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  1. Over weekend, I had gone to my friend's house for a birthday party. It was all families from our Church.. What do you think when believers meet? We started discussing various topics related to faith!!

    I came to know about this person Reinhard Bonnke. Have never heard of him before. We saw youtube videos of someone raised from dead in Nigeria during his conference.

    Are people really being raised from death today? Do you believe such miracles are happening today? This is the question. And the question is not asking whether God is able to raise people from death. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. So let's not even get there! Let's just focus on whether you believe it is happening today or not. If you don't believe, what to you think the reason is? I think the last recorded event in Bible was from Paul.. So the list of people who performed such a mighty miracle are,

    Elijah, Elisha - Prophets
    Jesus - Messiah
    Paul, Peter - Apostles
  2. NO! NO! and again NO!

    God can do anything He wants to do but man can not.

    What man can do is what he does best and that is to SIN. Men have and will do anything to deceive and trick others into makeing them believe that that have somekind of special power given to them by God.

    Several years ago in the Phillipens there was a man who was said to do "Physic surgery". People would come to him and pay thousands of dollars for him to remove cancers and tumors. When he was done there was no scar. He would use his finger to open the wound and when finished wipe offe the blood.

    In reality when investigated he was nothing more than a sligt of hand majician. He would "palm" chicken livers in his hand along with a small package of blood for effect. He was a CHARLATAIN, a CROOK and caused the death of thousands who were foolish enough to buy into his lies.
  3. Yes I believe people are being raised from the dead and it didn't end with the Disciples. Yes there are people who fake this to make money or to make themselves look good. I'm not sure why Major is so against this when it tells us to do this in the New Testament by Jesus. God can do anything He wants to but He uses man to accomplish these things. Throughout the bible God used men to accomplish great works; couldn't He have done this Himself? Sure He can but He doesn't. Major don't take this offensive but you are wrong my friend. If you can show me in the bible where it says these things have stopped (healing, raising of the dead etc...) please provide the verse.
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  4. Do miracles still happen today? YES.
    Does the miracle of resurrection still happen today? Perhaps. My mother in law was pronounced dead back in 2002, but she is now alive and well. Was it a medical fluke? Was it God actually choosing for it not to be her time? I can't say at all.

    Can man make it so that patients come back from the dead? No. Doctors, EMTs, lifeguards, etc., can try to save a life from ending too soon, but once the life is actually gone -- if the soul unites back with the body, that is entirely God's work, not man's.

    A miracle is divine suspension of natural law. It is God stepping in to interrupt natural law from occurring based on His will. He does this even today, and many miracles, I imagine, get unrecorded.
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  5. I read your post again and am really at a loss for words with your comments here. God gives believers these powers through the Holy Spirit. What do you think the disciples had? Peters shadow healed people when he walked by them. Peter didn't have to do anything but have faith and walk in Gods blessing. You are totally discounting the Holy Spirit that resides in us and thinking you know what you are talking about just because it doesn't happen in your life. I'm not saying I have seen anyone raised from the dead, but I'm not going to say it doesn't happen. I have seen many healings happen and miracles in my own life to know that God is still at work with all of us and He is still showing signs and wonders to people.
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  6. There doesn't appear to be any evidence of it happening today. Sure there are people that have clinically died and have been revived but I don't think someone with necrotic flesh has came back.
  7. I'd like to see some of those youtube videos. Guess I'll go look. All healing comes from God and that hasn't changed since the beginning. If I lay my hands on you and you are healed - I did not heal you. If I claim that God healed you thru me - His favorite worshipper :) - I am boasting and lying to boot. Awesome strange that none of these faith healers can "prove" verifiably any of their healings. I do believe the power of prayer can accomplish anything.
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  8. Here's my two cents - I've not yet read anyone else's comments so...

    Yes, miracles are still happening today. Because of movies and televangelists, nothing is believed anymore because it is such a rare occurrence. There are documented cases, one with Smith Wigglesworth, yet even today, it's not believed. Why? I struggle with this myself, believe me. I believe it's possible, I've witnessed healings and had miracles happen in my life, but "I" have never done anything except prophecy. I knew on 9/11 that something wasn't right, but I didn't know what it was. Even after the first plane crash I still didn't put it together. Even this week I have an apprehension that's not from me I cannot yet understand. I told my fiance (now wife) that her church would disown her and that only three would see her off - she was coming to the States with me after we got married. I didn't want her pastor to marry us. He cursed us for "not wanting God's will for our marriage." God told me not to let him into our lives. My wife obeyed me. The church abandoned her and only three came to say goodbye. Today that church no longer exists. Image that. Who was correct? The Holy Spirit.

