Shock and Awe

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  1. That is a really impressive weapon. I like to watch future weapons but I hate the way the hosotpeats himself constantly- over and over and over-:eek:
  2. Big deal! The gattling gun was invented back in the 1800's. All they've done is maybe improve on it.
  3. Wow, funny I was watching videos last night on youtube about miniguns, and I thought how awesome it would be to just fire a minigun.
  4. War will sadly be with us till Christ returns. If you are going to be in the military or send your people in harms way it is good to have the best technology available.
  5. That is SWEET!!

    Where can I pick one up?

    I'm a big fan of the .762 in my opinion it is close to the perfect weapon.
    Ammunition is very inexpensive, I pay around $200.00 per 1,000 rounds. or .40 cents per shell.

    They are very light weight and highly accurate. I can usually put two in the same hole at 300 yards. Very little recoil so they are perfect for women and young people.

    They are the ultimate for target shooting, hunting, and even home protection.

    I don't have a "full-auto" permit, but if I could get something like this, I may consider applying for one. But at 3,000 rounds per minute, (50 per second) it would be very cost prohibitive to play with.

    ......I suppose if I ever need to cut a barn door in half real fast, this would be the perfect tool for the job! :D

    Great video.
  6. Biblically war is not murder unless you have a proof text hiding somewhere?
  7. I would love to shoot one of those at least once myself !
  8. Vex; IN all fairness, I mentioned many ways that this device can be used and I don't believe that "mass-murder" was on my list.

    Are you open to the possibility that firearms are useful on many levels and not necessarily all bad or evil?

    Now, obviously this gun was designed for a massive impact, but it also carries a "shock" factor.

    That is to say that it is a great deterrant! Thus it can save many lives.

    As far as the .762 goes, it is a mangnificent multi-purpouse device that like all blessings can be used for good as well as evil. I own several, and spend a great deal of time enjoying them and bonding with my family with them.

    Currently, I am delighting in the fact that my electrical power is supplied by a nuclear reactor.

    That is not the same thing as delighting on nuclear energy being used as a weapon af mass destruction. :)
  9. I like Dillons statement, "the gatling gun started life specifically as an airial weapon". I wonder whether the confederates had an air force, or just the North:).

    But then I guess if these military types knew much about history they wouldn't be so optimistic whenever they start a new war.

    It's too bad we have to rely on them, at least until the Prince of Peace comes.
  10. I think he should have said the modern Gatling gun started as a areal weapon.
  11. I would love to have one of those and 400,000 rounds of ammo
  12. think you could take out a herd of elk in about 2 seconds... can you say BBQ? lol
  13. I'd like to know how they keep the barrels from melting. With a device like that I think I would go into the logging business. Who needs a chain saw? Just drag them out and drop um in the plume.

    In the military I had two weeks of train fire in 1964. The army was using the M-14 back then, which I fell in love with despite the fact that I was not a gun person. Wish I could have one now. They make a copy in Canada, but automatic weapons are illegal here in the USA.

    I was shocked to discover that I could continually drop a target at 300 meters. The target was about 1/3 the width of the front sight blade. After basic training, I could never believe the scripts written by Hollywood about the firing of rifles. A person with a rifle just doesn't miss and the hero who outshoots a rifle with a pistol is simply unrealistic.

    I also found it interesting that the snipers today use modified M-14's because of the heavier bore. In fact about 22 percent of military people would prefer a heavier bore over the M-16. Must be something political going on when it comes to procurement. I remember all of the problems they had with the M-16 when it was first issued.

    Larry II
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  15. I was watching a program, I think on the military channel, about modern snipers.

    These men and women were firing at a range of over 2 1/2 miles.
    I have never attempted to fire at a distance like that.
    They have to take not only rise and drop into consideration, but the wind may be blowing to the right, for the first 3/4 mile, and in the opposite direction, or not at all the remainder.

    The spotters are critical in helping the shooter determine the best scope settings.

    It is really amazing how much training and dedication it takes to accomplish a task like that.

    Most people just think you put the cross hairs on the target and pull the trigger and fail to appreciate exactly how much skill is involved.

    I was wondering about that too. My AR gets hot after 20 rounds with a pause between each. From the video, I don't see any sort of a cooling mechanism.
  16. I think I saw that program too. I was quoting a recent article in our local newspaper. I also remember seeing a program on TV about a famous battle that was lost against the indians. There was a real puzzle as to why bows and arrows won over rifles. After surveying the battlefield and collecting a lot of metal fragments they determined that the problem was that the rifle barrels got hot after several rounds were fired and the guns were jamming. A skilled archer can get a lot of shots off in a minute with a bow and arrow. I saw Howard Hill shoot years ago and it was fabulous what he could do. Wish I could remember the battle - maybe it will come to me.
  17. It would seem that the rotation of the 6 barrels at rapid speed through the air would might with cooling. That and we do not know what those barrels are made of.
  18. Today we are able to take a solit shaft of steel and tap out a rifled bore.

    Earlier rifles used a method whereby a piece of steel was wound around a solid rod. (Like a barber pole)
    The outside would get forged smooth and the result was rifling on the inside bore.

    It was fairly effective but not nearly as strong and exploding barrels were much much more common. :eek:

    Looking at this video, this weapon has to be air cooled. I imagine that the shape acts like cooling fins while spinning.
    I'd sure like to get a close up look at one myself. :D

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