So, I got prophesied over!

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  1. Wow - so I had like a 6-7 minute word spoken over me. They recorded it and sending it to me. I went to a church service with my friend last night. And there were prophetic words spoken over after the service. I went up.

    I'm going to be well known and I'm going to be a spokesperson for Jesus, for His kingdom. A lady saw a vision of me - I'm on a stage with a camera, with a microphone, and just reporting the latest. (Meaning I'm reporting the latest on God.).

    A girl, who was 13, also had a gift of prophecy and said that she saw me in a sparkly dress walking around. And she said people were drawn to me, that I was the person that people liked. Everywhere I go, I put a smile on people's faces.

    I'm going to be putting a lot of self-value in people (from what God has told me other times, it's going to be women. But the word last night didn't say anything about women, but I know God wants me to work with women!). I'm going to be sharing what God thinks of people.

    Oh, I'm so excited <3 <3 <3 <3

    God has placed desires in my heart that I would be speaking to people around the world. It's never been confirmed until last night =] =] =]

    And God has given me literal dreams when I fall asleep. The dreams always consist of me speaking on a stage with a microphone :)
  2. So you may see me one day, InHisLOVE :)
  3. That would truly be


    :D :D :D

  4. Hi Spinning,

    I don't want to put a dampener on your excitement - and I might be telling you what you already know anyway - but you need to understand that when God gives a word like that, there is a waiting period before it comes to pass. Often, before it does, God will take you into a time of training and breaking - the more God has called us to, the more He needs to break us so that we don't get in the way of what He wants to do through us. This means that sometimes, when we receive a word like this, it is followed by a time when everything in our lives seems to go wrong. I am not prophesying that over you or wishing it on you, but I just want you to be prepared so that if it does happen you won't be caught off guard and discouraged by it. If it does happen, just recognize it as part of the process of God bringing you to where He wants you to be. Embrace it and yield to the Holy Spirit in it, and He will bring you through.


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  5. There is no doubt that you are meant to do great things in the name of Christ to increase the Kingdom. Be wary of temptation and self, for when the darkness rises, you must seek the light that comes only from the love of Christ.
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  6. I willl just add be very alert and put your spiritual armour on! 'Satan' will be out to stop you before you get started. It is also easy to get caught up in self and flesh and start to jump the gun or just do things for ones own pleasure and self importance, just be aware of your position in life and that it should all be for the Glory of God and work for the kingdom . OH and be patient, I have this message given to me many times. Just look to the Bible and see how long various servants of God have had to wait and prepare before things can take place and move on.

    If you are not up on that stage with a microphone and sparkly dress in 5 years time, dont be despondent, seek the Lord and his council ling, it maybe you need 10 years to preprare for this. Do not become downheartened or discouraged if this is the case, being human and especailly in this 'we must have everything now' culture, it is easy to be impatient over long periods of time.
  7. May God grant you discernment, insight, wisdom, courage, perseverance, strength, and joy in all that He has for you to do. Be faithful and, no matter what your eyes see, you will reap your reward.
  8. Hey Lynn - I totally agree with what you said. Don't worry if you offend me. If you do, I'll get over it soon :)
    But no, I totally agree with what you said. I'm still going to be excited, however. But I do know that God has some things to change about me. But one of the biggest myths about going into the ministry is this: You need to be perfect. Even Jesus told us that no one is GOOD except for God in Matthew.

    Definitely :)

    Yeah I know
  9. :) It seems to me, you are already doing that, dear.
  10. Lol, I'm not well-known just yet lol
  11. very good news! :)

    to God everything is possible

    keep walking in faith! God never fails :)
  12. This is already true, everyone likes you and you make us smile...
  13. You are well known HERE Katie. it is the beginning of discipleship for you. I am excited very much for you also dear. YOU GO GIRL!! god Bless you

    Uncle Chili
  14. My dear Sister,

    First I love your attitude, the way that you responded to the Sister warning you of trials ahead speaks volumes, you showed humility by not being offended, wisdom to accept the truth in her words, courage because you refuse to be deterred from the path God has set for you and the joy of serving god radiates from your very words!

    Stay in the word, pray constantly, be obedient at ALL times, trials will come, that's why Jesus told us we must carry our cross daily, but if you keep your attitude (your attitude can determine your altitude), faith and joy, YOU will overcome .

    I look forward to your ministry and pray that he will make you a blessed vessel indeed.

    God be praised and may he bless you always.
  15. Amen to that Horace!!!

    Amen to that!!!
  16. Hi Spinning - I agree totally with Horace. And yes, it's fine to be excited ... serving the Lord is the most exciting life there is!


  19. I don't blame you for being excitedI got the same message quite a few years ago. Don't be discouraged if you think everyting is going wrong. God does test us to see if we can hold up . I am discouraged now because I want to post "Commissioned to write on the web. I just turned 80 years old. I forget how to do things once in awhile. Many are surprised I can even use a computer. They say most people over 50 can't.

    The only thing I can think of to do is just type it as I go. Takes longer but I did it before.


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