Watching Our Tongues and Keeping From Slander

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  1. [​IMG]My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. – James 1:19

    We have all done this in our lives, spoken words that we wished we would not have. Words have power and can bring life and death, or more practically can bring encouragement or discouragement. When we speak of others by name we run the risk of speaking words that will slander a brother and such reckless words are dangerous to be spoken. Our Lord never spoke words without purpose, intent and leading from His Heavenly Father. We know Jesus never sinned in all he spoke. It would do for all us well to hold our tongues more and listen to others. Especially when we are in situations where have have hurts, emotions and displeasure. Anger can manifest in words that has their intent on revenge or punishment. Such words can cause slander, hurt and disregard to a servant of the Lord before other believers or publicly bring shame to God’s work. James exhorts believers to be slow to speak and in the original greek the meaning of that word is to be “stupid, or inactive in mind.” Essentially what is being said is do not think to respond to everything but accept what is being told you and do not be quick to respond in your own reasoning. This can be very helpful when we are in situations where we think we can fix the problem or have a disagreement with a fellow believer and just want to voice our opinion on the matter.

    A.B. Simpson says, “I would rather play with forked lightning, or take in hand living wires with their fiery current, than speak a reckless word against any servant of Christ, or idly repeat the slanderous darts which thousands of Christians are hurling on others, to the hurt of their own souls and bodies.” James later in this later speaks this clear word to believers, “do not slander one another” (James 4:11). To James as an Overseer and worker in the Gospel he saw it as a red light to ever speak or repeat a careless word (Matthew 12:36) that would hurt another believer in the Lord. Repeating a slanderous report about another brother or sister in the Lord is just as worse as speaking it yourself. Moses spoke the people the law of the Lord by saying, “Do not spread false reports” (Exodus 23:1). It is very dangerous to simply repeat things we have heard and accusations when we fully do not know or understanding the truth behind the matter. This who have been hurt by someone in the body of Christ speak their hurts to others and accusations of the offender, but they can be blinded by their hurt to really see what was the true faults. There is sometimes truth in a slanderous statement but to achieve help for someone in the Church by slander will never work or bring healing. We all see in part and are blind to our own faults and errors. Be slow to speak of others, especially of their sins, but speak to the Lord often of your own.
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  2. This is really rampant today, and sad to see. The bickering even among Christians is unbelievable to me. This is pretty much the only forum that I am frequenting anymore, because I just can't take all of the arguing and fighting that goes on. I so grateful that for the most part, CFS is not like that.

    Not that I am without fault in this area. I pray to God to work on me about this. I find myself in conversation with my wife where she will say something like, "Can you believe that so and so did this and that?" and then I respond, and next thing you know we're gossiping about someone. I don't hurl darts directly at others, but I don't imagine talking about them behind their back is any better.

    "The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one's life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell." James 3:6
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  3. I am the same way John. It is ALWAYS my wife that starts talking about some one else!!
  4. LOL - We better pray they never see these posts! :D
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  5. That is one of those things that I do not need to pray about John. If I ever see her looking at this web site I am hitting the road as fast as I can before she hits me with a song book because there is not enough prayer in the world to save me from her.
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  6. Amen and amen
    God Bless You my Friend
  7. I fully agree with what you said...and as we walk in Love and forgiveness as in 1 Corinthians 13 and Mark 11:25...then we will not be fulfilling the desires of our flesh by speaking wrong words. We are called to speak or exhort and encourage one another.

    Blessings! And thank you for sharing this post!
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  8. Blessings sermonindex,
    This post is heavy in my heart and I thank you for speaking the words that you did.
    God Bless
  9. Ah the tongue! The most dangerous instrument in our bodies!!

    I had a friend who was like a brother to me for many years. He was not a "believer" in any real sense, but his family in my high school days, was like a foster family to me.

    He married a gal who was Italian like him, and I figured at the time that she was exactly what he needed. Man was I WRONG!! They bought a house, had a baby, and then fought like the Hatfields and the McCoys!!

