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  1. 1Tim 2:9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

    It truly amazes me that most girls don't want to talk about modesty! I can write a lot about this but I just want to share one thing. I prayed and prayed about something I could do about girls dressing so immodestly, so I emailed some pastors of churches in Atlanta, well 30 pastors to be exact. And I asked them if they could help me. Well help all girls actually. I asked if they could start talking about immodesty and the effects of sin that guys and girls have. Out of 30 pastors I received 1 email. I cried so much!!! 1 email and this guy asked me what he should talk about?

    Question: Why aren't guys helping us girls with modesty, by talking to other guys? Well and girls too!
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  2. Well Kaylee, I can only give you my opinion. Preachers today have become so sensitive and "Seeker" friendly they have forgotten that as preachers they are to expose SIN, Condemn SIN and call for a repentance FROM SIN!

    We have allowed the pressure of finances to dictate what is untouchable from the pulpit and modesty for girls and boys has disappeared for fear of making someone angry. An angry may not come back and if they do not come back the church losses that income and it may affect the preachers salary.

    I am personally an "ole fashioned country boy" from Florida and in reality I now 2 things. Well I know a lot of stuff but there are 2 things I understand completely.

    1. Hell is hot and I refuse to go there.
    2. Heaven is wonderful and God lives there with my loved ones and I want to be there.

    If preachers would preach that, believe me when I say that it would fix the modesty concerns.

    I know that sounds simplistic but it is what I have seen taking place now for over 30 years and it is only going to get worse as the coming of Christ draws closer.
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  3. Our Pastor brings up 'modesty' at least a couple times a month if not as an illustration of Holiness but as a topic point for edification.

    Guys in general like to see female figures...we were made that way-it's that simple. If a Pastor / Preacher won't preach on it-I am guessing there is a problem with the flesh nature in that area.

    And like major said-'seeker friendly' churches (which I am starting to learn what that means-but it's still a little sketchy).

    Also-consumers drive the market-the availability of certain types of clothing for sale. Judging by the lack of "modest clothing" in the department stores; my guess is the moral decay of society has come a long way just in my short lifetime. What was 'immodest' in 1900 is now the everyday dress code. I see GIRLS your age and younger wearing everything from pajamas to skin tight clothes to see through clothes to thongs hanging out (among other fleshy parts) going to school everyday. If the girls dressed like that in MY DAY-they would get sent home. And that was only 20 something years ago. At least in my day the Color Guard and cheerleaders still wore skirts to the knee-now it's body tight spandex and I guess what you all call shorts nowadays-we used to call them underwear.

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  4. Lets look further. A Christian girl is convicted to be modest by God. If she is not modest, we are not going to solve the real issue by discussing modesty are we? A Christian guy is 'more' attracted to a modest Christian girl! A Christian guy is turned off by sleazy looking girls. We know it is a gold ring in a pigs snout Prov 11:22.

    Churches should have a policy that all are welcome to church. Some girls in the world only feel confident when they look sexy. And to them looking sexy is a short skirt. We need to tolerate them until they get saved. I don't think hammering dress code is the way to solve the dress code issue. There are still enough respected older woman at church for the young woman to follow / learn dress code from. If any Christian girl dresses differently to her mother, she is fully aware of what she is doing ;).
  5. Kaylee, I just want to say that it does my heart good to see a young lady such as yourself taking a stand for the Lord. I wish more of your generation were concerned for these things.
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  6. Modesty is often determined by the world's standards but we as believers are to hold to God's standards.
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  8. May I ask what controversy was surrounding the speaker?
  9. In January, he and his staff were accused of covering up sexual abuse in a lawsuit. I do not know a whole lot more than that, and judging by the lack of articles that comes up on the subject, there doesn't seem to be a lot to base an opinion on.

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