What are some of your best quotes?

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  1. What are some quotes that you have made up, that you are really proud of? I always come up with cool quotes, but I never get a chance to share them. I will share them with you guys as they come up, but for now, I have forgotten them. :)
  2. I use/used this for my signature line: Salvation costs me nothing. Discipleship costs me everything.
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  3. Nice! :)
  4. I can not take credit for anything I have said, but I do boast in what the Lord has done! After all we are just his temple, and he is our Wisdom. Thank God what we have or what we are is not according to our talent, looks, or works.
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  5. One of my favourites is from John Maxwell:

    "Dream work makes the team work!"
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  6. "Satan told me I was giving up everything for nothing, but I found what I had given up was as nothing and had gained everything".
    Don't know if that counts as a quote....but it sure was my revelation before and after my baptism.
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  7. I do have a corny redneck quote I made up as a kid......"I would if I could, but I cain't so I ain't".
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  8. Actually, I got it WRONG!

    It's "Team work makes the dream work!"
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  9. That could be a quote right there! But anyway, thank you for reminding me that everything that we have including our quotes, comes from God!
  10. Lol. You mean catchphrases?
    I cant think of any right now but I always thought church signs can be witty. Maybe google those and share them with us.
  11. Ok too many to list here Jst google witty church signs and quote your favs.

    Santa claus never died for anyone.
    You have a new friend request - Jesus. Confirm/ignore
    Read the bible, it will scare the hell out of you
    Dont be so open-minded so that your brains fall out
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  12. I saw this on a church sign " Feed your faith and your doubts will starve"
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  13. Those are really good :LOL:
  14. (y)
  15. Wicked and violent despotism thrashes to pieces the substrate of justice, but Christ Jesus is the Rock formation that provides an immovable foundation for a just-substrate to exist in society; just-law, void of all arbitrary violence, emanates from the just-substrate, and love for the innocent is the matrix that solidifies the substrate's existence in society.
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  16. lol, lots of big words in there :LOL: But inspiring quote. Many people do not understand that Jesus is absolutely necessary to have a peaceful society. This will understood during the Millennium. Praise God!
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  17. To extreme grammatical depiction, I linger in tumultuous angst, as unfettered anticipation festers to unwieldiness while awaiting your own quoted contributions Juk. :)

    Thank you kindly for the complement
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  18. I kind of like to take quotes and redirect them. It is taking things out of context, but I think about the meaning that is unintended by the author.

    The hidden workings of God:
    "Something unknown is doing we don't know what" -- Sir Arthur Eddington

    Bible study:
    "When puzzled, it never hurts to read the primary documents" -- Steven Gould

    Both of those were originally about other things, but they still work as I redirect them.

    Some quotes are fine as originally intended:

    "Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength" -- Charles Spurgeon

    "You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it" -- Arnold Glasow
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  19. (y)(y)(y)(y)
  20. I really like the last two.

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