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  1. Its defiantly better than nothing at all.
  2. Thankyou , "living ". If people do not want to believe then they are missing the blessing .
    I feel sorry for them .

    Any ways last night during the live stream , we saw Delia take some more steps and God is restoring and giving her more strength to her legs . It really thrills my heart to see

    People You can watch the live steam again tonight . I put the schedule there for all to see .
  3. I can't tonight but probably tomorrow or Monday I can :D
  4. Praise God .... Look at all the people at the alter ....
  5. I saw the very end of it. Did anything else happen that was particularly interesting?
  6. Mainly that he had every one line all around the church and he and his ministry team prayed for every one and the power of God was so beautiful as people were slain under the Holy Ghost. The gospel music was so uplifting . I was blessed as well just watching it all . Praise God . I would have loved to have been there.
  7. This young man who came over here to preach at these meetings each night is Nathan Morris from the UK. When he went to India his life was threatened but he preached the gospel anyway, knowing others are more important than his own life; and many were saved and healed! He's powerful in the Lord and his preaching style reminds me alot of Rheinhard Bonnke :D

    He has alot of things on Youtube

    And here is his website
  8. Thanks for that info as I was wondering what his name was . And yes he does preach a lot like Bonke . Last night he had a very moving message to the young people . I was sitting here crying all by myself when I saw all the beautiful young people who responded.
  9. Here is a report from the Mobile, Alabama newspaper.

    Revival with what worshippers say are 'miracles of healing' continues in Mobile (with video) |

    ''Morris, the evangelist, said he had never met Delia Knox prior to the Aug. 27 service. “I saw she was in the wheelchair. Suddenly, something took place in her body. She said she felt feeling in her body. She was crying.”

    “I pray for thousands upon thousands of sick people,” said Morris in an interview prior to the event. “I want to say loud and clear, we’re not healers. Jesus is the healer. All he told preachers to do is lay hands on the sick, pray for the sick.”

    “God came in and miracles began to break out,” said Kilpatrick.''
  10. Hallelujah

  11. Wow that's a great report. We are having Jesus in the City next Saturday and I wonder how much of a report it will get.
  12. Most news media report Christian happenings in a negative light. But this one in Moblie has always been favorable in that respect. There was revival there in years passed and they did not speak of it in a bad manner.

    Tell me about "Jesus in the City" . What is that all about?
  13. It's a parade that all the Christian churches have with floats and Christian music and some people even dressed in Bible Costumes and it just gives people an awareness of Jesus and who He is . The parade just moves through the downtown area of the city . Oh and we all have t- shirts with Jesus in the City .

    Hey GodSpeaks , don't forget to watch the last livestream tonight at 7 Pm
  14. That sounds awesome! How exciting it would be for our cities and country to do that.

    Yes I'm going to watch tonight. I didn't know it was the last one. Maybe for awhile. But I think they are continuing the revival as long as the Lord is moving. Nathan even canceled his other big meeting over there to stay here. So they should be having it every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night until who know how long
  15. But I guess it is not livestream . Hey is Atanta on different time cause it is not one now . I am on EDT.
  16. This revival is going to be going on in Mobile Alibama and is compared to the Brownsville Revival
    I was so impressed by the message last night and it is so needed in all our sleepy Churches . One thing that he said .

    It is time to preach the Blood
    It is time to preach the cross
    It is time to preach Penticost
  17. Dusty, The Word that comes to me is: We need to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ .. with our lives .

    Him living through us .
  18. We are the church . our bodies are the temple of praise . the loudest voice is made in silence .

    if we do these good things in secret . we will all be rewarded openly .

    you are the Gospel . be the goodnews to those around you .

    What does the gospel according to Dusty, Psalm91, and myself say?

    God knows . and he who sees things done in secret . will reward us all out in the open .

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