What Is Your Opinion On Cats

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  1. I like cats, but not dogs. What about you?
  2. As you might guess, I'm rather fond of them. Always like to have at least one
    cat around the house. We have a dog also, a German Shepherd.
    Both dogs and cats each have their particular virtues.
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  3. Actually had a cat like yours : -)
  4. My wife like cats. We have two, male and female. They do keep the squirrels (Rats with furry tails) out of the yard. The male is just like the one Glomung has for an avatar and we named him "Spot".
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  5. Cats are my favorite animal. In fact I now have 11 of them. 2 of my cats just had babies few weeks ago which is why I now have 11
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  6. [​IMG]
    Nuff said?
    Tim and Mandy watching a meerkat documentary
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  7. Not too long ago I was living in an airplane hanger and a wild cat I called scrawny snuck in and had kittens(3). I didn't realize they were in there because the hanger is so full of stuff from my border boss. Every now and then I would see something out of the corner of my eye.

    I thought I was nuts. I would put food out for scrawny by the trash cans, and I could tell she had had kittens, but I feared they hadn't servived.

    Then the kittens started showing themselves and I started giving them warm milk. I couldn't touch them tho they were so cute.

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  8. Well, I tried to edit border boss to boarder, but this phone isn't to dUmPsTeR friendly :/
  9. I have two cats -- Cecil and Duchess. Though when my wife and I become home owners, I'd like to get a dog.
  10. My opinion on cats is that they leave paralysis ticks in my yard to poison my dog.
    *shakes fist at all cats*
    *shakes fist at vet bill*

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