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  1. I once had a great opportunity. I put in a proposal, prayed hard and waited for the response. I kept praying and praying but there was no response. The opportunity was lost. It was hard not to get frustrated at God! I asked myself, did God reject me?

    In Gen 4 we read the story of Cain and Abel. It is a story of the effects of sin upon Cain, who was the first person born under sin. Cain gives an offering, but it is just ‘some’ of what he can give. We find in 4:5 that God had no regard for Cain’s offering and so Cain got angry.

    It is hard to strike out against God. So where did Cain strike? He struck out against his brother. Sin wants to bring in division between people and the easiest target is the person with whom Cain is closest – his brother. The result is that the relationship is destroyed. Sin used Cain’s feeling of rejection from God left him isolated.

    It makes me wonder if I ever feel rejected by God. Perhaps it is when I pray for something and God doesn’t answer me in the way I want, in the time frame I want. Perhaps it is when I feel rejected by others who are part of God’s people.

    It also makes me wonder what I do with that rejection. Do I hit out at those who are close to me? Do I realise what is going on? Or do I resolve it and return to an inner state of peace?

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  2. We should not let anything take away our peace.
  3. First, we need to remember that God is rejecting the sin that is in us, not you or I personally. He takes joy in us when we follow His way and do what is right.
    Now on answered prayer, this issue is one of the most difficult. Our understanding of God is very limited. And why He does answer or seem to not answer frustrates us. One concept I can give is when you pray to be given an answer or to be led on the right decision, He may answer you through means you may not be aware of, often through other people in your life. Also, we need to know that He may want us to make a decision every now and then for our own growth. This is shown in the Cain and Able story. Cain and Able were allowed the decision of what to offer God. They chose from what was in their heart. Instead of growing spiritually and learning, Cain let sin creep into his heart. So we must be aware of the decisions God gives us to make, and on guard against sin when we fail to please God. Take a lesson from David. When he messed up, and he messed up royally :), he accepted blame and was quick to repent and ask forgiveness. He was a man after God's heart.
  4. "First, we need to remember that God is rejecting the sin that is in us, not you or I personally."

    I humbly disagree with this, but I like the last part of your post.
  5. Ontoxenos
    Devotional reflections on the word from the perspective of being a stranger in this world

    Are YOU a stranger in this world or are you the author of the blog you linked?

    What YOU want is not what God wants for you my friend.
  6. Well, I have been sharing this personal testimony at many threads now.. Me and my wife have gone through some troubling times.. Nothing compared to what Job would have endured! This is like a mustard seed.. We have faced 2 miscarriages.. Back to back.. One last year and one last month.. It is devastating.. Did we feel like our prayers were not answered? Yes, the flesh was kindling all kind of doubts.. The truth is, we do not know what we want.. We look at victory (or answers) with short term visibility.. God looks at eternity.. He is worried about our soul than anything else.. What might look like unanswered prayer, could actually be an actual prayer.. Because He knew it is not good for us..

    It goes back to how much we are surrendering to Him and His will.. Rather than wanted the things to be the way we want or letting Him take control in everything..
  7. Scripture says, we ask anything according to the Will of God, we have confidence that He hears us. If he hears us, then we have the Petitions WE DESIRE.

    There should never be prayer failure, never. If there is, then we went crosswise with scripture without understanding. This can be fixed of course as we learn more.

    It's pride to say God did not want to, or it was not his will. Pride says that, when in reality God told us how to get our answer, and not be ignorant of his will. It's not God's fault we don't know his will on something. He offered wisdom to each that ask, and does not hold it back. We must ask in faith, nothing wavering though. Asking more than once is a good indication of wavering because the flesh does not like to wait, or is patient and worry takes over when worry should have no place. If you find yourself asking again out of concern, then you have blown it already. I have never known God to be late, or not perform his Word. We need to do it the way he said though, not according to our understanding.

    Jesus said........... Mark 11:24-25

    Never go do something, then ask the Lord to just bless it. That means buying houses, marriage, getting a car, Business deals, Jobs, EVERYTHING. All Marriages could be great this way, all business deals go super fine, and all cars run great. Get direction on everything before doing. Without God's will known, then we stay put. I can't stress this enough.

    If you ask the Lord and don't hear anything, then don't mess with it. Business deals included, as I have to hear first, then do. Only ask once, and settle it. Remember Balaam.................. You will hear what you want to hear by constantly asking.

    At all cost, avoid those by thy will prayers. There is no scriptural bases at all for these types of prayers. Be thy will prayer means we admit to being clueless about God's will. Remember, Jesus prayed that and was not clueless about God's will at all.

    The will of God determines the outcome, not the outcome that determines the will of God. The disciples learned this, remember?
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