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  1. I am going through a phase of judging myself and others around me. Join me :)!

    Are you a sucky Christian? We think we pass but we actually FAIL at Christianity.

    - If I had to harass and tease you. How long before you smack me? 1 hour, 10 hours = 0/10 Christianity. Jesus is longsuffering.
    - Ever boasted about how you caught and beat up a thief? Had your kickboxing skills pay off = 0/10 Christianity. Jesus says we must give the thief what he took and more.
    - Cursed and insulted someone who crashed their car into yours? 0/10 Christianity. Jesus says your car belongs to Him.
    - Horde all your free time to do what pleases you? Craved vengeance? Refuse to help someone you don't like? = 0/10 Christianity.

    Christianity 101 is laying our lives down for one another. Just as Jesus laid His down. Many of us don't grasp or forget what that means. Laying down our lives = allowing others to trample on us.

    Doing unto others as we want done unto us = If two people are in the desert with one glass of water, the Christian goes thirsty!

    Matt 10:39 Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.

    I fail on many things. I horde my time. I refuse to help bosses I don't like. I want to kill the person who cuts me off on the road. That all = Christianity FAIL.
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  2. I will join!

    the only comfort is, God did not leave salvation at the hand of humans.. Otherwise, we have no hope, do we!!
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  3. Agreed. It is more important that we hate sin / repent as we all sin Rom 7:15. But we must give ourselves a smack! It is so easy to think of sin in terms of nouns like adultery, fornication, stealing and not giving tithe. When Christianity actually demands so much more.
  4. It could also mean that you are a down to earth normal human being trying to do the best he can in a world that is upside down.
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  5. Knowing you don't like this in yourself is the Holy Spirit working on you. Don't give up!
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  6. Lol :). Nah, I am just a semi bad Christian who realizes how far from the mark we all are.
  7. "Living by grace means affirming daily our unworthiness. We are never thankful for what we think we deserve. We are deeply thankful for what we know we don't deserve. When I sense that I'm unworthy - and often I do - I'm sensing the truth. I don't need you to talk me out of my unworthiness. I need you to talk me into humbly setting it before Christ and asking Him to empower me. Yes, I cling to the reality that I'm a new person, covered in Christ's righteousness (2 Corinthians 5:17-21). But the same Paul who told us that also said, "I am less than the least of all God's people" (Ephesians 3:8)." -Randy Alcorn
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  8. My question is there such a thing as one that is good. Jesus Himself asked why He was called good teacher, He replied there is only one who is good and that His Father in heaven.( Mark 10:17-18 ) Romans 3:10 says none are rightous not one. I am thankful for the grace shed upon me for of myself there is nothing good but He who dwells within. We all should be thankful we do not get what we deserve.


    I never knew love so true
    Till I knew love from You
    It is a gift given
    Not for what I do
    It is the gift of grace
    That comes from You
    Thank You
  9. One saint I really admire is a doctor of the Church named St. Teresa of Avila. She was a Spanish Carmelite Nun from the 16th century. She wrote this incredible work called Interior Castle which goes into the subject of knowing one's self, and she writes a lot on humility.


    In it she wrote this...
    We shall never succeed in knowing ourselves unless we seek to know God: let us think of his greatness and then come back to our own baseness; by looking at his purity we shall see our foulness; by meditating upon his humility, we shall see how far we are from being humble.

    It's incredible to think that even in our own pursuits to being humble, we'll never fully reach it because we still struggle to understand the greatness of God.

    She wrote an interesting piece about false-humility (ripping into yourself falsely). For instance, if I played the piano beautifully at a recital and someone said "You did a great job!" to respond, "No, I played horribly" could be false humility (unless I really did play that badly). Bad example, especially since that one is sort of relative, but you get the idea.

    But true humility really does begin with knowing that we're really nothing without God. Our purpose disappears outside of Him. It's why C.S. Lewis said so simply and so clearly, "It is better to forget about yourself altogether."
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  10. Humility is wonderful my brother but beating yourself to death with a stick is something else altogether.


    YOU my brother are a child of the most High God!!!!!

    Look right and follow Christ and you can never ever go wrong in life!!!!

    LIFE may go wrong and your neighbors chicken may chase you up a tree, but God is good and He is on our side!!!!!
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  11. Wonderful statement! I have had some people question conviction of Holy Spirit! How Holy Spirit could make a person feel bad? This was always my response. The conviction of Holy Spirit is not to make us feel bad. But to make us feel good! It shows the pity state we are in, but at the same time the greatness and goodness of God is exhibited. It shows how God can take a person like me and call me "child of God". Shouldn't this blow away everyone's mind? The devil wants our eyes to be shut from this truth. All he wants to do is make us feel bad by showing our shortcomings. What Holy Spirit does is, tell us it's okay because of Jesus took care of everything.
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  12. Im a sucky christian ;

    I don't pray or read as much as i should....

    But i tithe though...

    : /
  13. Beloved....being a Christian has nothing to do with what you do. It is ALL about what Christ did for YOU and how you allow Him to live through you.
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  14. Doesn't Christianity carry out as a mission through the Gospel?
  16. That is what I said in #13.

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