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  1. Hello Every One,
    I thought it would be awesome to see the things God is working in our lives and how this could be turned into a ministry for Him either by bringing the lost to salvation and a relaltionship with the Father through Christ or Building up the Body of Christ or what ever it is you feel God is calling you to do.

    This could be from a dream or vision He has placed in you and more then likely you already have a passion for this bigger then most. No matter how big or small it is very important to God the Father that we answer His call for there is no job seen as little or big but only something the Father wants done and wants to trust it to you.

    Thank You for you participation.
    God Bless You All
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    Many Years ago when I first Got saved He placed a Dream and even gave me a name and logo for this dream. That was 30 plus years ago and I used it some here and there but it was not the correct time for this to be birthed.

    Now over the past year or so He has been giving life to this ministry or vision.
    He has refined this to almost a plan so real it feels like we have been doing this already for years. Now that is seeing in Spiritually through Faith.

    Bottom line after a year of research and learning and searching He has brought us to the best fit in a Trawler. 47 feet of beauty with a shallow draft to best fit the Canals and ICW. Twin diesels for the comfort and safety. So much room and storage and a full stand up and walk around engine room. 16 foot beam with a custom built Full Displacement hull. This baby is laid out to a T in fitting our needs and desires in a Full Time Live aboard trawler.

    Now then it seems we will be taking the Gospel of Christ and Thee Love Of God to the water ways. Living along the great loop which has become quite popular over the past 10 years or so. Lots of retired couples are taking to living on trawlers as well. The fields of water are ready for the harvest.

    The most wonderful thing about this whole thing is..........I can not do this in my own strength or even get it started by my strength. It can only be done by Him and through Him which means ALL GLORY IS HIS !!!

    Here is a non detailed map of the area which we will cover over and over and over. This loop takes a minimum of one year to complete and that is pushing it which defeats the entire purpose of doing the Great Loop by any one. Also included in this route but not shown is the Bahama's and side routes and any where he points us. Also not shown on this map is going further up the Saint Lawrence Sea way and also covering North along the East Coast.

    Thank You for sharing in this thread and Do Not Ever Give Up Or Quite Before God Brings It To Pass. If He said it then He will do it.
    God Bless
    map with canada.png
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  3. Just a little encouragement for anyone who is needing it. Blessings

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  4. well, it seems like God wants me to do something with gardening and Bible in schools.
    He gave the vision to other people who told me about it, and seemed to confirm it by training me on certain things and giving me a passion for learning more about his creation and how it all works. He also bought people in my life giving me experience, like this lady recently went to be with the Lord, to help her and for a time I did, and now some others want me back.
    its funny cos when I was little, when the Bible in Schools teachers came to my school, I remember being told off by them for not paying attention. I think they were from the bible college.
    But funny, God didn't want me going to Bible college he was doing one on one training with me.
    It is because He loves children..and Lord knows I don't have any of my own, so..
    But funny cos I never saw myself as a childrens librarian, the ones in public libraries are very outgoing and so energetic, and I don't have the energy although I helped in other ways.

    He loves children who have unbelieving parents and nowadays many don't send them to Sunday school so all they know is what gets taught in schools - and if they not christian they won't know the gospel. Bibles in schools seems to come up against enemies opposition a lot of the time, if one parent don't like it, media pounce on it and blow it all out of proportion - but it's only showing God loves all children and wants them to know His love, and not forbidding them to come to Jesus.

