The Power of The Holy Spirit

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  1. This is true , Michael . By all means .... I agree .
  2. I see you finally got tuned in last night.

  3. Yes , I saw it three nights and now I have to be careful for the rest of the month as it must have taken a lot of Gbs as I got a notice from my server saying I have used 75% of my usage for this month ... So I guess I can't watch any Youtube or other stuff like that cause if I go over , I will be extra charged...
  4. I didn't know you have that kind of plan. Video will eat into that
  5. Yah and it's killing me cause I see where they are continuing the livestream .

    Church of His PresenceBay of the Holy Spirit Revival Service Starts Tonight at 7 PM CDT. Watch live at and click on "Launch Live Player."


    Bay of the Holy Spirit RevivalLive from the Mobile Convention CenterThursday, September 9 @ 7 PM CDT Friday, September 10 @ 7 PM CDT Saturday, September 11 @ 5 PM CDT
  6. I forgot about it! So I just now turned it on. I figured it was about over.
  7. Maybe you can hold off watching youtube and posting them but instead watch this one night a week.:) It was on a few hours a few nights. Last night it went off earlier
  8. Well if I have already used 75% and it's not even the middle of the month , I have to take it easy . I am not looking at youtube and stuff and was just playing that silly game that I posted and thought no .... better not .
  9. Save up your minutes and then you might be able to watch some

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