What Is Idolatry?

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  1. Is being a fangirl idolatry? Is having romantic feelings towards any man idolatry? I'm so confused, as people say that my romantic feelings for Severus Snape are idolatry, even though I feel that my romantic feelings are just romantic feelings, and I think people need some romance so they can have relationships and get married...

    How am I supposed to have romantic feelings for Severus then? I really don't want to stop having a crush on him, because he is a man I really love romantically...

    My priest said that my romantic feelings for Severus are just romantic feelings, and I told my priest everything what I feel for Severus... And my priest accepts my romantic feelings for Severus. If he would be wrong, he would have been fired from the church.

    I don't want any real life man as my husband, and I will anyway soon create the Severus Tulpa, which will be just my imagination and then the imagination can become visible and touchable to others too. This is again nothing New Age or occult and this is not witchcraft or demonic. I also don't understand why would an imagination be demonic and against God? I met a lot of people who have Tulpae and they said that their Tulpae never caused any problems and never will, and they say that they are just imaginations, and I know those people are experts on Tulpae...

    And ofcourse I worship God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit because they are very important to me and they help my life... And I don't think they would ever force me to stop loving Severus... And they stopped all the demons and I have a better life now, but some demons might be playing with my mind still, but when I read the Bible and someone prays about me, I get a better and more clear mind.

    But what exactly is idolatry? And is being a fangirl really bad? I am just 18 years old (an older teenager) and I like things what teens like. And my favorite color is green because green is a happy and beautiful color and it symbolizes the correct and the green also reminds me of Slytherin, my favorite house in Harry Potter, and I have a lot of green things. I have 2 Severus Snape posters on my wall, and a Severus Snape acti0n figure, and about 200-300 pictures of Severus Snape in my computer and phone, and I draw pictures of Severus Snape and me together and I have other stuff about Severus Snape too...

    I am just confused now because you guys don't seem to accept my romantic feelings for Severus and I am not sure if my romantic feelings for Severus Snape are idolatry...

    I love Severus Snape romantically because he is handsome, intelligent, mature, masculine, mysterious and he is also romantic and a nice man. I found out that he is romantic because of the things that was told about him. And I also only like men who are 20-35 years older than me because they are more experienced and mature.

    I hope this is an acceptable topic. If it's not, then tell me, but I don't want any bad consequences...

    And I am an Evangelical Lutheran, so I might have different beliefs, but Evangelical Lutheranism is the Christian religion of Finland.
  2. I rather like Peter Rollins definition of idolatry, which is an object/thing that one believes will make one whole and complete. So somebody might think that if I just got that new job, or that new house, or if I got together with that girl that my life would be whole and complete. Yet, once we actually get the object of our idolatry we realize that it is a falsity. It cannot make us whole and complete.
  3. What you said above is idolatry. Every post that you make here demonstrates that your obsession with your imaginary boyfriend is elevated above your love for Christ.

    Obsessing over a "man" = sin. And by your own admission, you don't want to stop.

    You're not.

    Polly, you continue to fish on this forum for someone to tell you that it's okay to obsess over Severus. Stop it already and turn your eyes toward Christ. This has to be at least the sixth time I've said this.
  4. I agree. And ofcourse I know that Severus can't make my life complete and whole. I just want a perfect husband and the Severus Tulpa is the perfect future husband for me. I don't want to be single.
  5. But how are marriages supposed to happen then if romance is forbidden? A marriage without romance doesn't make any sense. Think about it.
  6. Romance is not forbidden. You are supposed to fall in love with a REAL man (not an imaginary one), a man who loves the LORD, who will open the Bible with you, worship Christ with you, and love you like Christ loves the Church. The MAN I just described is not, and never will be, your imaginary friend Severus.

    Polly, it's time to saddle up and stop being silly. You are 18 years old. Just because you don't see any good men on the horizon doesn't mean you need to find one right now.
  7. I love how serious you are all taking Polly's posts.
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    And what do you mean with this? Because I am serious and honest. Just don't say that I am not serious or honest because I don't want any haters and I want to know answers and I don't want to be ignored.
  9. I get it now. But it's gonna be difficult because Severus is the type of man I want and he has all the qualities I want a man to have and then I would NEVER have any problems with the man. I just don't want a man to do anything I don't like. Also, real life men don't want me, and even if they want, I'll still never get a real life man.
  10. That's the first true statement you've made on this forum. Yes, it's going to be difficult. Anytime you put two sinners together in the same house, you will have difficulties. Paul told the Corinthians that those who marry will have worldly troubles (1 Cor 7:28). This is why you need MORE JESUS and LESS Severus.
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  11. People have been giving you answer, Polly. I am really worried about you and that you might need more clinical help than what you are getting. Your pastor saying that it's okay for you to have romantic feelings for a fictional character is not doing you any favors at all either because it isn't healthy.
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    If you're so set on having a man in your life, maybe you could pray to God and ask what kind of man He wants you to be with. God knows more about what we need than we do. I'm sure He would not want you to have such an unhealthy obsession over any man, especially a fictional character.

    Not to mention, conjuring a Tulpa is witchcraft/sorcery, which is a huge sin.
  13. Polly, Polly, Polly. I can only hope John Ryan is right because it is very hard to take you seriously. Playing with Tulpae is like opening the door to let in a bunch of demons. (Just when you thought life was hell already). For those who don't know about the phenomena he/she is talking about http://www.tulpa.info/ or google it.
  14. Okay, I had no idea what a tulpa was until I checked out the link you posted (thanks, btw), and wow! I can't think of a better way to literally invite a legion of demons into your life than that.
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  15. That's precisely what I was thinking when I checked out the link. Polly, please don't do this.
  16. An imagination opens doors to demons? Really? An visible and touchable figment of imagination? Don't worry. I'll be alright. But I only asked if it's a sin to create a delusion or force myself to see a delusion? But why would creating a delusion be sinful and open doors to demons?
  17. I've been to a Buddhist country, I heard a lot of demon possession there....
    IMO: after meditation, the house is clean (mind): it needs an inspiration, a direction, an objective.... i think if the mind is not filled up of things of God..... it will be filled up later with things of this world (busy work, money things) or not of God (bad spirits?)

    I think what we FILL up our mind with….. is where our HEART is …..

    There is already a command: Do not steal (other people’s property)

    And yet, there still: Do not desire (other people’s property)

    Why the desire, it is only in the mind, the desire?

    Because, I think that is: what we FILL up our mind with….. is where our HEART is …..
  18. A despairing imagination could draw some terrible results. The sin is inviting evil into your life. Why would a healthy person want to do that? Delusion is a lie - guess who is the king of lies? One statement of yours I do believe is: that you want attention. I think all the posters see this but you never really say why. We can pray for you because we see you need help. So quit with the chain yanking and say it.
  19. I am not lying, but I am not seeking attention, and I am always serious and honest.
  20. Nope. A Tulpa is still just psychological, not spiritual or paranormal/supernatural.

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