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  1. Ha ha ... I got my glasses on but thought you were referring to Psalm91 . It 's called snow on the brain .... He he ... or should I say " Sometimers " .... LOL :smiley10:
  2. Ha ha , Michael .... We didn't even have any snow last winter .... We shared our wealth with those down south .... He he ... We love to share , us Canucks ... We are very hospitable .:smiley90::smiley90:
  3. oh def . :smiley90:
  4. I'm glad the snow is over with. But it sure has been hot!
  5. Been hot here too and we have you guys to blame , cause I guess because we shared our winter , now you all are sharing your summer . Yesterday we had an earthquake 5.0 and severe thunder and lightening storms with heavy wind and rain and not far from us had a tornado .
  6. I heard about that! I was wondering about you
  7. Thanks .... no damage here and all is fine . Sure was weird , all in one day .
  8. WOw you are the night owl tonight :D
  9. Yah .... Thinking of calling it a night now ,, so ta ta for now as they say in Britain .... Good night ... God Bless .
  10. I may be from NY, but I live in Tin-ess-ee.
  11. He he ... You guys are funny and I just love all your accents. We have some here but not as much as you all . The east coasters speak different and have a lot of slang words that are hard to understand . Newfoundland in particlular.
  12. No its "Nawth"
  13. Hahahaha, I was confused at first. Had to read it again to figure it out :p
    I'm from NY, so we don't necessarily talk with a southern accent ;)
  14. I beg your pardon, I'm a Mets fan. Don't care for them Yankees.
  15. AAAhhhhhhhhahaha..y'all just crack me up..boy did I need this one, heheheeeeeeeeeeeee:)
  16. And who said it was my accent? Maybe I'm imitating someone else :D
  17. I'm with you on that one . Not a Yankees fan Those guys are too full of themselves . ..... but Yay , I am a Blue Jays fan ...

  18. Well I'm a Jesus fan! LOL :D
  19. Yeah Jesus! grandslam all the way halleluyah!

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