The Law or Corporation?

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  1. I'll try and make this brief. Many years ago I went through a very ugly divorce. I was court ordered to pay an insane amount of child support due to many lies against me and much corruption.

    My kids are grown and emancipated. Over the years I struggled to pay this crazy amount of support; even working 2 and 3 jobs at a time. I've paid in the neighborhood of $260,000 while the kids (3) where growing up; yet I still owe $148,000.

    Anyhow, that's why I haven't been on here for close to 3 weeks. I was in jail; 2 jails actually, the 1 in the county I live in for 1 week, and close to 2 weeks in a jail 4 hours drive in another county.

    I've got some interesting stores to tell about the ordeal, but I'll share that another time.

    The main question and Op for this thread is - Jails are more and more privatized, a business, Not run by local government. They get $140 a day for each inmate from the government and they try and keep them close to capacity.

    A corrections officer was saying that it's not about the law anymore, it's about the corporation and making money. Also that prosecutors or attorneys that levy the charges against someone if they know they have a weak case, they will offer a plea bargain just to get you time to serve so they can make money. This CO also said that judges, if you don't take the plea bargain, will threaten to throw the book at you or give you the maximum sentence if you loose your trial.

    Further more, my case wasn't criminal. It was/is civil, but they twist the law and impose a criminal sentence.

    So essentially what are your thoughts or feelings about this whole matter as to if it's the law working properly, or is it all just a sham to generate revenue?
  2. I am sorry to hear what you went through. I really do not have any thoughts or feelings as to what you mentioned beyond thanking God that my ex-girlfriend didn't want child support from me knowing that whatever they needed I would get. The only reason why I pay child support is that NYS wanted their chunk of the pie to pay for medicaid and forced her to go after me for child support. She went in saying quite clearly that she didn't want child support, so when the magistrate said $50 a month, she jumped on it with a yes.
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  3. Modern law is a bad joke. The entire system is completely corrupt and only serves the interests of the elite.
    (to whom the 'laws' don't actually apply)

    What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
    A good start.

    What is the difference between a dead skunk in the road and a dead lawyer in the road?
    There are skid marks in front of the skunk.
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  4. I appreciate your comments. I could go into a lot more detail about how the support was set so high, but I don't like talking about it too much because it irritates me. I will say that 1 person that lied in court to picture me in a bad light was later indicted with 6 other people from the place I worked at during my divorce for embezzling from General Motors.

    It wasn't too awful bad in jail. I had gone through it before several years back, but I did the whole sentence back then. 1 month in jail, and 5 months in work release jail.

    Fortunately, my present wife collected the $500 needed from friends and family to purge me out; and she drove the 4 hours to come and get me. She also waited at the jail something like 7 1/2 hours till they released me after she paid them. That's another thing, they are in no hurry to release anyone because they want the clock to tick so they can collect more money from the government for keeping you.

    1 blessing was I was able to get a bible and do a lot of reading.

    A second blessing was that I have a hereditary skin condition that had been bothering me for some time and I was able to get them to give me the medication I needed to get it cleared up. Otherwise I was just trying to deal with it before with home remedies because I don't have health insurance nor did I have the means to see a doctor.

    And lastly, a bible teacher came about every day so I could go to bible study with other believers while in there.
  5. Hear hear. Thank you for contributing.
  6. Question: and you don't have to answer: why were you in jail? For the $140k?
  7. Yes, the arrears, or from being behind on the child support. While the kids where growing up I did all I could to keep up with it, but sometimes even working extra jobs I would fall behind.

    What they do is call it contempt of court on a divorce decree. To reiterate; a civil matter, but they impose a criminal sentence, 1 day less than 6 months in jail, or a purge amount to be released.
  8. it's the perfect of example of how the law has changed from the spirit of the law to the rigidity of the law. I'm sorry to hear about this. I just wish I had $140k to give you.
  9. Oh, it's all good. I just need to try and get back to work/job. I've had some health issues the last 10 months and haven't been able to work much; just an odd job hear and there. I think if I can atleast get a part-time job and send money regularly they'll leave me alone.

    I appreciate the sentiment.
  10. Hearing stories like this makes me angry. I hate unjust laws. The privatization of jails should be illegal. Corporations are in the business to make money. Putting people in jail should not be a profit driven business.
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  11. I have no problem with capitalism in the slightest, but I am very concerned with corporatism. Government is extremely crooked and when both government and corporations are in bed together, nothing good comes of it.
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  12. You offered a choice, the law or corporations? I vote the law, but not any law; for I vote for "just-law" only. For if a nation grabs the three handles of socialism, then the law will become "unjust" causing every kind of legal privilege to culminate in the laps of the elite, but also at the expense of the hapless many. Every kind of consuming corporation will rise up upon a soft bed of legal plunder, where those beneath it are burdened to carry the elite upon their shoulders.

    What do you call a business who no longer relies upon virtuous capitalism, but grows proactively using lawful advantage, legal privilege, compulsory subsidies, and regulatory immunity? "A corporation."

    Is it possible that you pose a dividing separator of "private or public" which is not sober to expose despotism? For the separator would be wise to separate instead "privileged businesses" and "honest businesses." For the privileged business is the "corporation," which cannot exist without the help of illegitimate officials who engage in legal plunder and legal privilege.

    Analogy - A two-person gang pulls up to a jewelery store, one runs in with a gun demanding all the jewels, while the other waits in the get-away-car ready to drive away. Government is often like the one who holds up the store and corporations are the ones who engineer a clean get-away in a fast car. Its a symbiotic relationship, for they need each other as Socialism abounds. However if the citizens remain unwary of the scheme, the robbery will happen all over the city till all is plundered.

    Though you may be in the right or wrong regarding your circumstance (which I am not qualified to judge), it must be clear that the plundering process will accost the innocent and guilty alike.
  13. I agree with the 'just-law' and have no problems with that.
  14. And so, 'man', has yet been able to develop a government to govern himself.
  15. Move to Canada and never return.
  16. It was good ole' Benito Mussolini who stated that "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power".
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  17. The modern world has the most corrupt rulers the world has ever seen infesting practically every nation,
    and a peasantry that has become completely infatuated with comfort and media nonsense.

    It is not amusing watching the world rot from the inside out.
    This will not end well.
  18. Plus they have mastered the art and science of systematic propaganda and the use of persuasive rhetoric. Even the media now professes not to be concerned as much with truth as the "Shaping of Public Opinion" (hence engineering what we think)...the masses are living in a sort of matrix like delusional reality in many areas....
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  19. I do think that the big companies have fooled unwitting politicians into handing over far too much control.... Unfortunately, the Government made it far too easy through poor management and costs that spiral endlessly out of control....

    Just to put a bug in your ear......
    Have you talked with a *REALLY GOOD* expensive attorney? Explored your options....

    It sounds like you got railroaded... The situation has changed now - both with your own employment, and with the kids now being grown up and moved out....

    It would be money well spent.

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