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  1. Hello everyone. Please tell me if this is the wrong place for this or not what this forum is for.

    As I mentioned in my introductory post I am new to Christianity and the Bible. I am following a suggested reading plan for the first time through and documenting my thoughts and feelings (feel free to check out my blog tentativeagnostic.blogspot.com).

    A week or so ago I was reading Matthew 5 & 6 which seemed to be many lessons on how to be a good person. They made a lot of sense and I liked seeing the positive messages in Christianity. I think all too often in the sensationalist media we hear about the extreme negative views which casts a very poor reflection. How do these chapters speak to you?

    However I had a question. He uses the phrase "poor in spirit" by saying "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." (on a side note, why isn't heaven capitalized?) What does it mean to be poor in spirit? I normally am able to glean some meaning, but I was at a total loss on this one.

    Thanks for your help and I look forward to your thoughts on these sections!
  2. Hello "cafe". I hope that you are well. Welcome to the site and it is my prayer that you will settle in and stay for awhile.

    Now.......as for "poor in spirit".

    The POOR IN SPIRIT are the opposite of the proud and haughty in spirit. They are the ones who have been humbled by the grace of God and have admitted their own sin and weaknesses and therefore their dependance upon the Lord Jesus to save them.

    THEY are the ones who will inherit the "kingdom of heaven".

    I hope this will allow you to correctly understand the 5th and 6th chapter of Matthew.
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  3. Hi Cafe,

    I agree with Major. Blessed means to be happy and to be poor in spirit means to be humble.

    We will be blessed when we humble our hearts before God.

    God bless
  4. I too questioned this passage...

    I am not an expert, but in this case it refers to humility. In my Bible there is a reference to Proverbs 16:19. I think the idea here is to promote the idea of being 'poor in wealth' but 'rich in spirit'. As you learn things from the Bible, you will see that wisdom and spirituality requires ultimate humility. The perfect example of this is Jesus Christ. None were lower on Earth or Higher in Heaven. He is "the first and the last", Alpha and Omega.

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