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  1. Pastors, why do you go to theology schools or schools of divinity? You have the best guide for pastoring, and it is better than any college or high school. It is the Holy Bible! It's all you need!
    I suggest taking a special look at the book of 1 Timothy. It is amazing and it teaches all the basics of becoming a pastor. I could become a pastor just by reading that one book! I started reading 2 Timothy, but I don't think it's as much about pastoring.
    The book of Acts is another one. I haven't read it yet, but I heard that it speaks a lot of the early Church, which I believe your churches should be modeled after.
    I don't want to go to theology college, and I want to be a pastor. All you need is God and His Scriptures. You will succeed far more than any other pastor that goes to divinity school.

    P.S. I heard that divinity school just teaches students to be charismatic and use tactics to get the congregation coming back. Money is the root of all evil. These pastors might as well be working as hype men.
  2. Juk - Please do not classify all Pastors as you have in your opening post, because that is completely unfair and demeaning. SOME Pastors who have devoted their lives to TEACHING God's Word, as I have, seek higher education to be well versed in the original Scriptural Languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and 'street' Greek so the flawed English translations can be better taught and understood. That language knowledge can not be gleaned from simply reading an English translation Bible. I have also chosen NOT to accept any tithes, freewill gifts, donations, contributions or reimbursements from anyone at any time. My ministry teaches from the heart - not from what we may receive from someone's wallet. Before you start placing all Pastors into one general group, you may wish to do a little research and rethink your statements. Most English language bibles have been manipulated over the centuries - would YOU like to teach false doctrine from a flawed bible? Would God appreciate that at all?

    You are young and have very little in the way of life experiences thus far, so please do not make statements, as you have, until you have become a Pastor yourself, received a Doctorate, taught God's Original Word for decades and can know and understand what it is like to devote your life to God's Service.
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  3. I'm sorry that I offended you.
  4. You owe an appology to all members of the clergy who come to CFS. I accept your appology, but I can not speak for others.

    Thank you.
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    Pastor Gary,

    I would take the opportunity to inquire of you. Based on your research, experience and knowledge...which bible version would you say is the most accurate when compared to the original languages?
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    I am glad that our lead pastor was taught by God Himself and did not attend bible school per se. We have a connection with Portland Bible College, and our intern students are taught from its curriculum, and I expect our pastor has studied a great deal from what PBC offers, plus we are members of MFI (Ministers Fellowship International) and pastoral support is amazing.

    After all, God equips and promotes all those He calls who are committed to His leading. Now this helps to make a point concerning those who kind of set their caps in ambition to become pastors. God calls us and moves us toward His calling right where we are. He will test us and use us where we are. The best pastors in the world are those who did not have the ambition to become pastors, but allowed God to take them where He chose to lead them.

    Pastor is a spiritual gift and not a career choice. Despite not having the particular gifting, we are really all spiritual leaders and we can pastor people, which entails true caring for people.
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  7. Without getting into a debate on versions... let me just say that Dr. James Strong, before keying his Strong's Concordance of the Bible to any version, evaluated all Bible versions available at the time, during his team's research period from mid 1885 to early 1890, and chose the KJV because it had the least number of clerical, translation or manipulation changes, as taken from the original manuscripts. Our ministry also uses the KJV because of it's accuracy. But, we don't just use the KJV alone - we always use the original Hebrew, Aramaic and 'street' Greek Scriptural languages in our teachings and disect the descriptor phrases for a more balanced view of what original scripture contained. If anyone wants copies of the original language scriptures, the nearly complete original texts can be found in The Greene's Interliner Bible, which is a regular KJV, but has the original languages printed on each page.

    This is just one of many sources for the Interlinear Bible:

    Thank you for asking
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  8. Thank you for replying. Just so there is no misunderstanding, I didn't ask in order to get into a debate, or for it to turn into a debate on bible versions.
  9. Understood - I only mentioned that because there are as many opinions on which is 'best' as there are versions...LOL... ;)
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  10. P.S.S. Please read my P.S. This is the basis of my post, as well as personal beliefs and the Bible. Sorry if I offended anyone.
  11. My Spiritual father once said God told him. son they can not make you a preacher for all they can do is help ME TRAIN you.
    Juk seminary school lays a foundation if you will BUT if you are going to be worth your weight in salt you MUST ALWAYS allow the Holy Spirit to teach and lead you other wise you end up just a bunch of words.
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  12. It does help to know the original languages Juk.
    Don't knock learning and studying with others and the instruction of elders who are more mature in Christ. Yes the holy spirit is our teacher, and we need to follow His leading. Paul said Timothy was being trained so he could also instruct others. You also need practical examples of how faith is lived out as well, not just the Word, but the Word made flesh - you and me living out the gospel.
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  13. @Pastor Gary is correct. There are pastors like me on here that may be offended by that, however I understand that you are inexperienced with your age.
    I'm not offended but others may be greatly.
    Just be a little causious that's all.
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  14. Correction:
    1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV)
    For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. ​

    Gotta be accurate or you're just as guilty as other lazy Christians who just quote wrong teaching... (y)

    P.S. If you lump everyone into one pot, you're just as guilty as those that offend. Generalizations are wrong.
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  15. There is benefit and risk to "higher" education. The biggest risks that I have seen is getting locked into what you know as the end all be all.
    The biggest benefit, assuming a thorough education, is a greater understanding of the context of scripture and the technical aspects of practical things.

    Regardless, the telling point of whether a pastor being 'educated' or not is irrelevant to his qualification. The biblical standards are there for a reason and there is no certified school on the planet that can impart those qualities.
  16. Amen!
  17. Agreed!
  18. Agreed!
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    This very same thing has come up on another thread. Juk......Pastor Gary and Fish of Faith are spot on.

    I wnat you to THINK Juk. If you were needing your gall bladder removed, would you allow someone who said that he wanted to be a doctor and had the calling of the great physician to take out your gall bladder? OR would YOU want someone who has been to school, learned where YOUR gall bladder was actually located, what it looks like and knows just how to cut you open and sew you back up.

    Which one would you choose. Be real and do not say what you think others want to hear. What would YOU do?????

    My little brother.....IIf you want to go into the ministry I encourage to consider going to a school of higher education. You will be seeking a great calling and one of the things that is most important is to not make any mistakes that will lead people in to error

    Serving God in His Church is not only about what you know—it’s about who you are. Information about God is critical but not primary. Invitation to relationships always precedes information in Scripture.
    Christian ministry springs from the overflow of God’s presence and love in our life. The most important preparation for ministry is learning to live Jesus’ words in John 15:4:........
    “Abide in me, and I in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”
  20. They go there to learn to KNOW what they are talking about as opposed to BELIEVING THEY KNOW what they are talking about.
    There is no virtue in ignorance.

    I would point out that every single heretic that has cropped up in the last 200 years or so has had access to a Bible.
    Some knew it word for word.

    And if God would prefer that you obey his church and actually study, what then?
    Enthusiasm is a poor substitute for duty and diligence.
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