    Why is this like this? I believe it's because we do not have a close enough a relationship with God. If you're not faithful with the small stuff, how are you going to handle the big stuff? So with God being the same, always, the issue is us - me. Jesus said we'd do more than He, yet I don't see it. So those that can't do, teach. And they teach errors because they can't do. It's like if you take an economics class and the teacher's in debt, what are you really going to learn? The best, and I mean the VERY best management class I took was from a guy who owned several businesses. I learned so much from him. We're too quick to listen to men instead of what the word of God says - listen to the Holy Spirit Who teaches us truth in all things. My chosen name is Abdicate to remind me that I'm not in control of my life and I need to learn obedience, just like Jesus. Who is the Teacher? The Holy Spirit, but I lean too much on my own understanding. It's only after I was forced to leave the building called "church" was I able to move closer to God because I wasn't relying on the pastor to do it for me!

    That's it. That's how I see it.
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  9. The well known Christian apologist and quack-buster Walter Martin actually raised a young boy from the dead in South America or some place like that... He's not exactly the sort of person you would associate with "Miracles" like raising the dead... In fact - one of his ministries was busting quackery that was going on in the name of Christianity....

    Here's the thing...

    WE don't have the power in and of ourselves... WE do not wield some mystical super power....

    What is going on is that God is involving His servant to declare God's Purpose and to participate as a WITNESS to God's work and to God's Glory....

    AKA - when the servant is called to declare God's purpose - it's for the express purpose that the people around KNOW that God is the one doing this by declaring HIS purpose before it happens.... We are here to say "Hey, God is doing this marvelous thing as a gift to you... This is no accident. You should listen to God and glorify God"....

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  10. Greetings:
    How can God have a backup program.Didn't Paulie tell us there two places for the soul:here and there.

  11. I cannot limit consciously and intentionally limit God to being something less than what He has shown us already. There is room for a great deal of deception and I have no idea why some are healed and others are not. I don't know why God reveals Himself differently to people such that some seem to truly hear from Him directly while others sincerely grope about with limited "feedback" but I truly believe the Holy Spirit works as much today as He ever did.
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  12. I, too, believe that miracles and the impossible occur and have witnessed such. I was witness to a 14 yr. old girl who was declared dead in a hospital come back to life (in the 1950's) after 35 -45 minutes to help assuage her mother's grief. Tho it seems common place today - no one knew about such things then. And this girl had experienced Heaven. She died the following day. When I leave this mortal coil - I don't want to be resurrected (well except by God) and as much as I miss folks who have passed, I would not want them to be separated from God on my own selfish account to come back. Do I think God gives us sometimes accurate and precise knowledge of something happening in our lives? Again, I say yes. And it has happened to me. In the impossibles that I have been witness to, everyone involved was truly humble. No one started a new church and started asking for donations. Or started polishing their halos.
  13. I tend to agree with Major purely because of what I believe goes on behind the scenes.

    When is resurrecting someone from the dead not 1. vanity, 2. opposing God's will and 3. opposing the will of the person who died! If I die, I firmly believe God will give ME the option to stay or return.

    Do we believe Lazarus was just grabbed against his will and returned to the living? I firmly believe Jesus told him in advance what would happen or politely asked him if he wouldn't mind. Jesus was making a point. The point was that He is God and can do anything. Raising people from the dead is never a necessary miracle for us to perform. Purely because it is not ever our decision to make.
  14. I have watched much of Reinhard Bonnke, I do respect him! God definitely uses him well in Africa!

    It is always very interesting to hear the message a renown preacher decides to deliver to 100 000 to 1 000 000 people.
  15. I've not witnessed anyone being raised from the dead. I won't rule it out though.

    This topic does make me think about Lazarus and how he was raised from the dead. There's no mention in the bible of him having any recollection of where he was, or what he experienced. Yet there is mention of people that have died being as though they're 'asleep'.
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    No problem Lance. No one ever agrees with everything that someone else says. Having come from the "signs & wonders" denomination of Pentecostalism, I have been involved in the process and am very aware of the teaching on the Holy Spirit. However, the more I have seen and the more I have learned over the years has allowed me to grow in knowledge and understanding.

    Yes Lance, God gave the disciples that kind of power because they were the disciple/Apostles!
    They were able to do what Jesus did as they were the bridge between God and man.

    According to Matthew 28 they were commissioned by Christ with those gifts but there are no Apostles today. I am sure you are not going to like that comment either but if you will read the Great Commission in Matthew 28 you will see that Jesus gave it to the ELEVEN.

    YES God heals but as I said, MAN does not. No man has the ability to heal an individual. Only God can do that and according to James 5 it comes from the prayers of the elders in the church.
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  17. Amen sister!
  18. I love your response! Absolutely classic!

    I agree that Jesus had to have told Lazarus what He was going to do.
  19. Agreed. Would you say that It would not be His nature if He did not do today what He did yesterday.
  20. So you are claiming only the 11 disciples were commissioned to heal? How about Acts 28:8 where Paul healed and again in Acts 14:10. And the only bridge between God and man is Jesus. So how do you explain Paul healing if you believe only the 11 had that power?
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