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  1. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled."

    If I witness someone in public doing something unrighteous, would it be wrong for me to make them comply with righteousness?

    Example 1:
    Woman being raped in alley. Do you stop it?

    Example 2: People using foul language at a kids play ground. Do you stop it?

    Example 3: People using foul language at a bar. Do you stop it?

    Example 4: Two gay guys making out in public at a family event. Another man says I'm going to teach them a lesson and knock some sense into them. Do you stop him, or help him? What would be the righteous move in this situation? (Keeping in mind Jesus and Nehemiah got physically righteous with folks)

    Example 5: You see a lady stealing bread from grocery store. Then walk to a car with kids inside it. Do you snitch on her?

    Example 6: You find out your best friend is cheating on his wife. Do you tell the wife?
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    Lots of scenarios! 1) If I was just walking around near an alley (don't know when i'd ever do that) i'd call 911 first then grab a pipe or rock or anything I could in case the guy tried to attack me and start screaming "RAPE!" at the top of my lungs and that I called the cops. Hopefully that would be enough to scare him off. 2) I'd definitely mention it to them and politely ask them if they could stop. 3) No that's their business, what are you doing in a bar anyways that's asking for trouble. 4) Um, that's assault. I would try to calm down the guy wanting to get into a fight and confront the couple and tell them they were bothering others. 5) I don't know how I would know she had stolen if she was already outside the store so this hypothetical scenario doesn't really make sense. If I saw her stealing bread in the store I wouldn't wait until she was out of the store before confronting her. 6) I'd probably never be friends with someone who was that dirty of a person, but if that happened i'd definitely rebuke him and tell the wife, she has a right to know.
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  3. Example 1 is a no brainer. You should help the woman.
    Example 2 You should ask the foul mouths to respect that kids are listening.
    Example 3 You shouldn't say anything because that's what they do there and why would you be there anyway listening to it?
    Example 4 You shouldn't use violence. You should ask them to act respectful to others and cut it out.
    Example 5 You should confront the woman and inform her that she shouldn't steal. You may want to offer assistance if the family is in need. Invite them to church also.
    Example 6 You should set your friend right on this. Make him feel the conviction of his sin and encourage repentance. I would probably not tell the wife. I would give him an opportunity to make a change.
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  4. We had mostly the same answers.
  5. Not all bars have pirates and thugs in them :) I was in a bar at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. I didn't have any drinks there, but the food was really good. There was also families and kids at this bar too, and it was 9pm at night. Here is what it look like inside:
    I mention the bar scene for the scenario so you get the idea that people are drinking. So if people are drinking would you less likely stop them from cussing if you know they are under the influence. The scenario could be any other place that includes alcohol, Chipotle, Apple Bees, Fridays, I think theaters in Texas serve alcohol… You pick the place.

    #4 - Yes it is assault depending on what country you are in. Maybe if you are in the middle east and you try to stop them from beating the gay guys, they will assume you are gay too, and attack you.

    #5 - If you were leaving the store around the same time as her, and you clearly saw her not pay.

    #6 - Some of the least likely people you think would do something bad, do something bad. I just read an article the other day about a pastor that was arrested for allegedly being apart of a ring of prostitution. He was also married.
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  6. Yes, very interesting. For the most part you guys did have similar answers. Except one of you would tell the wife, and one of you would not. I think the wife would have a right to know, but I wonder if it is my place to tell her. I'm still undecided on this one.
  7. Also, why in one situation you guys would tell people to stop using foul language, and in another you would not? Is using foul language unrighteous or is it not? Just trying to find the consistency in your answers :)
  8. That is a nice bar! I was thinking of biker bars, etc... lol. If they were like belligerent drunks cursing loudly i'd bring it up with a manager, though i'm sure that the staff at the restaurant wouldn't even need me to bring it up. Really it just depends how loud the people drinking are and who is hearing them. It's not like I personally can't ignore them, but if little kids were listening in i'd probably figure their parents would talk to the people cursing or talk to a manager, i honestly might not even need to do anything.

    4) Yeah, I mean again I highly doubt i'm ever going to Saudi Arabia or anything where that is a possibility but if I could do something without getting myself killed i'd probably try.

    5) Oh ok, yeah i'd still confront her. I think ASUK said it perfectly.

    6) Wow that's crazy!
  9. Yeah it doesn't change the fact that foul language is unrighteous, it just seems pointless to tell a grown man to stop using foul language in a bar. I don't see any good coming from it, but it all depends on the situation and the vibes I was getting. It seems like telling a couple of drunks to stop cursing might cause trouble though.
  10. Yeah, me personally I really hate hearing people cuss in public. And I was trying to think when is it okay for me to say something. I remember hearing this pastor by the name of Paul Washer tell a story about when he first become a Christian, and he heard some guys cussing at the gym and told them something. I wish I could remember the story.

    4- LOL @ Saudi

    5 - Asuk mentioned he would confront the woman and tell her she shouldn't steal. I'm not sure how much that would help, because I'm sure anyone who steals knows they shouldn't steal. Offering assistance sounds like a nice gesture, that I agree would be good, and so does the invitation to the church. The question however was, would you snitch on her? The store is losing money because of this lady, so she should be arrested and brought to justice, right?
  11. So your safety factors in when standing up to unrighteousness? Not trying to argue, just wanting to have a thought provoking discussion :)
  12. 5) I understand what you're saying and honestly idk if it would be right of me to let her off the hook or not, but i don't think i would tell.
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    Here is my thought process. If I tell the wife then the marriage will probably be over. However if I don't tell her and the friend repents he can possibly save his marriage and tell her what he did in their own privacy.

    If the friend doesn't intend on stopping the sinful adulterous lifestyle then the marriage is actually over anyway so telling the wife would be doing her a favor.

    So it really depends on the situation. You want to make the choice that has the best chance of preserving the marriage.
  14. It makes me sound like a coward lol. I get the question though, I know your not trying to start anything. Yeah I guess I don't really want to put myself in a situation where I don't feel like anyone would benefit and i might be putting myself in danger.
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  15. True. It is a hard hypothetical situation to deal with, I see your side of the argument. I'd actually seriously have to contemplate whether i'd tell the wife or not. I'd probably end up going to a pastor and praying about it and posting it on CFS ;)
  16. Yeah its interesting to me. What I'm thinking about is sometimes situations will be dangerous, but will we still be ready to stand up for righteousness anyways? The bar scenario might be kind of a weak scenario. I gotta think of a better one.
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  18. Most stores will not press charges and prosecute over a loaf of bread. It costs more money in legal fees then what the bread costs.

    I actually witnessed someone not pay for something the had on the bottom of the shopping cart a couple of months ago in Walmart. After they payed for what was in the basket they left. I told the cashier about it and she told me that they are not supposed to say anything to the customer if they are stealing small things.

    I also know people that work for Lowe's home improvement and they are not supposed to say anything to a thief if the merchandise is under $200 in value.

    So the best thing to do is let Jesus bear down some conviction in their hearts.
  19. Where I am from, I believe they will prosecute over even a piece of gum. So I guess it does depend on the area. I know at Starbucks, they're not allowed to stop someone who is stealing, but are required to call the cops.

    How about this scenario. You witness a big huge thug, with a doo-rag on, and his pants sagging take money from a blind homeless guy, and you are in an area where your phone gets no service.
  20. Oh man you have quite the imagination haha.

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