St. Maximilian Kolbe

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  1. I know I'm the only Catholic on this forum, but being both Catholic and Jewish, and since today is August 14th, I thought it would be appropriate to share this.

    Today is the feast day of St. Maximilian Kolbe--a Franciscan priest who protected thousands of Jews. After being caught and sent to Auschwitz, he offered himself to be killed in order to save another prisoner who had a wife and kids. His bravery was only possible through God's grace and love--something all of us Christians, regardless of doctrine, should remember to look to.

  2. No...You are NOT the "only Catholic"....We have pointed out our old member Glomung.

    I study WWII intensely, as my father-in-law was a long term POW, my uncle died in the Berlin airlift, and I speak German and have been to concentration camps.

    Christians need to understand that there were very brave folks during this time, of all religious persuasions: I doubt many here have ever heard of this:

    I been to many "hiding places" in Holland for Jews, JWs and Adventists....No one sect was greater than another...not by a long shot.

    It's funny how we gravitate to "martyrs" of our on sect during WWII, and know nothing of others just as courageous.
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  3. Indeed, I know of this story. Thanks for sharing it--it's a very important one.

    I was only bringing light to the story of St. Maximilian Kolbe because yesterday was his feast day. By no means am I downplaying the other stories.

    I think Glomung said he was more Orthodoxy, but of course that doesn't mean he wasn't baptized a Catholic--but I digress.
  4. A war time environment is the perfect setting for God to crack hard hearts and expose hypocritical followers. If non-Christians do selfless deeds, God cracked their heart and we will soon find them at a Christian church or in heaven.

    Lysander, thanks for sharing about Maximilian, I had never heard of him. As a Catholic who loves Jesus, you are still a brother, don't feel 'out' :love:. Its fine to respect saints and even the pope. They all good men of God, our brothers and sisters.

    I knew a guy who had an uncle in WW2. He was a well known journalist who had helped a few Jews escape Germany.
  5. Thanks, friend :) Haha, I've only felt welcome here.

    That's pretty fascinating. Do you know the journalist's name?
  6. I just recall the surname, Cox.
  7. Ah, OK. Very excellent. I remember my gran'dad (a WWII vet himself) telling me when I was little about how there were a number of journalists, along with other folks, who really had no expectation to get involved in helping Jews escape. Extreme cases like that make you stop and realize there are more important things to be done.
  8. Upon reading the Rise and Fall of the Third Riech, and then seeing the horrors on TV specials after hearing my father's accounts, the amount of blood lust hatred shown by the Germans to the Jews is just overwhelming.

    My father was one of the men in company C that were the first into the Bergen-Belsen camp in April 1945.

    It was at first unbelievable and I was not able to understand it. It is only after being in the Army, and growing older and having some education that I can now grasp what took place.

    Thanks for the reminder my brother.
  9. God bless you, friend.
  10. 1. No one was suggesting you were "downplaying" anything. No need to be defensive! My comments were about folks only promoting "heroes" of their own sect or culture, and few know of folks of other denominations or cultures.

    2. No....Glomung is his posts, PM and ask. He just likes Orthodox teachings to...not a crime. I as a Protestant also like a certain number of their ideas and doctrines.
  11. Yes...There are countless stories of bravery in prisons and in hiding Jews, downed Allied pilots, partisan protection and Spanish mule drivers who smuggled escapees through the mountains.

    And then there is this from Guidepost Magazine (Christian):

  12. I am part of the catholic church as well Lysander, and although NOT a Jew by birth, I like to think I am one by rebirth. However, the Bible does say there is no longer Jew or Gentile IN Christ.

    You want to see something very interesting read the following:
    I saw his documentary last week and it is extremely sad how he has been treated by his OWN people. Clearly the state of Israel would rather repatriate unbelieving Jews then those who believe in Jesus.

    FYI, I spent a good deal of my working life, working for companies owned by Jews. I believe they were blessed though me and I through them.

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