Rebuking Satan?

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  1. Be sober, be vigilant, cos your adversary the devil is prowling about like a lion seeking whom he may devour.

    1 peter 5:8
  2. He told the teachers of the law and the Pharisees this because they were teaching man made laws and twisiting scripture and denying Jesus for who He was.

    Also would like to make a note on using 1Timothy 4:1 with caution. This seems to be a verse being thrown around like a frisbie and where ever it lands is cool. No it is not cool.
    This scripture is causing more Christians to make false accusations in which they will stand acountable for.

    I would also note that leading up to this great deception is preperation. Another words satan has been busy preparing for his day and in doing so has got too many Christians fighting over false teachers to the point they are doing his bidding for him. Now what kind of servent of God would the devil wish to attack ?

    Those who are teaching the truth and can enable and build up the body of Christ to put the devil in his place. So look around. Who is being attacked and who is not ? Those who are claiming accusations about false teachers really are no threat to any one. Funny how that works.
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  3. That is correct and the key word here is SEEKING WHOM EVER he MAY DEVOUR.
    The devil needs a door or avenue to gain a foot hold into our lives. We are the ones who give him this door or right to come in and begin to steel, kill and destroy.
  4. evil has no power of its own. It only has the ability to make a suggestion. As soon as we pay attention to it, we feed our energy towards it.
    Fear is what evil is, and can only feed off the fear of others. Fear is total lack of faith and loss of Truth.
    Ignore evil, to maintain ones own faith and Truth.
    Instead of rebuking and anything else that gives attention to evil, I simply prefer to focus my love on the Love that loves me. No evil can stand it, and departs as far away as possible, or evil itself will become invalidated by its Truth.
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  5. If what you say is true, why didn't Jesus (perfect love incarnate) adopt that policy?
    Everywhere he went, he brought great attention to evil and to demonic activity, he confronted it, rebuked it, then cast it out. Never once did he ignore evil.
    Why did Jesus tell the disciples to cast demons out, rather than just ignore them.
    But if I am casting out demons by the Spirit of God, then has the Kingdom of God come upon you.

    Given what Jesus says above, if our prayer is, "Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven," how can we ignore casting demons out?
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  6. Hello Francis Drake.

    I was referring to me, and what I do to keep evil away.
    In regards to what Jesus Christ done, for himself, was to quote scripture - another way of staying with the Truth. I prefer to stay with the truth by praising the Lord.
    In regards to what Jesus Christ done, for others, was to rebuke with the shortest possible demand.. such as "Go"! What is evil knew who Jesus Christ was, for He was with God. His simple 'go' was doubtless and with Authority.

    A person can ignore something while knowing what to ignore.
    My definition of attention, in regards to evil, is having elements of doubt if whether a rebuke, scripture, or praise is going to work.
    Knowing that evil is making suggestions of deception (doubt), I recognize the deception and then ignore it by praising the Lord. Or I could use scripture or a simple rebuke in the name of Jesus Christ by simply saying 'go'. In either case, my intention and heart is with the Lord, who has Authority.

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