    I would go to their house to visit, and the two of them would be screaming at the top of their lungs at each other. Slamming doors, shouting was a battle with no boundaries! The worst of it being in the form of verbal abuse and accusation.

    In my own life, my "tongue" has started flapping at many inappropriate times, and with inappropriate and sinful responses. Not to the degree of the warfare that my friend and his wife were using theirs, but still destructively and harmfully to my own soul, and in injustice to others.

    Naturally, I have spent YEARS trying to keep my tongue in check, as a result. Why? Why bother? Why not just "let your thoughts fly?

    First and foremost, we have a Creator who wants to commune with us, and lead us in His chosen paths for our lives. When sin in any form takes a dominant position in our lives, we are changing that relationship. We are inhibiting His work in our lives. Not that we are nullifying His ABILITY to work in us in spite of ourselves; but that He allows us to exercise our free will, and when that free-will goes contrary to Gods intentions for us, there is a lull in the action. Time wasted (from a human perspective). Like when God told Jonah to go to Ninevah, and he chose to go to Joppa and catch a boat to anywhere (kind of like what I'm going thru with my own wife right now, who has "taken that boat to Ninevah" and will have a whale of a time ahead).

    Thank goodness our God is not caught by surprise by our actions. That He is Omniscient (all knowing). It's not as if He has to have contingency plans arranged and ready to switch to if need be.

    So these days, (Lord help me not to slip) my tongue has a bridle. It's not visible to the naked eye, but it's there! It is worn with some difficulty at times, and bites into my pallet, but it is worth wearing. For my Savior needs me to be more like Him each day, and less like the former un-bridled person that I was.

    It's not about "works," that I speak, in terms of our lives, but it IS about knowing how we should conduct ourselves, (based on the roots of Gods Word that we learn and choose to follow) and actively walking in that frame of reference, seeking His help to be always listening to His Spirit, and feeding off His Guidance.

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  10. Except this time! :eek: :p :cool:
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  11. My avatar
  12. And it is a very true quote. :)
  13. You won't tell her will you??
  14. Never ;)
  15. Yes the tongue needs a bridle.

    Many times I say things that I just want to but thankfully nobody can hear me say those things!

    I think we learn from our families too, and if parent arent good at reigning in their tongues, then it rubs off on their children. I have a mother who is extremely critical and never has a kind word to say..I have to make an effort not to follow her example. If shes making some horrible comment which she does frequently I just ignore her.

    I was chatting with believer online and then noticed he was talking kinda weird stuff, it turns out he has a drinking problem..of course i didnt know as was online, and he was under the influence, thus a lot of swearing etc. Bible says not to keep company with drunkards, so had to cut off contact. Or at lest, chat function.

    We can be honest with each other, but using words carefully. Jesus after all cursed the fig tree and it died. On judgement day, Gods verdict on unbelievers is going to sentence them..but it is also our testimony that will save us. Their own words will condemn themselves, but also, thinking on this, the kind things we say about others I think bears witness to God that we are saints, we are believers. And its not just what we say to each other in public but private too. God hates gossip.

    I have been on different forums and some people can be so nasty..and others using christianity as a cloak for their nastiness. But I do suspect they have problems or satan is using them for some reason. We cant let the devil have a foothhold or a tonguehold in our lives.

    We also need to be forgiving if we mess up or have the opportunity to say, im sorry, I shouldnt have said that. Forgive me. For ourselves we dont need to listen to people who are for some reason, not being gracious. Maybe they just havent learned how. Ignore button then can come in handy.
    Sometimes sharp words are needed, we see Jesus rebuked pharisees and scribes for their arrogance.
  16. Being willing to admit ones own failings is very important. Being "real" to all, and ESPECIALLY those who know us very well, is critical in keeping good an healthy relationships.

    It's hard, admittedly, to be brutally honest and an "open book" sometimes. Flavored with love, it is invaluable.

    All in all, taking the position of humility and forgiveness; patience and self-control, has always proven to be the best course of action, in most difficult situations.

    Being able to admit readily, and without the "Fonzy" pause, ("I was w.....wr.......wro.......w........wrong") goes a long way as well.

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