Sleep paralysis AGAIN!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Flavio, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. I believe I experienced sleep paralysis last night and it was very disturbing.

    It was the third time it happened to me and this one was probably the most vivid of them all.

    I was sleeping on my stomach and I was woken by 'something' that stepped on my bed. I couldn't see what it was but it was so real that my matress went down with the weight. I was paralysed and terrified and I immediately knew it was an evil presence.

    I tried to call out to God but I could hardly say a word. I tried and tried again and I was finally able to say the name of JESUS. As soon as I did, the presence left, the mattress went back up and I was able to move again.

    I know this sounds strange but I felt terror and joy at the same time. I felt my bones frozen with sheer terror, it was very physical. But I also felt joy, relief and complete confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ, who had protected me once again. Believe me, there is power in His Holy Name!

    I don't know if this is 'technically' sleep paralysis but I'm pretty sure it was not just a nightmare. I was awake and cognizant and I know this was real.
  2. I've had something similar but not in a while.

    The way its gone with me is that I am dreaming (could be about anything) and at some point within the dream, I become aware that I am dreaming and that I need to wake up. What has followed is a feeling that some evil force is holding me down in my dream. I try to move but I can't. I try to call for help but I can't - at least not most of the time. I have come out of these things with my final scream being heard by others.

    My feeling remains that it was something demonic but medical science would probably offer a different explanation. Either way, I'm afraid I can't offer any suggestions as to why it hasn't happened to me in a few years.

    I do know these sort of things can be quite frightening though.
  3. Yep...years ago I had several of the same experiences. The world calls it sleep paralysis, but it is a demonic attack. In my case, there were demonic forces attacking my children, and I was a strong adversary against them because of Christ, so they wanted to "get" me. Being persistent in calling on the name of the Lord, searching one's heart for any gateway for these creatures to enter one's life and close them up will work well to shut them out for good.
  4. Maybe there's a sin that you have not repented of. Or you are just a big threat to the demons and satan. In the latter, I would be happy to know that I am that close to the Lord, and that I have His protection over me.
  5. Awesome!!! You're in spiritual warfare bootcamp! Been there done that, got the t-shirt :) Keep going! Praise Jesus!
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  6. Many people refuse to talk about it, or even give the idea credit, but demons are very real.

    Call on Jesus and rest in His power, but do not rejoice in the idea that you have dealt with them.
    We cannot fight them wth our own power.
    Only Jesus can.
    His power is supreme and His name is the one they bow to.
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  7. To be honest I'm sure everyone has experienced some form of sleep paralysis
  8. I don't think everyone experiences this.
  9. The same thing happened to me several years ago except the weight was so heavy that it broke 4 of my ribs. Thankfully Jesus saved me.
  10. Your ribs were actually broken?
  11. Yes! I had to go to the hospital. They did not believe me either.
  12. Sorry for that.
  13. Pray before you go to bed and also, perhaps some housecleaning is in order..cast those demons out.

    Ive had that before as well. If you have any occult items in your home get rid of them.
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  14. Amen! Also @Flavio take some olive oil and set it aside, pray a blessing of it, and go around your house and anoint it with the separated oil, praising God as you go.
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  15. I've only experienced it twice, many years ago - the first time I was unable to move for 1/2 hour (the clock was in eyesight) it was scary but I knew about sleep paralysis and nothing else happened other than feeling like another presence was in the room. The 2nd time was demonic and terrifying. God saved me. But none since. I pray before sleep asking that Yeshua protect me and my dreams from evil.
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  16. You are doing something right. Demons only do things that obvious when you have really irked them (their greatest asset being anonymity).
    As others have said, pray before bedtime and get rid of any questionable objects you may have laying around.
    And whatever you are doing right, do more of it. Don't worry about what they "might do", it's all show and bluster, no matter how terrifying
    it may seem at the time. They can do no more than Christ allows.
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  17. So when this happened to you guys, you didn't pray before you slept?
  18. LA Marzulli has a saying, "Rebuke and ask questions later". If you can't speak - think it. On your own, you can do nothing - only in Christ is protection. And don't look for trouble.
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  19. The first time - no. The 2nd time, I was never asleep and prayed mighty hard when I realized what was happening.
  20. Well everyone here commenting has and both my parents who aren't Christian have as well. So imo, I think its quite common...
    As others stated, its good to pray before bed.

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