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  1. Tennessee

    A Tennessee State trooper pulled over a pickup on I-65. The trooper asked, "Got any ID?"The driver replied, "Bout whut?"
  2. Are you sure this happened in Tennessee and not Georgia?? heheheeeee.
  3. Let's make it the south in general

  4. I totally agree with you:)
  5. You'd say that of course because you are way up north LOL
  6. He he ..... Now children .... Play nice. .... Dusty is watching you all ..... LOL
  7. Now talk about waaaaay up north,---that's you! HA
  8. Yup .... but you did not say way up north.... LOL

  9. It's pronounced... "up nort" :smiley10:
  10. Naw it aint!! :) anybody north of Georgia is all yankees to me, heheheeeeee.

  11. Is too. I'm going up nort to the cabin this weekend.
    Might even go fichin. :smiley10:
  12. He he ... Hey .... Dean's gone fishin .... Oh well what can I say . Who knows what he's going fishin for ? LoL ....

  13. It's pronounced, "fichin" :smiley10:
  14. You say fichin .... I say fishin .... actually some people I know say pishin cause they can't say their " f" 's " LOL

  15. Its no'th :smiley90:
  16. LOL .... You guys fight over it all ... At least us Canucks pronouce it right .... He he .

    We speak the Queen's English anyways.
  17. Like I say, y'all are just plain ol' yankees to me! the south WILL rise again, heheheeeeeeee:)
  18. I hear we have polar bears up here . haven't seen any yet tho ..

  19. Borrow someone's glasses and read this : LOL.
    Or either I need to! :smiley10:

  20. I also hear we need bobsleds to get across the street because there's so much snow . but not today ;)

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