    Plus I get to read bible stories all the time and sing songs. My parents never did that with me.
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  5. This is a dream I was given about seven years ago…
    I was in a market place with a mid-eastern bazaar feel to it. At the end of the lane I as on there was an awning like most of the ones around me, but under it there was a woman standing.
    I could not tell the age or race or nationality of the woman. She was all ages and races and none, but she was truly beautiful.
    When I approached her (without moving) I could see that she had a very wide and shallow bowl in front of her. In the bowl was a large mass of dough that she was kneading with two poles. At the end of each pole was a paddle at a right angle to the pole (like a foot to a leg).
    As I watched, she stopped kneading and reached up on her toes to kiss (very chaste) a man standing beside her on the cheek, saying it is ready.
    I did not see the man as I approached. He was dressed in a pure black suit with a pure white shirt and had a neatly trimmed beard and short black hair. He was not abnormally large, but he was huge. The most striking thing about him was restrained power. I knew irrevocably that this man was immensely powerful, but he bore an equally immense and disciplined restraint.
    After she kissed the man and made her statement, the woman sat down behind the bowl and I saw that there was also dough on the soles of her feet. I knew that she had kneaded the dough with her feet as well as the paddles.

    After that I found myself sitting cross legged under a similar awning with a bowl in front of me like the woman had had in front of her. To my left was another man. He was also sitting cross legged with a similar bowl in front of him. I knew nothing about the man other than he was wearing a suit and that he was American.
    In the bowl in front of him there was a mass of dough that was thin and watery.
    In the bowl in front of me there was a mass of dough that I had not made or kneaded that looked like it was ready for baking. I raked my fingers through it to make sure it had the right consistency.
    I knew that there was a fire coming and that the dough in front of me would come through the fire as something pleasing to God.
    I also knew that the dough in front of the other man would not make it through the fire.

    I woke up with Italy on my mind and it stayed at the forefront of my thoughts for hours.
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  6. Feel like I am casting about and that the gifts/talents I have are going unused....
    I have dipped my toes in a couple times so to speak - but nothing sets roots.. Nothing takes.. Nothing yields....

  7. Have you ever asked God what He wants for you to do? And where to apply your talents?
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  8. John Hi,
    Is there any passion within these talents/gifts that you speak of ?
    What are you passionant about ? Try going and having some fun with the Father doing what ever is a passion in you. Example.....Me it was Fishing..... I had some of the most awesome fellowship times with the Father while we went fishing then most do in a life. Not to mention with Him fishen with ya..........woo hooo fish jump up and hit the bait as you pull it in the boat a foot off the water. ROTFL It happened to a customer several times in one night.
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  9. Great post, Jim. I am sure your dream will fulfill your purpose in Christ.
    I saw this boat moored nearby. I wonder if God gave this boat owner a name and logo too.
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  10. Haha nice! Now I know why you used that picture for your profile pic!
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  11. Thank You Peter Luke,
    That is awesome !!
  12. smileys-fish-430558.gif Guilty as Charged !! Thank God ; )
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  13. Ever since being saved, my mission is to be of service to God/Truth/Christ.
    My purpose is to reveal God'd love in me. To be as honest and true to God and others. To reveal whatever truth is in me.
    Several years ago I received a vision of our spiritual self. It is different to most modern interpretations, but familiar to what primitives have seen thousands of years ago.
    Ever since this vision, I have been learning to see from a spirit and true perspective/reality.
    Recently I have been tasked to create images, paintings, etc., that will reveal what is normally hidden. To make what is invisible visible.
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  14. Have any examples ? Not sure I know exactly what you mean by what is normally hidden
  15. For example, our spiritual self.
  16. I figured that but I was wondering about the painting part ? Sounds interesting to me.
  17. Oh, I understand now. All my spiritual based art has already been posted, as you already have seen. No more examples yet. However, I am working on two paintings now, and will post them when they are completed.
    Thanks for asking.
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  18. Now I understand as well. Thanks !!
    God Bless
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  19. Many times....

    Here's the thing.... I am seeing God's hand and God's ways acting upon my life... I just don't have a clear direction on ministry... I suppose I am venting my impatience....

    God seems to be working on a lesson of "Not by might, nor by power, but by the Word of The Lord" in my life.... In a way, those lessons are frustrating - because nothing I do yields anything what-so-ever..... but they are also wonderful because they really do show that God is the one who is in control and that he has this in his hands....

  20. That is wonderful Jim. God bless you as you travel and witness!!!
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