Post Your Favorite Christian Music Videos Here

Discussion in 'Christian Videos' started by Boanerges(Inactive), May 19, 2008.

  1. Todd Agnew--"My Jesus"

  2. This Fragile Breath by Todd Agnew

  3. Entertaining Angels - Newsboys
  4. He Reigns - Newsboys
  5. I am a Newsboys fan from way back! Sadly your first link is to a video that is no longer available but the second one is great!
  6. He reigns is a really good song! Great worship song.:)
  7. hmm the first one works fine for me and i just watched it last night strange
  8. Interesting that it is working now and earlier came up with a "this video is no longer available "message. Perhaps they were updating but anyway it is working now!:D
  9. cool when i first saw that video i was like wow... a truly amazing video for an amazing song for an amazing God :)
  10. Thanks for that Chris I love that song. I've been singing it in my head for a good number of days. Hallelujah, He truly reigns!

    Boan I'm loving "This Fragile Breathe" Love it!
  11. :cool::D:D
  12. Matt Brouwer - "I Shall Believe" Music Video

  13. Washed By the Water - Needtobreathe

  14. TobyMac - Lose My Soul

  15. Steve Bell


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