Where Is Everyone Have They All Gone Fishing?

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  1. :) Lo and behold, how dead is this place. Plenty of fish in the sea for all of us. ;-)
  2. I noticed the same thing. I guess sometimes you need a little break :)
  3. Or folks are gearing up for Valentines Day.
  4. Ah valentines day! That would explain it. Love is in the air:)
  5. I reckon...It's my 15th wedding anniversary, so I won't be posting over the next 24 hours....
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  6. if theyve gone fishing, then theyd better bring me some fish.
  7. I've been on CARM a lot lately and haven't been here in a while. Not much seems new, except the format.
  8. How do you like CARM, Stan?
  9. I've spent most of my time in the Atheist and Trinity forums and really am getting tired of it. No real discussion goes on and a lot of trolling. At first it was challenging but now it's just tiring. From a human perspective I wonder why God continues to try to draw people to His Son when they are so obviously set in their ways. His love is so amazing when you look at people that reject it all the time.
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  10. Yeah....I've given up dealing with those sort of folks, myself. My mission is elsewhere.
  11. Even me :). I two have given up discussing with atheists. Discussions so circular. Pin them on fact and they wiggle away, oblivious to what was said. They all believe in God. They just want to moan, groan and live in sin. They need prayer and love, not debate.
  12. Yes very true. There is a real parallel between them and the oneness/unitarian group. Both use obfuscation and equivocation on a regular basis.
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  13. Can't beat a dead horse.

    At what point do you stop trying with someone? Or do you not?

    For me, a pivotal point was with my most recent ex. He was non Christian and when I attempted to break up with him, he came back saying he was open to the idea. Well, we ended up breaking up for good down the road. After a few weeks, I truly missed him and felt God put me in his life to bring him to Him. I decided to reach out to him and after some chit chat for a few days he asked if I was going to church. I said yes, that he should come sometime, and that I would gladly escort him. His response: "Haha nah not my style"
    I knew right then it was a done deal. I wasn't going to try again. It was like God told me, there was no point because only God can save. WE don't save people. We are merely messengers. IMO.
  14. I agree life and if I may be so bold, God doesn't want us to compromise at all. There is NO fellowship between light and darkness. Paul talks about this. Witnessing is one thing, which doesn't take a lot to do. Friendship is good as well, and unbelievers needs Christian friends, but as all my kids can attest to, finding a mate requires that you find a believer, and NOT just any believer. You need to have one that is at your level of understanding and maturity.
  15. Life, I agree with what you said, 'we are only messengers to them' / ambassadors for Christ. When we grasp free will we realise that God has no control over those who are not His. If someone comes our way that is clearly not from His flock, he is simply not from God.
  16. Hey Tink: You did the right thing...We are nursing along a Christian lady that married a guy who faked conversion, and forty terrible years later, on Valentine's day....she got served the final divorce papers she was fighting against.

    It isn't worth it; you cannot be unequally yoke with an believer who sees Christianity as "a style".

    You saved yourself from a life of living hell.
  17. Hi All,

    Thanks :) It's hard because because I was pretty smitten. I still think God put me in his life for a reason. I found out on our second date that his mother died when he was in fourth grade to cancer and her dying wish was that him and his brother go to church ever Sunday (she was catholic). Suddenly this light bulb went off. He knew I was Christian and would ask me genuine questions throughout our relationship. Even though he is an engineer and had doubts, I still feel God is tugging at his heart a bit. May I was just there to plant a seed.
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  18. Of course you are right, Tink.

    Seed planting is our job; a living plant is a cooperation between him and Him.
  19. Your opinion is absolutly correct!

    We tell the story and God saves!
  20. I hope He saves him :love:

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