Rebuking Satan?

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  1. What do you do or say to rebuke him? Do you ever annoint things like your house or the things in it, etc? Do you feel annointing things works for you?
  2. Well, I try not to focus on enemy.. My rebukes are not too harsh! :D LOL! But they are super effective.. Because I try to focus more on praising and glorifying Lord.. I think that is the best rebuke to satan.. When he sees us truly praising Lord, from the bottom of our heart, there is no better rebuke to him..
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  3. If I ever meet Satan I'll rebuke him. But as of yet I have never seen him.
  4. Circle back around to Jude 1:9
    What's the deal with that you say?
    Well... Remember that Satan is the "Accuser of the Brethren" - and he does have access to Heaven... He stands day and night before the throne of God accusing us..... Wouldn't he love some juicy "Claim of False Accusation against YOU"

    Realize that YOU do not have the power to Rebuke Satan on your own.... You must ask the Lord to do it for you....

    Personally - I go with Prayer and fasting.. but that's just me....
    Matt 17:14 - 21

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  5. Anything done without faith is just dead works. I have anointed my house with oil when I move into a new place as a symbol that the Holy Spirit is in charge as a testament to His power. But if I did it without a deep personal unction it becomes meaningless and just a dead religious ritual.

    Use only the word of God when you have to confront the devil, it's all Jesus did. To get rid of the devil, just resist him.

    James 4:7 (KJV)
    Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
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  6. I don't think Satan is omnipresent, so I think he would only focus on the most powerful people on earth. If I did come in contact with him though, I'd probably request he leave by the authority of Christ.
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  7. Scripture states emphatically that the enemy can ONLY operate by the will of God.

    Unless God allows it, they cannot do anything.

    Just as it was a test of Job and Jesus, so it is a test from God and we should answer as did both of the former.

    Not lose faith to the adversary. Stay strong, hold the commandments.
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  8. Like Ravindran said ,I think many awe by the fact a believer has power over the enemy, when one, the only power we have comes from Jesus and two, its much better to rejoice as citizens of heaven than make a big whoop over authority over evil entities.

    In the words of Therese of Lisieux:
  9. In the words of Therese of Lisieux:

    "On each fresh occasion of combat, when the enemy desires to challenge me, I conduct myself valiantly: knowing that to fight a duel is an unworthy act, I turn my back upon the adversary without ever looking him in the face; then I run to my Jesus and tell Him I am ready to shed every drop of blood in testimony of my belief that there is a Heaven, I tell Him I am glad to be unable to contemplate, while on earth, with the eyes of the soul, the beautiful Heaven that awaits me so He will deign to open it for eternity to poor unbelievers."

    she had the right attitude, total surrender.
  10. yep its true he goes up to the throne and spills our mess,failures and so on- how annoying and petty.
  11. It seems we need to be careful in our attitude when we are standing against
    the enemy. . . realizing our complete dependence on the Lord Jesus, without
    a haughty spirit.
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  12. If we are to rebuke satan directly, I am sure Bible would have spoken about it a little more (rather than being silent). What Bible calls us to do is fix our eyes on Jesus.. Resist the devil.. Put on armor of God. When we fix our eyes on Jesus, there is no need to rebuke satan.. There are more important things for us.. Worshipping our Creator.. Master.. Savior.. Why even waste time in talking with someone useless?
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  13. Satan is a created being, and thus is not "omni" anything. However he is not the only fallen angel, they number in the billions.
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  14. Correct.
  15. Luk 10:19 Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.
    Luk 10:20 Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven."

    The authority that each and every believer has is backed by all the power of God.
    Adam committed "high treason" by not exercising that same authority which God gave him in the Garden when the serpent tempted Eve.
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  16. Great post. We do have the authority to rebuke the enemy. Yes Jesus has given us this authority.
  17. That's all fine and dandy, but you might want to check on your personal holiness before facing down the Devil.
    Try handling an actual scorpion and see how that works out for you. If that goes well then you may be ready to back talk Satan.
    I find that with most folks, their perceived virtue far outshines their actual virtue.

    Appalachian Church graveyards are chock full of dead holiness preachers who handled serpents and forgot to stock antivenin.
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  18. Well people who test fate are going to get bit. That verse is saying if you are working in the will of God nothing can harm us. Is testing God working within His will? Those people who do that don't know the will of God
  19. Yes, you are correct. As it is extremely likely that the vast majority of the people who will read these posts will also be completely blind to the will of God, and thus should not be attempting to rebuke Satan, but should avoid him at all costs.
  20. It has nothing to do with "My holiness" It has to do with "Authority"
    Did Jesus say it was our "holiness" that we have power over the devil?
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