. I'm not discounting military base experiences; BUT they are not the same as non-military ones. Everything (food, housing, job, exit) in this set-up; having to scratch your way from zero in a foreign culture is not really comparable.

    My point again is: full immersion in a culture is hands down different than guided by the Army/Navy/USAF immersion. One gains a perspective of a country very differently without any strings to hold you up. I say this as a fact, not as a put down. Having an American center to return to daily, with fellow Americans, PX, movies, TV, support, medical etc. is way different than being on your own, I know.

    BTW: My son did 2 tours in Iraq, so I am not talking out of my hat.
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