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  1. I am sitting at my desk right enjoying a Monster energy drink. It has a clear 666 written in Hebrew on it. Am I in the wrong?

    Everyone here at my work knows I am a Christian. So this is creating conversations. That is good. The devil has to eat right? :p.

    So anyway, this got me thinking about evil retail.

    Let's look at 1. Brothels, 2. Bars and 3. Monster drinks. Let's consider what Jesus would say and do.

    1. Clear evil. It mocks marriage and creates an environment for sex slavery.

    2. I know of a church that marches once a year around my area. They make the effort to go around bars and pray that God closes them down. Is that God's will? I don't think so. God does not want to see the bar owner and his employees on the street. As Christians we can tolerate bars and clubs. The unsaved need them. We don't kill the unsaved if they don't convert. It is not our place. It is God's place.

    3. Monster drinks, symbolism in music and such. The way I see it is a Christian should not give two hoots. We don't hate the devil or any evil person. We hate evil. An evil person will be pedantic about Christian symbolism. A Christian should not. They hate us as, they hate God. We / God do not / should not hate them at all!!!

    I think it is a 'Christian fail' to avoid monster energy drinks and try close bars and clubs.
  2. This is a false promotion against Monster Energy that's gone on for awhile now.
  3. Brother if you dont want to hate the devil then I guess that is up to you but as a born again believer - I hate the devil and all he stands for. There is no scripture saying a Christian should have any other feelings towards the devil then hate bro...........
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  4. There is the Problem..............why drink flavored sugar water when you can have the "real thing" rofl (y)
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  5. I agree with all the 3 points. For point #2, I would have no problem if the prayers are done within walls. I think Jesus would expect us to do that. We should pray that people are released from such bondages. We should not worry about the employers. That is God's business. If He knows how to provide for birds and sparrows, He can very well provide for bar owners! We just need to pray for souls to get saved. And proclaim the truth and gospel.
    I think the same goes for point#3. There is no need to hate, just need to pray
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  6. #3 no need to hate you say ? So then what do you feel about our enemy the devil then ?
    We hate sin but love the person.
    as far as the devil goes..........he is evil and there is no good in him. Hate is the only thing I have for him and that should go for all beleivers.
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  7. Jim I just think you are not grasping the full definition of the term hate. If it is just an intense dislike, we all agree. It is such a strong word though. If we say we hate someone today and mean it... the person on the receiving end can expect the worst from us. In a very cruel and merciless sense. Is that what anyone imagines God capable of / God wanting us to be consumed with? Especially when He says we must love our enemies.
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  8. But "666" in Hebrew would be written "Tav Resh Samech Vav," or "six hundred sixty-six.

    This line in that article was grasping. Nobody is saying it is written right. It is still 'vav (6) vav (6) vav (6)'. The best support for it not being 666 I would say is them sticking to the 'intention' simply being a 'M' monster scratch.

    'Monster' does go with an energy drink. So I wouldn't be surprised if their intentions were innocent :giggle:.
  9. very informative
  10. KJ Blessings,
    You are right that God has Commanded us to Love our enemies.
    Ephesians 6:12 explains our fight is not with flesh and blood but with wicked spirits and principalities and soforth.

    Matthew and Mark tell us to love our enemies..........

    Enemy here brother is People - Not the devil henceforth Love the person hate the sin.
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  11. I think KingJ told the same thing. We don't hate the people. And we hate evil. What I said is, there is no need to hate the bar owners.
    As far as devil goes, I am not going to spend time whether I should hate him or not hate him. I will simply resist his temptations and not give a darn about him. That is what I should be doing so that I can focus on Jesus and not worry about what I should do with devil
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  12. Amen to that.
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  13. Hello Ravindran,
    Now that makes more sense to me. I think I was reading what you were saying differently then how you meant it. Thank you for taking the time to clear this up with me.
    God Bless
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  14. It is not the job of Christians to change the morality of the land. It is our job to lead people to Christ so that they can be saved and then allow the Holy Spirit to do the work through them.
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  15. Amen! (y)
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  16. Pro 8:13.. The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.

    Psa 97:10 Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.
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