Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are right

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  1. Only for Catholics....

    Which from what I have seen here isn't really any change at all. It's just now 'official' because the Pope said so.
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    This isn't a change. Especially in regards to the Big Bang theory since it was thought up from a Jesuit priest many years ago. Every pope since Pius XII has found evolution to be perfectly sound, in no contradiction to dogma. It's not a necessary in Catholic belief (Catholics are free to reject evolution and even the Big Bang if they want).

    This doesn't even make things official. He wasn't speaking infallibly and wasn't even directing it toward doctrine, no less dogma. Reading the link, there seems to be misunderstanding from the author. This isn't controversial.
  3. @LaysanderShapiro
    So does he believe in evolution or not?
  4. Of course.
  5. I might have to convert to Catholicism.
  6. Haha, evolution has nothing to do with Catholicism.
  7. If the Pope says it does then it does.
  8. Why do you say that?
  9. “When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so,” Francis said.

    This quote was from that article. Granted God isn't a magician but the Pope claims God can't do everything? What God is he believing in? So the Pope doesn't believe in an Almighty God who can do everything if he wants to?
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    Lance, you read the quote out of context as if Pope Francis was claiming that God is not omnipotent. He said that God is not a magician able to everything. He even said that God is not a divine being, and he's right. God is exactly as he said, "I Am who I Am." He is the substance of to be. Reading the pope's statement out of context, I understand it can be misread as "God can't do everything," but what he was saying rather, based on his position (which, by the way, is not necessary in Christian or even Catholic belief) was that God created the universe with certain potency that according to His plan of how it came to be. He hasn't said anything contrary to Christian belief or even Catholic belief. He has said nothing new. Nor does anyone need to agree with him on this subject since it is in regards to science, not pastoral remark.

    I hope this clears up any misunderstandings.
  11. Because he is ultimate in authority in the Catholic Church.
  12. I knew you would say that Lysander. I guess I should stop worrying about what the Pope says because he has no authority over me or my walk with God.
  13. God is the ultimate authority of the Catholic Church. Pope Francis wasn't making an infallible statement.
  14. Carry on, sir.
  15. That does seem to be the case.
  16. It's not even official. He made a statement, but it wasn't any sort of official declaration. *blows* Is this thing on? :p
  17. Now you are getting it!!!
  18. My take/speculation:

    Leave the 99 young earths… to look for the 1 gone astray evolutionist….
    Come on now, come back to Church… evolution is a valid argument... : )

    That is, move on……

    from Philosophy, Science Argument to what is more important…
  19. So is there some kind of panel somewhere that decides what the Pope says is official or not official or is it left up to people such as yourself to explain what is and what is not official. If that is the case, do you have an official title of authority to explain his comments?

    I must agree with Lance as well in comment #10.

    Evolution contradicts all of the Biblical records of a finished creation.
    The Bible says in Genesis 2:1-3 that God rested on the 7th day because He was finished with the creating process. However, evolution supports a continuous creative on-going process.

    Evolution contradicts the doctrine of fixed and distinct kinds.
    Evolution supports a constant change back to a common ancestor. The Bible says that all flesh is NOT the same in 1 Corth. 15:38-39. Biogenesis says life begets life is seen as "like begets like".

    Evolution produces anti-Christian results.
    A corrupt tree cannot produce good fruit according to Jesus in Matthew 7:18. Evolution is at the very heart of atheism.

    If the RCC accepts evolution which it most certainly does, then that alone says that God is not divine which you stated as well in comment #11........
    Your comment was...."He even said that God is not a divine being, and he's right."

    God is not a divine being????

    It does not require a Doctors degree to figure out that if evolution is the vehicle by which we are all here, then God NOT being divine had nothing to do with us being here, we see right there that evolution does in fact produce anti-Christian thoughts.

    Many will not agree with me and that is perfectly fine with me. But IMO dangerous and deadly social problems are deeply rooted in the purposefully thinking of materialistic evolution. Basically, if we tell children that they are products of pond scum, sooner or later they begin to believe that.

    That then leads to promiscuity, suicide, abortion, drug abuse just to name a few that we see today. You see, lowering self esteem causes animalistic behavior and depression due to a feeling of meaningless in their lives. IMO that is what evolution has been doing now to our grandchildren and that is why we are seeing such a degradation in human society.
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