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  1. I'm a senior and I've been an RA (Resident Assistant) at my college for the past year. We went through some intense RA training this past week. Eight hours of sitting, taking notes, retaining all the information, etc. Definitely exhausting, but totally worth it. My boss continued to say throughout throughout the day, "Let's raise the standard. Let's raise the bar." And it really stuck out to me.

    Last semester was pretty tough for me. I'm going to be honest, I failed my hall and my girls in some ways. My devotional life wasn't good, I started becoming "lukewarm" in my job, in my classes, around campus, and even with my walk with God. It got really bad. I was skipping chapel (which is required to attend at our school), I was making excuses for my everyday life, I was angry, I was depressed, and so much more.

    How could I expect my girls to follow the rules when their RA wasn't?

    We are here to lead by example. Sure, we can say all this stuff, but if our actions aren't backing up our words, then our word are in vain. Let's be honest. If you see a person who says that they are so nice and so happy with their life, but their walk shows differently, no one's going to take their words seriously.

    In order to raise the standard and to raise the bar, we have to think of others as higher than ourselves. We have five core guidelines that we follow as students at our Bible school: 1) Honor Jesus in everything, 2) To honor others above myself, 3) To live above reproach - hating what is evil, embracing what is good; 4) To do everything in my life as unto the Lord, not men, and 5) To serve others.

    It's so easy to do what we want. Even if it affects others. Media tells us that it's about us. Society can be very self-centered. We think about ourselves more than we think of others. Even I struggle with that! You have no idea how many times I think about my feelings, or situations that arise in my life, or what I have to do tomorrow or today. However, if we don't respect others because of their values, that's not honoring them.If someone doesn't like nonchristian music and they're riding with people in the car and they are listening to it and aren't going to change it because one person doesn't like it, what is that saying about us?

    Raising the standard and raising the bar is about being an example of Christ. Sure, we mess up at times, but that's when God's grace comes in. He gives us second chances. You may be the only example of Christ that people see, so raise the standard. Stop talking about wanting to be an example, but let your actions be the example as well. Lead by example. That's all you gotta do. Think of others above yourself. Be an example of Christ.
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  2. Excellent thoughts.
  3. Thanks I needed to hear that

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