Still, Small Voice (difference Between God's And Satan's Voice)

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  1. God speaks in all sorts of ways. Sometimes He reveals His will to us by an impression. Sometimes He speaks by an inner voice. Sometimes we can hear Him speaking through the voice of a stranger, a friend, the words of a song, a thought from a book, a verse of Scripture.

    Rushed urgings are usually of the enemy. God's Spirit may "hound" you by softly and repeatedly bringing something to mind, but be suspicious of anything that makes you feel driven in any way obsessed. The voice of the Good Shepherd is gentle, familiar sounding and loving. It leaves you a sense of spiritual uplift and rejoicing, never fright (John 10:3-5, 14-16, 27-28).

    Unsure if this is God's voice of the voice of the enemy?

    God's Voice
    • Stills you
    • Leads you
    • Reassures you
    • Enlightens you
    • Encourages you
    • Comforts you
    • Calms you
    • Convicts you
    Satan's Voice
    • Rushes you
    • Pushes you
    • Frightens you
    • Confuses you
    • Discourages you
    • Worries you
    • Obsesses you
    • Condemns you
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  2. Agreed!!!

    And just as importantly: the urgings of God never break the 1o Commandments...there is no such thing with God as "stealing for the good" or lying for God...The End never justifies evil methods....That's Satan's way.
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  3. What does being "convicted" feel like? Seems harsh to me. That's always the part that is tough for me to dicern whether it's Satan or God.
  4. Look at the characteristics spinning listed above and compare that with what the Ten Commandments say. Then you will more easily see the difference....It's not always feelings (rarely is, I find)....It's the principles and attitude the urging comes form.
  5. I'm sorry, could you be more specific? I'm talking about Conviction and the feeling it gives you or what it feels like. You mentioned principles and attitude the urging comes from and that kind of threw me off.
  6. Let's say you feel convicted to leave your job instantly and start preaching on the street.

    If you sensed you were...

    to do this, with no notice to your boss, no counseling with family or friends, no concern about your landlord and no thought for anyone dependent upon you....extremely high chances are, this was not from God.
  7. Convicted is when your can feel your ears turning red.
  8. Don't confuse conviction with guilt. Guilt or confusion produces anger, nausea or heart palpitations, often times.
    Awareness of ones guilt or error does this usually, depending on if the conscience is still tender or numb.

    Heavenly conviction may not produce any physical sensations other than calm reassurance as spinningisfun noted above, and a determination to follow the will of God, not feelings.
  9. You know the 'feeling' tink.....

    Common questions that go through your head:
    Should I be doing this?
    Is this really what God wants me to do?
    I wonder if this is Biblical?

    I know I shouldn't "_________"...
    I want "____________" ,because it "feels so good"!

    "Conviction" is the debate in your conscience; you versus the Holy Spirit (The whole devil on one shoulder-angel on the other-AND YOU AIN"T THE ANGEL! And sometimes the devil truly is the devil.)

    Cultivate a 'Spirit of Discernment' by absorbing the Word and applying to your life.

    An old Indian saying (paraphrased): 'There are two dogs in my head; one good dog and one bad dog. The one that wins is the one I feed the most.' FEED the Holy Spirit, grow in wisdom that is from the Lord-consume the Word. John 6:31-67

    To be blunt-you KNOW when you are wrong-usually after the fact...because you didn't want to listen to the Spirit of Truth. That's our own selfish pride that we have to learn to get out of the way...
  10. When it's conviction from the Father, there's no condemnation. You don't feel guilty. However, if God does convict you, Satan will attempt to make you feel guilty because of it. But that's when rebuking the devil is beneficial.

    God convicts me in a gentle voice, but yet stern. And I feel no guilt. He could call me out or correct me of something very serious, but I would feel no guilt.
  11. Xspin is correct...When the Holy Spirit convicts its not a like how a criminal is convicted with judgement and punishment but rather with love and a gentle revealing, which in-turn makes you want to change for the better. Again only by and with the help of the Holy Spirit :)

    Hope that helps
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  12. Dear Lifeasweknowit,
    after all I came to the conclusion that I can be sure that God speaks to my heart when that what He says is love. God is love, so His enemy must be the opposite. Thus, whatever I feel urged to do is either selfish or pure love.
    The picture I chose for my avatar describes Jesus' love. Whenever I have to decide what I have to do, I imagine to be in His arms and asking Him what He thinks is loving.
    And as Jesus told us the golden rule, i.e. to do others the same as we would like them to do to us, I think most decisions can be made according to God's will, if we just ask ourselves what we would have liked another person to do for us.
    Sometimes love can push me to act quickly, because otherwise an opportunity to show love might be gone. In those cases I have to rush, because there is only time to quickly ask myself if I would like to be treated in that way or the other.
    Our heart can cheat us, and feelings are not always trustworthy. But the simple hint that Jesus told us, namely to ask ourselves how we would like others to do on us, really helps me to decide whether a thought is from God or not.
    That's just how I try to listen to God.
    May He bless you. little flower
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  13. I'd agree that "correction" can sometimes be gentle. On occasion we can just have a better thought that just persuades us previous thinking was wrong on something.

    Satan can be "encourager" though. I'm so lousy at explaining this but maybe one way to look at it would be a narrow path, one side is a cliff that drops away to self destruction and negative thoughts. The other side is full of temptations and encouragements and it does not matter to Satan which side we fall off. He knows we can fall for example by our inflated egos or perhaps the desire for a tasty fruit just as well as we can say have a negative thought. I fall off both sides to often...

    Please Jesus teach me (and perhaps others) to stay on your narrow path.
  14. Conviction, at least in a court of law, means that you are guilty of having done wrong. Condemnation means you have been sentenced. Usually, the term condemnation is used in a death sentence.

    In Christian parlance, conviction is a good thing in that you become aware that you either have done something you shouldn't, or haven't done something you should, with the object that you will change (repent). Condemnation is the contrasting idea in that you are judged not only guilty, but irredeemable and deserve nothing but misery and eventual death.

    Conviction says: you need to change what you're doing.
    Condemnation says: you are bad and need to be punished.
  15. Im hearing God better :) and his words are really assuring...and I agree satan's are just messed up.. I usu think it's me but I kno it's him.
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  16. I love hearing this!!!!!!!!! :D
  17. I wouldn't be too sure there Rusto.
    How do you explain in the bible where God tells people to pick up sword, and fight and kill other people? Not naming any chapters because he does this at least a few times, whilst isnt killing a sin?
  18. that is a good word!
  19. A more proper translation of the Commandment is "You shall not murder."
  20. So its not murder if God tells you to do it? Try telling them that down at the police station XD

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