Was This The Greatest Supernatural Event Of The 20th Century?

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  1. You can't not expect fellow Christians to grind their teeth when they see idolatry encouraged in a 'Christian' church. Sure the Catholic church has done alot of good. But they are far from being inline with Paul's recommendation of how a church should be run. Sure, charsimatic churches are not perfectly inline either, but lets not blurr the BIG issue of idolatry. We should jump on the head of every Christian that gives abnormal praise to any man.
  2. Again with the slander that has no basis in reality.
    The Roman Catholic Church does not:
    mix law with grace - specific examples and theology to back it up or it is just slander
    encourage the worship of idols - horsehockey, pure slander, read the doctrine and learn something
    require anyone to pray to Mary or to any other Saint

    The Pope and Cardinals are elders, you are harping on a title, get over it.
    Peter was a Bishop, should he have called himself something else to soothe your sentiments?

    Speaking of idolatry, protestants should not be too quick to cast stones. Bibliolatry is an ongoing plague amongst protestant churches. They love their Bible, they adore their Bible, the say they love Jesus, but the refuse to follow his commandments. What did Jesus say "if you love Me, follow my commandments". So, it is apparent that their love for the Bible far exceeds their love for Jesus, is that not blatant idolatry?

    You were commanded by Jesus to confess your sins one to another, a priest, as heir of the apostles, has authority to forgive sins and assign penance, why do you refuse to do what Christ commanded?

    The Eternal God has allowed some to share in the redemptive work, just as you pray for loved ones and help in their redemption, so do the Saints. If you do not understand the doctrine, try reading it before you bash it.
  3. You're correct.

    This subject has been well discussed and, in the opinion of the chair, nothing further is to be gained.

    I will close this thread and ask that similar threads not be opened.
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